She’s Looking Different From Her Pre-debut Photos, What’s the Secret Behind DIA’s Chae-yeon’s Pretty Face and Body?

Diet and Weight Loss

In October 2016, DIA’s Chae-yeon explained about her diet method and weight loss in a photo shoot for International BNT magazine. Chae-yeon revealed how she lost weight, namely 16 kg in 3 months, as her previous weight was 64 kg.

“I only ate soft tofu and soy milk for my diet menu and if I wanted to eat more, I would eat cherry tomatoes. As far as exercise is concerned, I did dance practice to help me lose weight.” DIA’s Chae-yeon

“I became unhealthy since I have to work and eat for a small amount. I also took supplements and vitamins so I don’t pass out that easily.” – DIA’s Chae-yeon

In December 2016, Chae-yeon’s weight loss became a topic as she had been warned by her agency to gain some weight. The member of DIA, Chae-yeon, lost 16 kg in total after her weight dropped to 47 kg and she looks even skinnier by now.

Chae-yeon, who was a member of DIA that reached the top 2nd visual of the group, said that her agency has told her to lose weight and now they tell her to eat more because her face has lost too much fat.

“I lost so much weight at one point that I got to 47 kg when I had a busy schedule.” – DIA’s Chae-yeon

Chae-yeon must be confused by her agency’s request to lose weight, then after successfully doing so by dieting to again gain weight. But then, Chae-yeon’s isecurity about her weight could clearly be seen in one of the episodes of Eat Sleep Eat.

“I’ve gained 1.5 kg (~3.3 lbs) in two days since Baek Jong-won sunbaenim fed me so well.” – DIA’s Chae-yeon

Chae-yeon was seen going around her room as she went to check out her weight. In this reality show, Chae-yeon had a chance to eat well and even ended up eating a third meal in the day. The result as she stepped to the weight scale made herself freak out and disbelief on how she easily gained weight in only 2 days.

In one of episode of FashionN’s Follow Me 8, Chae-yeon revealed that she has to maintain her slim figure and her agency got her weight checked regularly.

“I have a weight limit that has been measured by the agency and if I went over the limit, I get scolded by them. If the agency said that I should lose weight and I will just say ‘Okay.'” DIA’s Chae-yeon

Chae-yeon also gave the viewers a tour inside her dorm and pointed out the scales in the kitchen that made the audience surprised at how she measured her thighs using a tape measure when she was on a diet.

On another occasion, DIA’s Chae-yeon appeared as a guest in Empty the Convenience Store and she talked about the weight limits the agency has set on her.

“The CEO of my agency has a famous quote about weight that it shouldn’t start with ‘5’. It has to remain about 40 kg.” DIA’s Chae-yeon

Seeing how strict the agency rule is, the MCs were even shocked by Chae-yeon’s statement that she has to weight below 50 kg or 110 pounds to fit the weight limit that has been set up by the CEO of MBK Entertainment.

“I lost weight by starving myself and it went from 64 kg to 49 kg (~ 141 to 108 lbs) back when I was a trainee. I don’t want to get kicked out from the agency so I wanted to lose more. After that day, I only eat salad and fruit.” – DIA’s Chae-yeon

It is quite harsh for an idol to maintain an ideal weight as they have to look perfect and beautiful every time they perform on stage. Even Chae-yeon has mentioned that she went through a hard time by starving herself to lose weight. This is one of the extreme diets that idols are going through but if you want to lose weight, you should try another, healthier diet plan.

Chae-yeon Now

The member of DIA and I.O.I, Chae-yeon, has been really struggling to get the ideal body shape which is why went on a diet.

What makes the fans relieved about her current condition right now is because she is healthy and doing many solo activities beside promoting with the group. Chae-yeon looks really beautiful with her ideal weight by now.

Check out DIA’s Chae-yeon’s current look below!

Well, that was all for the information about DIA’s Chae-yeon’s transformation from her weight loss and appearance that made her a little different but she was naturally born pretty! Do you agree? Let’s hope for all the best in DIA’s Chae-yeon’s career in the future and which that she can be more confident about her appearance!