DickPunks’ Jaeheung: Profile, Discography, Personality

DickPunks' Jaeheung

Get To Know About DickPunk’s Bassist Kim Jae-heung!

Do you know about DickPunks? It is a South Korean band that was formed in 2006 and often performed a busking in Hongdae. It became one of the bands that is famous for its participation in Superstar K4. DickPunks has 4 members who are friends with each other and have been actively releasing songs since 2011.

In this article, there’s detailed information about a member of DickPunks, Kim Jae-heung, who also has the position of the bassist of the group. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about DickPunks’ Jaeheung starting from his full profile, discography, to his appearance in a drama in this article below!

DickPunks’ Jaeheung’s Full Profile

DickPunks' Jaeheung

Real Name: Kim Jae-heung (Hangul: 김재흥)

Birth: September 24, 1987

Star Sign: Libra

Position in the Group: Bassist

Height: 176 cm

Blood Type: AB

Nationality: Korean

Official Site:

DickPunks’ Jaeheung’s Discography

DickPunks' Jaeheung

DickPunks’ Jaeheung was included as one of the original members of the group and also participated in several of DickPunks’ studio albums, EPs, and singles. Let’s find out more information about DickPunks’ Jaeheung’s discography in this session below!

Title Album Details Peak Chart Positions Sales
Released Label Track Listing
1st Album September 29, 2011 Rock to Me N/A
Good! Great! (좋다! 좋아!)
Unrequited Love (짝사랑)
My Precious
Butterfly (나비)
Romance in the Alps (알프스 산맥의 로망)
Kyang (걍)
Wonderland Basket (원더랜드 바스켓)
Such a Beautiful Bad Girl
Cheerleader (치어걸)
Aspirin (아스피린)
1st EP February 1, 2010 Good! Great! (좋다! 좋아!) N/A
Cheerleader (치어걸)
Butterfly (나비)
Romance in the Alps (알프스 산맥의 로망)
Wonderland Basket (원더랜드 바스켓)
Aspirin (아스피린)
Viva Primavera April 25, 2013 TNC Company, Sony Music Entertainment Star (별) 4 KOR: 8,259+
Viva Youth (Viva청춘)
New Yorker
Astigmatism (난시)
Answer Me
Go to the Pharmacy (약국에가면)
Hello Goodbye November 27, 2013 TNC Company, Sony Music Entertainment Intro 8 KOR: 5,406+
Hello Girlfriend (안녕 여자친구)
1 그 일)
Fading (바래져)
Spoiled (철부지)
Grey: Shorry (회색: 쇼리)
29 December 18, 2015  TNC Company, Sony Music Entertainment I Don’t Miss You Now (지금을 잃고 싶지 않아) 13 KOR: 1,867+
Show Me (니가 보여)
You Wouldn’t Listen (들리지 않겠죠)
Adult (어른)
To You

DickPunks’ Jaeheung’s Drama

DickPunks' Jaeheung

DickPunks’ Jaeheung’s appearance was in a musical drama series titled MONSTAR that was aired on Mnet from May 17 until August 2, 2013. In this music drama, DickPunks’ Jaeheung made his very first appearance as an actor in the role of a math teacher. MONSTAR has a total of 12 episodes, and there are also many cast members in the drama.

DickPunks' Jaeheung

In MONSTAR, this drama has a story about the spirit and life of youth, and lead roles like BEAST’s Junhyung and Ha Yeon-su are trying to chase their dreams of love, music, and friendship. They audition for their high school’s music club, and there are many stories about them that are very interesting.

DickPunks' Jaeheung

Besides that, DickPunks’ Jaeheung’s appearance was also seen in another drama titled The Lover that was aired from April 2 until June 25, 2015, on Mnet. In this drama, DickPunks’ Jaeheung played as himself and appeared in an episode as Jeong Yeong-jun’s (played by Jung Yoon-young) friend.

Well, that is all of the information about DickPunks’ Jaeheung and everything about him that you should know. Even though there are currently no new activities from DickPunks’ Jaeheung, let’s continue to give him support and love so that every activity and his future work will continue to bring happiness. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting article from Channel-Korea!