DickPunks: Profile, Discography, ‘Superstar K4’


Everything You Should Know About the “Viva Youth” Hitmaker, DickPunks!

Competition for every musician in the music industry is tough because there are many people who work in that field. However, they also have different concepts that everyone likes whether it comes from different genres and more. Several bands from South Korea have also attracted the attention of many people because of their concepts and also the achievements resulting from their respective career journeys.

In this article, there’s detailed information about a band from South Korea that was formed in 2007 and is still famous today. You may know the name, which is quite unique. To answer your curiosity, let’s find out more about DickPunks including their profile, facts, discography, and more in the article below!

DickPunks’ Group’s Profile


DickPunks (Hangul: 딕펑스) is a South Korean rock band that was formed by Kim Hyun-woo in 2006, but at the beginning of his formation, he only made an ensemble band and recruited his friend to join the band. DickPunks finally got their original member lineup with Kim Hyun-woo, Kim Tae-hyun, Kim Jae-heung, and Park Ga-ram.

To get to know more about DickPunks’ member profiles, let’s scroll down the session below!

DickPunks’ Hyunwoo

DickPunks' Hyunwoo

Real Name: Kim Hyun-woo (Hangul: 김현우)

Birth: November 6, 1987

Star Sign: Scorpio

Height: 175 cm

Blood Type: B

Nationality: Korean

Position in the Group: Keyboardist

DickPunks’ Taehyun

DickPunk's Taehyun

Real Name: Kim Tae-hyun (Hangul: 김태현)

Birth: Seoul, South Korea, March 11, 1987

Star Sign: Pisces

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Blood Type: O

Nationality: Korean

Position in the Group: Vocalist


  • Naksaeng High School
  • Seoul Institute of the Arts Department of Applied Music

Official Site:

DickPunks’ Jaeheung

DickPunks' Jaeheung

Real Name: Kim Jae-heung (Hangul: 김재흥)

Birth: September 24, 1987

Star Sign: Libra

Height: 176 cm

Blood Type: AB

Nationality: Korean

Position in the Group: Bassist

Official Site:

DickPunks’ Garam

DickPunks' Garam

Real Name: Park Ga-ram (Hangul:박가람)

Birth: Seoul, South Korea, January 25, 1988

Star Sign: Aquarius

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 58 kg

Nationality: Korean

Position in the Group: Drummer

Education: Dong-A Broadcasting Arts College, Department of Visual Music

Official Site:

DickPunks’ Group Facts

  1. DickPunks was nicknamed Hongdae Idol because they were popular among bands who performed there
  2. DickPunks performed live performances every year since 2007, such as solo concerts, street performances, the musical Looking for the CheerGirl in 2010, Green Plugged 2011, Superstar K4 in 2012, Pentaport Rock Festival in 2013, Son Yeon-Jaegala’s show in 2013, and many more
  3. DickPunks released the single titled “VIVA YOUTH” after their appearance on Superstar K4
  4. DickPunks received many parodies ever since they released “VIVA YOUTH” because the music video is very unique and funny
  5. DickPunks released ballad songs in their mini-album titled Hello Goodbye in 2013, and the members produced every track
  6. DickPunks contributed to the 2014 Brazil World Cup and released a song titled “Run! My Friend”
  7. DickPunks’ single titled “Let’s Play in the Han River” was released on July 28, 2015, and the album cover was made based on the cell phone flash event that fans showed toward DickPunks at the guerrilla live performance
  8. DickPunks’ debut date was mysterious and unknown since there were many dates that could be considered their potential debut date such as November 27, 2006, December 27, 2006, November 27, 2007, and December 27, 2007. Later, it was confirmed it was November 27, 2007. at the Veridic Punk Concert
  9. DickPunks’ members acted in the “Hello Girlfriend” music video because their agency couldn’t hire any actors, so they acted themselves and poured in a lot of emotions
  10. DickPunks’ management was under TNC Company

DickPunks’ Discography


DickPunks released 1 studio album, 4 EPs, 6 singles, 1 collaboration, 4 OSTs, and 11 compilation singles. Check out DickPunks’ discography to know more about their songs!

