All About DIA’s Eunice: Profile, Plastic Surgery Rumors, and More


Eunice, The Underrated Member of Girl-Group DIA!

A shortened form of the word “diamond”, and short for Do It Amazing, DIA, is a South Korean girl-group formed by MBK Entertainment (formerly Core Contents Media) in 2015, originally with six members. Prior to the group’s debut, the lineup was changed and contemplated for a long time, until the label finally settled on seven members in the end; Eunice, Huihyeon, Jenny, Yebin, Eunjin, Chaeyeon and Eunchae. Some years later the group added more members, until stopping when membership reached nine. Back when DIA counted 8 members, Eunice was just a regular member of the group, but after the lineup change, she became the new leader.

Eunice, whose real name is Heo Soo-Yoon, was a part of girl-group Jewelry for a while before debuting in DIA. But, unfortunately, Jewelry disbanded before she could formally debut with them. After being a trainee for five years, she finally made a debut as DIA’s all-rounder member after some time. She is also a part of DIA’s sub-group, called BinChaenHyunSeuS (빈챈현스S).  Let’s get to know more about this charming lady!

DIA’s Eunice: Profile and Facts

Eunice is known for her exquisite social skills, good voice, and dancing. Though she may be the least popular member of the group, she’s actually the main vocalist, main dancer, even leads the group onstage whenever there is a performance. She also had quite a journey before being officially introduced as a DIA member. Keep on reading to find out the details!

Eunice’s Full Profile: Nicknames, Blood Type, Family, etc

Stage Name: Eunice (유니스)
Real Name: Heo Soo Yeon (허수연)
Chinese Name: 許秀娟
Nicknames: Honeys (허니스), Biteuniseu (비트니스), The Simpson Nerd (심슨 덕후), Toi-chan (뚜이짱), Imaginary Goddess (허수여신)
Occupation: Idol (Member of DIA & Sub-unit BCHCS/BinChaenHyunSeuS (빈챈현스S))
Position in DIA: Leader, Main Vocalist, Main Dancer
Agency: MBK Entertainment
Nationality: South Korean
Date of Birth: September 2, 1991
Place of Birth: Sasang-gu, Busan, South Korea
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Sheep / Goat
Western Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Blood Type: A
Height: 166 cm (5’5″)
Weight: 49 kg (108 lbs)
Religion: N/A
Family: Parents, Older brother
Education: Juryeo Girls High School (주례여자고등학교), Seoul National University of Arts – Department of Dance (서울예술대학교 무용과)
Instagram: @e.heomer
Official Gallery:

Eunice’s Facts & Trivia
  • The name Eunice was created by the president of the company.
  • Her other nicknames are Dyed Hair, Bagel Eunice, Appa, Minion, Simpson, Short-haired.
  • She speaks Japanese.
  • She was a Woolim and Star Empire Entertainment trainee for 5 years.
  • She was meant to be a member of a group called Nine Muses.
  • She was a member of Jewelry, replacing the vacant spot left by Kim Eun-Jung, but was not well known until the group finally disbanded.
  • Her hobbies are browsing the web and singing. Vocal practice started from high school.
  • She is a fan of Homer Simpson.
  • She’s good friends with B.A.P’s Daehyun (whom she went to school with).
  • She’s close to Keumjo from Nine Muses.
  • Eunice and Huihyeon are like Tom & Jerry in DIA.
  • According to former member Seunghee, she usually does not clean up her bed.
  • She likes to knit in the waiting room.
  • Her personality is calm and gentle.
  • Her sense of art is not so good, rather fun.
  • She loves the Simpson & minions very much.
  • Eunice can play the bass, guitar, and electric guitar.
  • Eunice, Jenny, Huihyeon and Yebin composed and wrote the lyrics for the DIA song “Will You Go Out With Me” and also composed some songs in the YOLO album namely “Light” & “Independence Movement Day”.
  • She has a great vocal ability and the widest range of all the members in DIA. She’s mainly responsible for high-pitched parts and ad-libs on main vocals and highlights.
  • She likes Bacon Potato pizza the best and hates Hawaiian pizza.
  • She dislikes ripe fruit & hates mint chocolate.
  • She was the last member announced for DIA.
  • She appeared in three videos for the group MYNAME, and she’s very close to the boys from the group.
  • She collects figurines of animated characters.
  • She loves My Little Pony.
  • She is the second leader of DIA, stepping up after the first leader left the group.
  • She is the second-tallest in the group.
  • She has a big gap of age with DIA’s maknae, Somyi: they’re nine years apart.
  • She is a big fan of Se7en. She explained that she was in the first group to join Se7en’s fan club in 2003. “I lived half my life as a fan”, she said.

DIA’s Eunice’s Discography,

Studio Album – Do It Amazing (Released : September 14, 2015)
Extended Play – Happy Ending (Released : June 14, 2016)
Extended Play – Spell (Released : September 13, 2016)
Studio Album – YOLO (Released : April 19, 2017)
Extended Play – Love Generation (Released : August 22, 2017)
Extended Play – Summer Ade (Released : August 9, 2018)

Singles :
“Somehow” (왠지)
“My Friend’s Boyfriend” (내 친구의 남자친구)
“On the Road” (그 길에서)
“Mr. Potter” (미스터포터)
“Will You Go Out With Me?” (나랑사귈래?)
“Can’t Stop” (듣고싶어)
“Good Night” (굿밤)
“Woo Woo” (우우)

Eunice’s Plastic Surgery Rumors & Pre-debut Photos

Korea is often referred to as the plastic surgery capital of the world, and cosmetic procedures are so common that even young girls undergo them. Sure, some were gifted with some great genes, but some people, especially South Korean idols who have to maintain a high beauty standard, it’s common for them to have undergone plastic surgery to enhance their visual.

As for Eunice’s case, when you compare her past photos from before her debut to those from the present, you can’t help but notice the changes around her eyes. There’s no confirmation about whether the idol has done eyelid surgery or not, but it seems the rest of her face is natural!

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