DIA’s Eunice: Profile, Fun Facts, YouTube Channel

eunice dia profile

Find Out More About DIA’s Heo Soo-yeon

In this article, we are going to discuss in more detail one of the K-Pop idols who successfully debuted under MBK Entertainment and became a member of a girl group named DIA. Famous for their energetic and cheerful choreography with upbeat songs released every comeback, DIA have the main dancer named Heo Soo-yeon (Hangul: 허수연) or also known as Eunice (Hangul: 유니스).

Without waiting any longer, let’s check out the complete information provided in this article about DIA’s Eunice’s full profile, personality, career with the group, and her latest news!

Full Profile of DIA’s Eunice

eunice dia profile

Real Name: Heo Soo-yeon (Hangul: 허수연)

Stage Name: Eunice (Hangul: 유니스)

Nicknames: Dyed Hair, Bagel Eunice, Appa, Minion, Honeys, Biteuniseu, The Simpson Nerd, Toi-chan, Imaginary Goddess, and Short-haired

Place and Date of Birth: Busan, South Korea, September 2nd, 1991

Height: 166 cm (5’5″)

Weight: 49 kg (108 lbs)

Blood Type: A

Education: Korea National University of Arts, majoring in Dance

Family Members: Parents and an older brother

Position: Main Vocalist and Main Dancer

Agency: MBK Entertainment

Official Sites:

Fun Facts about DIA’s Eunice

eunice dia profile
  1. DIA’s Eunice’s hobbies are browsing the internet and singing
  2. DIA’s Eunice is the oldest member of the group
  3. DIA’s Eunice can speak Japanese
  4. DIA’s Eunice started vocal training when she was still in high school
  5. DIA’s Eunice can play bass, acoustic and electric guitar
  6. DIA’s Eunice is a former trainee of Star Empire Entertainment
  7. DIA’s Eunice likes to knit in the waiting room
  8. DIA’s Eunice doesn’t make her own bed according to DIA’s former member Seunghee
  9. DIA’s Eunice is a close friend of B.A.P’s Daehyun and also his former classmate
  10. DIA’s Eunice is also a close friend of Nine Muses’ Keumjo
  11. DIA’s Eunice has a kind of Tom & Jerry relationship with DIA’s Huihyeon
  12. DIA’s Eunice used to be a member of a girl group named Jewelry using the stage name Soo-yeon
  13. DIA’s Eunice debuted as a DIA member after Jewelry disbanded
  14. DIA’s Eunice’s favorite food is Bacon Potato Pizza and Hawaiian Pizza
  15. DIA’s Eunice doesn’t like to eat ripe fruit and mint chocolate
  16. DIA’s Eunice was the last member to be announced as a member of DIA
  17. DIA’s Eunice collects figurines of animated characters
  18. DIA’s Eunice is a big fan of Se7en and joined his fan club in 2003
  19. DIA’s Eunice likes Homer Simpson
  20. DIA’s Eunice has written the lyrics for some DIA songs, such as “Will You Go Out With Me”, “Independence Movement Day”, and “Light” along with DIA’s Huihyeon, Jenny, and Yebin


DIA’s Eunice’s Visual

eunice dia profile

DIA’s Eunice has beautiful visuals and is suitable as a K-Pop idol. Her innocent and small face looks like a fairy and she also seems to suit any style and fashion concept given. In the photo above, DIA’s Eunice is seen wearing a semi-formal daily outfit while holding a cup of coffee. You can see that in the photo, she is on her way to a schedule with her girl group.

eunice dia profile

During the early debut era with DIA, Eunice looked different by having short blonde hair. Appearing a bit tomboyish and different from the concept of other DIA members, Eunice is easily recognized by fans because of her appearance. Even so, she has had a beautiful appearance since her debut era.

eunice dia profile

In addition, DIA’s Eunice also looks different when making a comeback with her girl group. Just like the other members, she had the opportunity to dye her hair bright colors for several comeback eras. In the teaser image for DIA’s third repackage mini-album, Eunice looked fresh with her new hair color which was orange-ish blonde and fit the concept very well.

DIA’s Eunice’s Cover Dances

If you look at some of the content from DIA’s Eunice’s YouTube channel, she is also seen actively uploading some energetic dance cover videos. Let’s take a look at some of DIA’s Eunice’s cover collections that confirm her position as the main dancer of DIA who is full of charisma!

What do you think about DIA’s Eunice’s energy as the main dancer of the group?

DIA’s Eunice’s Focus Fancam

On October 22nd, 2016, DIA, who just made their debut, were busy attending several events and concerts to promote their girl group concept. With “Somehow”, DIA’s Eunice, as well as some of the other members, looks very energetic when performing on stage. The members were seen wearing the same costumes with a white crop top also the ribbon on the wrists and mint-colored skirts. Unlike girl groups who usually appear with high heels, DIA displays a fresh and energetic teenager concept by wearing sneakers.

On October 13th, 2018, DIA’s Eunice and several other members attended an event held outdoors. Still the same as the previous outfit concept, the members wore matching costumes with a tight crop top and an all-white mini skirt.

Besides that, they also wore knee-high socks to create an innocent image of students on stage. When performing “On The Road”, DIA’s Eunice looks charming, especially when she appears with a ponytail and bangs hairstyle that shows off her innocent aura.

On June 12th, 2020, DIA made their comeback by releasing a single titled “Hug U”. With a concept like an angel, DIA confirmed that this was the comeback of their subunit appearing professionally with all five members. In the fancam above, we can see DIA’s Eunice who is very beautiful with long, wavy brown hair and a creme dress made in two pieces that looks beautiful worn by the main dancer of DIA.

DIA’s EUnice’s YouTube Channel

Like other K-pop idols, DIA’s Eunice also has social media besides Instagram. She began to actively upload some of her activities outside of DIA’s schedule which are usually shared on her YouTube channel. Published in 2019, DIA’s Eunice often uploads vlogs or other covers when she is free.

The last video she uploaded to YouTube was a vlog about knitting. As available in the fun facts, DIA’s Eunice really likes knitting and it has become one of her hobbies. DIA’s Eunice is seen making a knit into an outfit from a huge black knit ball. It took her about a few days to finally finish a knit sweater in two colors, which is blue and black to wear by herself.

Because she uploads more vlog content, DIA’s Eunice also uploaded other content in November 2020 by simply hanging out with her friends while she was enjoying her day off. Since South Korea is famous for its good restaurants and food, DIA’s Eunice doesn’t waste her chance to go to a restaurant and order Sampgyeopsal (grilled pork belly) at that place. After enjoying the food, DIA’s Eunice took some of the best photos in Busan which has a cool café.


Well, that’s all the information that we have provided for you about DIA’s Eunice and her career journey as an idol in South Korea. Now, she is also busy with various schedules with the girl group and her daily activities. Let’s keep giving lots of support and love to DIA and Eunice so that their career can go well and get positive responses from the public and their fans!

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