Title Album Details Peak Chart Positions Sales
Released Label Track Listing
1st Album September 29, 2011 Rock To Me N/A
Good! Great! (좋다! 좋아!)
Unrequited Love (짝사랑)
My Precious
Butterfly (나비)
Romance in the Alps (알프스 산맥의 로망)
Kyang (걍)
Wonderland Basket (원더랜드 바스켓)
Such a Beautiful Bad Girl
Cheerleader (치어걸)
Aspirin (아스피린)
1st EP February 1, 2010 Good! Great! (좋다! 좋아!) N/A
Cheerleader (치어걸)
Butterfly (나비)
Romance in the Alps (알프스 산맥의 로망)
Wonderland Basket (원더랜드 바스켓)
Aspirin (아스피린)
Viva Primavera April 25, 2013 TNC Company, Sony Music Entertainment Star (별) 4 KOR: 8,259+
Viva Youth (Viva청춘)
New Yorker
Astigmatism (난시)
Answer Me
Go to the Pharmacy (약국에가면)
Hello Goodbye November 27, 2013 TNC Company, Sony Music Entertainment Intro 8 KOR: 5,406+
Hello Girlfriend (안녕 여자친구)
1 그 일)
Fading (바래져)
Spoiled (철부지)
Grey: Shorry (회색: 쇼리)
29 December 18, 2015  TNC Company, Sony Music Entertainment I Don’t Miss You Now (지금을 잃고 싶지 않아) 13 KOR: 1,867+
Show Me (니가 보여)
You Wouldn’t Listen (들리지 않겠죠)
Adult (어른)
To You
Title Year Peak Chart Positions (KOR) Album
Viva Youth (Viva청춘) 2013 23 Viva Primavera
Sunglass (썬글라스) 30 Non-album single
Hello Girlfriend (안녕 여자친구) 31 Hello Goodbye
Let’s Play in the Han River (한강에서 놀아요) 2015 Non-album single
We Young (요즘젊은것들)
feat. Microdot
Show Me (니가 보여)
Year Title Artist(s)
2014 Soul Mate (소울메이트) Dickpunks and Jiyoon of 4Minute
Year Title Drama
2013 This Is the Person (이 사람이다) MBC’s Two Weeks
2014 You Pour a Star (별이 쏟아지는 너) tvN’s Cinderella With Four Knights
Year Title Album
2012 Woolung Island Twist (울릉도 트위스트) Superstar K4
Red Dragonfly (고추잠자리)
Walk With Me (같이 걸을까)
After the Play (연극이 끝난후)
Don’t Leave (떠나지마)
Playing Something Memorable (노는게 남는거야)
Butterfly (나비)
Sing a Song
Aspirin (아스피린)
Run! My Friend (달리자 내 친구야) Red Devils – We Are the Reds

DickPunks’ Awards & Nominations


During DickPunks’ career in the music industry, their appearance is more widely known from the contestant by Mnet titled Superstar K4 that was aired in 2012. During this program, DickPunks finally received the awards for being the 2nd place as the runner-up on November 23, 2013.

DickPunks’ Appearance on Mnet’s Superstar K4


The reason why DickPunks participated in Superstar K4 is unusual, and it is said that they are not actually a top band that participated in Superstar K4 because the ratings were low. Later, in an interview, DickPunks revealed the biggest reason, “Our band is not suitable for a top band with a serious atmosphere.”

Originally, DickPunks was a music-oriented band with an exciting atmosphere, but in the first week of the live broadcast of Superstar K4, after receiving a reputation as a weak contestant, in the second week of the live broadcast, they performed Cho Yong-pil’s “Red Dragonfly” with a rather serious atmosphere.

DickPunks finally received the safe position after performing in the Top 9 in the Rivalry episode and after surviving this super save. Their ranking, which had moved around the bottom of the online voting, suddenly rose to second place.

In the 4th week of the My Style mission in the Top 6, DickPunks selected 4Minute‘s “Muzik.” When this song selection came out, the fans who supported DickPunks were in great shock! However, it was said that the stage was not as bad as expected. That week, they also received the highest score from the judges, but there was a lot of disagreement on the Internet. Even among the fans, that was the case. However, the fans themselves say that it is a song that is addictive after listening to it.

In the 5th week of the Audience Song of Choice mission in the Top 4, DickPunks received a selection of a song titled “After the Concert Is Over.” The season’s judges’ highest score was 288 points, and they were safe in this episode. Thanks to the selection of songs that fit the overall atmosphere of DickPunks including a good jazz-style arrangement and the excellent skill of vocalist Kim Tae-hyun. After that, they ran first in the pre-voting alone, but were continuously pushed out of the text voting and were in danger of being eliminated.

In the 6th week, DickPunks selected Yoon Mirae‘s “Please Don’t Go.” The overall reviews were good because of the colorful orchestral sound. Kim Taehyun as the vocalist cut off the end of the song hard while singing, which is said to be a child’s singing method and it gave a bad impression. However, it is said that the original song itself cuts off at the end.

For the next round, DickPunks performed “Big Girl” by MIKA. There was a serious acoustic accident where no bass sound came out when “Big Girl” was sung, but Kim Hyun-woo as the keyboardist gave a good stage, showing his amazing coping ability by hitting the bass note and accompaniment.

In the 7th week, DickPunk performed “Playing Something Memorable” by Jang Jin and a self-composed song titled “Butterfly.” There were many reviews about “Playing Something Memorable” being ordinary and having a good stage presence, but it’s a stage where the keys break when playing the keyboard in their self-composed song “Butterfly.” DickPunks finally ended up in Top 2– Song Rendition/ Self Written Song as the runner-up.

DickPunks said they had to go to the finals, and they worked really hard to go to the Top 4. They were also pushed out by fandom firepower because they had virtually no stars. DickPunks absorbed all the effects and landed in the finals, but in the end, they were pushed away by Roy Kim’s stardom. The marked decline in the star rating can be fully understood by looking at the current behavior. Of course, surviving as a band in Korea is difficult, but that doesn’t mean DickPunks did not stand out.

Well, that is all of the information about DickPunks’ profile and everything you should know about them. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting article from Channel-Korea!