DIA’s Eunchae: Profile, Fun Facts, Visual, Etc.

DIA’s Eunchae’s Focus Fancam

On April 26, 2019, DIA’s Eunchae was seen performing with several other DIA members at a concert that was held outdoors. At the performance, DIA performed WooWa who became one of the group’s famous singles. With upbeat songs, the members danced and sang very agile and energetic on stage with denim jeans outfits that matched one another.

On September 27, 2019, DIA performed at a concert performed their single Will You Go Out With Me. Each members was so cheerful as usual on the stage and DIA’s Eunchae also performed the song playfully along with the other members who also put on the best performance for the fans and audience who performed.

DIA made their latest comeback in 2020 by releasing the single Hug U. Because 2 members were absent from this comeback, MBK Entertainment released a statement that this was a comeback from DIA’s sub-unit. On one of the comeback stages that aired on M-Countdown, DIA’s Eunchae wore two pieces of an off-shoulder crop top and the same white skirt and white boots as the other members. Beside that, DIA’s Eunchae also looks energetic and always smiles when doing the comeback stage with the members.

Eunchae in DIA’s song, Hug U

dia eunchae

MBK Entertainment’s girl group DIA is confirmed to make a comeback in January 2021. Reporting from Newsen on November 12, 2020, MBK Entertainment has announced the latest schedule of their girl group DIA. “DIA is planning and preparing for a comeback in January of next year,” MBK told Newsen as the meida source.

If nothing has changed from the schedule planned by the agency, then this will mark DIA’s comeback after 7 months since the last time the group released the new album ‘Flower 4 Seasons’ in June 2020.

In addition, it is reported that DIA will return with Jung Chae-yeon who was absent from her previous comeback.

On June 4, 2020, DIA held their comeback while releasing the latest album, ‘Flower 4 Seasons’. This comeback was not followed by two of its members, Jung Chaeyeon and Somyi. As the agency said, MBK Entertainment, DIA’s comeback is their sub-unit comeback. They also held a comeback showcase on the same day.

As the leader, Huihyeon also said the reason they finally managed to make a comeback even though the two members didn’t participate. She said when the comeback time was close, they discussed it with DIA members and the agency. Then voluntarily, the five members chose to keep comeback and respect Jung Chaeyeon and Somyi’s decision to be absent.

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Chaeyeon and Somyi still need some time alone, so we respect their decision. There is no special meaning for us as DIA’s unit. Don’t worry about promotions and we’re still excited,” said Huihyeon. She also added that Jung Chaeyeon and Somyi said this comeback concept suited them well

It’s also not a lie if the absence of Jung Chaeyeon and Somyi was quite felt and became a concern for Huihyeon. According to her, the good thing about the absence of two DIA members is that they can only use one car for a promotional agenda. But don’t worry because Huihyeon also said that all the members are preparing for their next comeback. For now, they will focus on promoting this album so that later they can make a full team comeback.

Beside that, DIA’s Eunchae is also still active to post several of her daily on Instagram through photos or videos during her schedules or off-schedules. If fans missed DIA’s Eunchae, they can immediately view their Instagram account and immediately interact via comments and likes. Of course, it is hoped that fans can use this platform to support idols on her Instagram.

Well, that’s all the information about DIA’s Eunchae and her career journey as an idol in South Korea. Now, she is also busy with various schedules with girl groups and her daily schedule too. Let’s keep giving lots of support and love to DIA and Eunchae so that their career can go well and get positive responses from the public and their fans! If you like this article, don’t forget to share to your social media and wait for another interesting articles from Channel-Korea!