DIA’s Somyi: Profile, Fun Facts, Activities After Hiatus

DIA’s Somyi Took Sleeping Pills

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One of the DIA members, Somyi in December 2019 made fans worried. This started when Somyi suddenly broadcast live on Instagram. Not only that, but Somyi even started crying and talking about things that worried fans.

In her live broadcast, Somyi shed tears after admitting that the live broadcast was being held without her agency’s permission. She even did a live broadcast without the knowledge of her agency, MBK Entertainment.

“I turned this on behind my agency. I like my fans. Thank you so much, friends,” said Somyi, sobbing. What caught fans’ special attention were the things Somyi said about herself crying on her bed. She admits that she is ugly and promises to be beautiful when she is away for the sake of her fans.

“Because I’m ugly, I’ll be prettier during my vacation. I’ll come back happily,” said Somyi. She even admitted to taking sleeping pills and revealing her true feelings about her career and fans. She also admitted that she was afraid to meet many people and asked her fans to stay happy.

“I’m afraid to stand in front of people. I like my fans. Please be happy, everyone. I am worthless, but because I love my DIA members, please love them too,” she continued crying.

Fans who listened to the live broadcast expressed their concern for Somyi, wondering if something bad had happened to her recently. Some of them commented, “She hasn’t attended any events recently,” and, “She really looks tired in there.” DIA itself last released their comeback album Newtro on March 19th, 2018, together with Somyi’s activity in the girl group.

DIA’s Somyi’s Absence in DIA’s Hug U Promotion

dia somyi profile

One of the girl groups under MBK Entertainment officially made a comeback with their new album Flower 4 Seasons. To promote their new album, they held a comeback showcase on June 10th, 2020. This is the group’s first comeback in a year and two months. Unlike the previous comeback, on this comeback, they decided to promote as a subunit consisting of five members.

“As our comeback promotions approached, we discussed among ourselves and with the company. We decided to ask the members to choose to participate by volunteering,” said Huihyeon as the leader. “(Jung Chaeyeon and Somyi) seem to need more personal time, so we respect their decision. There is no special meaning in us being called DIA’s subunit. We hope you will not worry about this promotion and will be happy with them,” she continued.

For this comeback, DIA chose a pure concept, which has become one of their strengths. Huihyeon said that they were hesitant to return to bring up the cheerful and innocent concept. However, she finally realized that DIA was able to convey the concept. “I was worried about whether we could pull off a cheerful and innocent concept, but once we really did, I thought it wasn’t bad. (Jung Chaeyeon and Somyi) also said that it suits us very well,” Huihyeon said.

“As we were preparing for our comeback as a unit, I felt their absence sharply. The only good thing about promoting with five members is that we can all drive in just one car,” she continued. “The members are preparing for their next comeback. We will work hard on these promotions so that we can do the next album together. Please show a lot of interest in not only this album, but also our next album,” concluded Huihyeon.

After the news of Somyi’s hiatus and her last live on Instagram, DIA’s Somyi is back to updating her latest post on Instagram after 8 months. On Instagram story, DIA’s Somyi posted a text in several languages ​​with the words, “It’s been a long time since we last met,” and hopes that fans won’t worry too much because her condition is much better.

dia somyi profile

Even though she hasn’t fully returned to her schedule with DIA, Somyi is still actively uploading some of her daily portraits through Instagram and just exchanging news with fans through her social media.

Well, that was all the detailed information about DIA’s Somyi: her full profile, fun facts, her career journey as a DIA member, and also her busy life as a female idol who is present in the K-Pop entertainment industry. Even though currently, DIA’s Somyi is on hiatus and didn’t make an appearance in the last comeback of her group, let’s give her lots of support and love so she can get back the excitement for her career and regain her strength.

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