Ex-DIA’s Jenny: Profile, Fun Facts, Personality

dia jenny profile

Find Out More About Former DIA Rapper Lee So-yul

Being a K-Pop idol is not easy. There are many obstacles that must be overcome in order to have a good career. Besides that, there is also competition between members that makes many people think that being a K-Pop idol will be faced with many challenges in any way. Not to mention when an idol faces comments from netizens for their own appearance or other things related to their personal life or career journey.

In this article, we will discuss in more detail one of the K-Pop idols who successfully debuted under MBK Entertainment and became a member of a girl group named DIA. Famous for their energetic and cheerful choreography with upbeat songs released every comeback, DIA have a rapper named Lee So-yul (Hangul: 이소율), or also known as Jenny (Hangul: 제니)

Without waiting any longer, let’s check out the complete information in the article below, including DIA’s Jenny’s full profile, personality, career with the group, and her latest news!

DIA’s Jenny’s Full Profile

dia jenny profile

Real Name: Lee So-yul (Hangul: 이소율)

Stage Name: Jenny (Hangul: 제니)

Nickname: Honey Vocal

Place and Date of Birth: Incheon, South Korea, September 14th, 1996

Height: 165 cm (5’5’’)

Weight: 47 kg (103 lbs)

Blood Type: A

Education: Seoul School of Performing Arts (Majoring in Performing Arts)

Family Members: Parents and an older sister

Position: Vocalist, Rapper, and Visual

Agency: MBK Entertainment

Official Site: Instagram (@yulleda, @ggraegram)

DIA’s Jenny’s Fun Facts

dia jenny profile
  1. Before joining MBK Entertainment, DIA’s Jenny was a trainee under Ensoul Entertainment together with Yebin and Eunchae and became a member of a group named Project A
  2. DIA’s Jenny was a trainee of Source Music Entertainment
  3. DIA’s Jenny was supposed to debut with GFRIEND and Project A
  4. DIA’s Jenny appeared as Eunjung’s sister in T-ara’s web drama Sweet Temptation that was released in October 2015
  5. DIA’s Jenny was an ulzzang
  6. DIA’s Jenny’s role models are members of Korean girl group S.E.S
  7. DIA’s Jenny is a fan of BtoB
  8. DIA’s Jenny’s hobbies are watching movies and listening to music
  9. DIA’s Jenny was Seventeen’s Wonwoo’s classmate
  10. DIA’s Jenny was DIA’s Chaeyeon’s senior in the Seoul School of Performing Arts
  11. Eunice, Jenny, Huihyeon, and Yebin composed and wrote the lyrics for the DIA song “Will You Go Out With Me” and also composed several songs in the YOLO album, among them are “Light” and “Independence Movement Day”
  12. DIA’s Jenny reported severe pain in her knees in August 2018, and after an examination, she was diagnosed with osteomalacia
  13. DIA’s Jenny was announced to have left DIA on July 6th, 2019, due to her health issues


DIA’s Jenny’s Visual

dia jenny profile

DIA’s Jenny looks gorgeous in her casual outfit.

dia jenny profile

The short hair makes DIA’s Jenny look younger and fresher.

dia jenny profile

DIA’s Jenny with shoulder-length hair gives off a girl crush aura.

DIA’s Jenny’s Aegyo

DIA’s Jenny is famous for one of her iconic aegyo when she appears in front of fans. There are several moments that were successfully immortalized when she did aegyo just to get more attention when attending a certain event.

At 5:23 in the video, we can see DIA’s Jenny demonstrating aegyo like the previous clip that has been shown by a scene from K-Drama Oh My Ghost with the role of actress Park Bo-young. Finally, she managed to recreate the scene with the help of a model who was also present on the TV program that was broadcast.

Not just that once, but DIA’s Jenny again showed her aegyo at an event with a compilation video clip showing some of the aegyo that is usually done by the member who was born in 1996. The video was created by fans and contains some very cute and adorable collections of DIA’s Jenny expressions. Not only her expression, but the sound she produced is also very funny.