Ex-DIA’s Jenny: Profile, Fun Facts, Personality

DIA’s Jenny’s Focus Fancam

On December 25th, 2016, DIA‘s Jenny attended a performance at DIA’s 1st concert with a solo performance playing a keyboard with Jang Nara‘s song “I’m A Woman Too”. Wearing a very cute dress, DIA’s Jenny looks very suitable to deliver a song full of aegyo choreography. Anyone will love to see DIA’s Jenny’s cute side when she performs this song.

On September 2nd, 2018, DIA’s Jenny was present at the showcase after the group released a comeback in that era. The members are here to perform their new comeback single “Woo Woo”. With the choreography of the song that has a medium tempo, DIA’s Jenny synchronized with the other members during the performance at that time. Wearing the brown jumpsuit, she seemed to be enjoying the performance, although sometimes her expression looked a little tired.

On May 4th, 2018, DIA held an outdoor performance by delivering one of their singles, “On The Road”. In this performance, the members wore costumes such as school uniforms and the members looked very cute and beautiful in this outfit. DIA’s Jenny also exuded her charm when she put on the performance in front of her fans.

Appearance In the Web Drama Melo, Not Solo

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The web drama Melo, Not Solo, starring Weki Meki’s Choi Yoo-jung and Kim Do-yeon tells the story of Bong Joo-yi (played by Choi Yoo-jung) and Ji Yeon-seo (played by Kim Do-yeon), two students who have never dated anyone in their life.

They both graduated from an all-girls school in both junior and senior high school, and they were enrolled in a women’s university. They somehow end up living in the house together with three men, and they finally find the first romance of their life.

The poster peeks at six main characters, such as Bong Joo-yi, Ji Yeon-seo, Woo Seung-bong (played by Jung Hyo Joon), Kang Joon-woo (played by Kim Min-cheol), Ma Hoon (played by Moon Ji-hoo), and Ma Ho-young (played by Lee So-yul or ex-DIA’s Jenny).

They are posing in what looks like a photo booth, and they are staring straight ahead with shocked expressions, as if they are not ready to take photos yet. The poster hints that this will be a story of the chaos of six students living under one roof and their attempts to fall in love.

DIA’s Jenny’s Latest News

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MBK Entertainment announced that a member of DIA will leave the group. Jenny’s decision to leave DIA was claimed because of health problems. This idol was then confirmed to have placed her focus on health and stopped activities with the group. On July 6th, 2019, the agency MBK Entertainment announced that Jenny was leaving the DIA group. Previously, Jenny was not part of DIA’s comeback schedule NEWTRO.

“We have done our best to help Jenny in her recovery, and with continued care, her health has gotten much better. However, there was still too much for her to continue with DIA’s activities. Following the doctors’ opinions, and after much discussion with Jenny, it was decided that she would stop promoting with DIA and work hard on her recovery.

“We would like to apologize to AID for waiting to see Jenny return to the healthy group. We also want to apologize to AID for the sudden news, and we want to thank AID for loving Jenny all this time.

Thank you.”

In addition, Jenny also released an apology to fans regarding the decision to leave the group uploaded on her personal Instagram account.

dia jenny profile


Good morning. This is DIA’s Jenny.

First of all, I am sorry to deliver the bad news to the Aid who have been waiting for me for a long time. In the last album, I was unable to participate in DIA activities due to continuous knee pain caused by osteochondrosis.

After that, after receiving constant treatment at the hospital, I got a lot better and better, but after hearing the doctor’s opinion that it was impossible to continue my activities, I thought a lot, talked with the company and the members, and decided to leave the diamond activity. While I was active as DIA, I learned a lot from the members, and we cried and laughed together and had more happier times than hard times.

I have been preparing and dreaming for a long time, but I am so upset that I am leaving like this, and it is difficult for myself… The warm comfort and support from AIDs were really great for me. It became the crutch that kept me up. I am so sorry that I have to make this decision because it is my last post as DIA’s Jenny. Thank you for leaving precious memories and memories that I will never forget.

Eunice, Heehyeon, Jooeun, Chaeyeon, Yebin, Eunchae, Somyi… Our members are like a family that tears just when they think of it… I’m very sorry and thankful. And I will always support you. Sorry for not being together until the end.

Once again, I am sorry and sorry to the members of DIA, MBK family members, and my beloved aides who have allowed me to constantly move forward. I will not forget the undeserved love you sent me. Please support DIA in the future. I will also cheer with Aid!

I’ll see you often as Lee So-yul, not Jenny.

Please support Soyul. Thank you so much.

Currently, ex-DIA’s Jenny or commonly referred to as Lee Soyul is more active in uploading her daily activities on Instagram. There are several accounts that fans can access to see Lee Soyul’s daily life, such as @yulleda, and a special Instagram for one of her pets @ggraegram. With Lee Soyul being active on social media, fans are expected to continue to interact by giving a positive response to her.

Well, that’s all the information about DIA’s Jenny and her career in the entertainment industry. Even though she is currently no longer active as a girl group member, she still has interactions with her fans through several posts on social media on her Instagram. Thus, fans will also not miss the latest news from ex-DIA’s Jenny who now wants to be known as Lee Soyul. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and stay tuned for more Channel-Korea interesting articles!