What is Broduce 101? Here’s a Detailed Explanation!


What is Broduce 101?

Okay, you might be a stan or knew the big super mega K-Pop group which just disbanded last year, Wanna One. And yes, you might be a stan or knew Kang Daniel, Park Woo-jin, or Ong Seong-woo. But, do you know that before Wanna One, Kang Daniel, Park Woo-jin, or Ong Seong-woo happened, there was a boy group survival reality show on Mnet that introduced us to our current favorites as we know them today?

Broduce 101, originally going by the name Produce 101 Season 2 (Korean: 프로듀스 101 시즌 2) was a 2017 Mnet’s reality show which let the public (called ‘national producers’) produce a Korean boy group by choosing 11 members among 101 trainees from 54 entertainment companies through online voting and live voting with multiple elimination rounds. Not only that, but the show also lets the public choose the group’s concept, debut song, and group name. In the season finale on June 16th, 2017, which was broadcast live, around 30% of South Korea’s population contributed to the final decision of the group, which means more than 16 million people cast their votes during the finale. What makes it so popular and what happens to the trainees afterward? Wanna know the detailed information about Broduce 101? Stay tuned and scroll down this article below!


Reason Behind the Creation of Broduce 101


In 2016, Mnet produced the first-ever large-scale Korean girl group survival reality show titled Produce 101 (aka the first season and the precedent of Broduce 101)It was the second-largest-budget show of all shows produced by Mnet. Mnet spent about four billion won (approximately $3.4 million) to produce the show. Despite the big-budget, the show was having a huge success, even led to one of the tv show-produced girl groups – IOIThe reason for that is that the show runs in a unique format. The show introduced the public to lend a hand inproducing a unit girl group by choosing members who deserved a spot in the final group. The show also had the biggest number of contestants in a survival show in which around 101 trainees from 46 entertainment companies participated. So, the show has succeeded in creating huge anticipation and public participation.

The show also had high ratings in the survival show category, generating an average of around 3.04% rating with the lowest 1.04% rating (episode 1) and the highest 4.38% (finale episode), a pretty high number for a tv cable channel like Mnet. Not only the program, but the song released by the show also had a high position and sales in the public. The song “Pick Me,” which was chosen as the official song of the show peaked in the top 10 digital charts and generated around 893,723 sales in Korea alone. Overseas, the show also received huge popularity, in which the show aired in Japan through Mnet Japan and in big part of the Asian and North American regions, through Channel MThe aftermath of the show, girl group IOIalso received a lot of success with them winning awards such as Rookie of the Year and drawing fans from all around the world.

Due to the success of the Produce 101 (season 1), Mnet decided to produce another show equivalent to the first season. Thus, the second season was born. The second season adopted the same format as the first season, but with a slight difference. Instead of the female trainees who participated, the show would be filled by male trainees.

Produce 101 Season 2 consisted of 101 male contestants, who were trainees under company labels, debuted idols, or individual trainees in South Korea. Though most contestants were Korean, there were some Chinese, Japanese, and Taiwanese participants in addition to those from other nations. In the final episode, 11 out of the top 20 contestants were chosen to form the show’s “project group” through a national fan voting system.

Unlike the first season’s group that was just promoting for a one-year-contract, the second season group would promote for two years (ending on December 31st, 2018) under YMC Entertainment (the same label of I.O.I from Produce 101 season 1). The group will disband after the end of their contract, allowing the members of the final line-up to return to their respective agencies.

True to their contract, Wanna One (the name of the second season’s finale group winner) officially disbanded on December 31st, 2018, with their final activity as a group being their last concert on January 24–27, 2019, after two years of promoting together.


The List of Contestants


The contestants of Produce 101 Season 2 appeared for the first time on Episode 514 of M! Countdown on March 9th, 2017. The group was presented by BoA, and the members performed the EDM song “나야나 (Pick Me)” (the official theme song of the second season). The “center” role was given to Brand New Music’s 이대휘 (Lee Dae-hwi). Unlike the first season, which was all trainees or individual singers/actresses, some participants in the second season had previously debuted with other groups, such as NU’EST, JJCC, HOTSHOT and Topp Dogg, creating quite a controversy among the public when it was first revealed.

Here is the full list of the second season contestants:

101 Contestants
Kang Daniel (강다니엘) Park Ji-hoon (박지훈) Lee Dae-hwi (이대휘) Kim Jae-hwan (김재환) Ong Seong-woo (옹성우)
Park Woo-jin (박우진) Lai Guan-lin (라이관린) Yoon Ji-sung (윤지성) Hwang Min-hyun (황민현) Bae Jin-young (배진영)
Ha Sung-woon (하성운) Jung Se-woon (정세운) Kang Dong-ho (강동호) Kim Jong-hyun (김종현) Lim Young-min (임영민)
Ahn Hyeong-seop (안형섭) Yoo Seon-ho (유선호) Kim Samuel (김사무엘) Ju Hak-nyeon (주학년) Choi Min-ki (최민기)
Kim Yong-guk (김용국) Kwon Hyun-bin (권현빈) Lee Eui-woong (이의웅) Kenta Takada (타카다 켄타) Noh Tae-hyun (노태현)
Kim Sang-gyun (김상균) Jang Moon-bok (장문복) Kim Dong-hyun (김동현) Kim Dong-han (김동한) Kim Tae-dong (김태동)
Seo Sung-hyuk (서성혁) Kim Ye-hyun (김예현) Lee Keon-hee (이건희) Lee Woo-jin (이우진) Park Woo-dam (박우담)
Jung Dong-soo (정동수) Park Seong-woo (박성우) Hong Eun-ki (홍은기) Yoo Hoe-seung (유회승) Woo Jin-young (우진영)
Joo Jin-woo (주진우) Yeo Hwan-woong (여환웅) Justin (저스틴) Lee Gwang-hyun (이광현) Byun Hyun-min (변현민)
Yoon Hee-seok (윤희석) Kim Seong-ri (김성리) Kim Sang-bin (김상빈) Kim Tae-woo (김태우) Lee Jun-woo (이준우)
Zhu Zheng-ting (정정) Kim Nam-hyung (김남형) Lee Ki-won (이기원) Lee Yoo-jin (이유진) Yoon Jae-chan (윤재찬)
Kim Yong-jin (김용진) Lee In-soo (이인수) Kim Dong-bin (김동빈) Kim Tae-min (김태민) Ha Min-ho (하민호)
Sung Hyun-woo (성현우) Ju Won-tak (주원탁) Choi Dong-ha (최동하) Jung Joong-ji (정중지) Kwon Hyub (권협)
Lim Woo-hyuk (임우혁) Jung Hyo-jun (정효준) Son Dong-myeong (손동명) Lee Seo-kyu (이서규) Kim Hyun-woo (김현우)
Choi Tae-woong (최태웅) Jo Jin-hyung (조진형) Yoon Yong-bin (윤용빈) Han Min-ho (한민호) Yoo Jin-won (유진원)
Kim Yeon-guk (김연국) Jung Shi-hyun (정시현) Kim Chan-yul (김찬율) Choi Seunghyuk (최승혁) Lee Hoolim (이후림)
Kim Jaehan (김재한) Kim Chan (김찬) Jang Daehyun (장대현) Yoo Kyungmok (유경목) Choi Hadon (최하돈)
Park Heeseok (박희석) Yoo Hoyeon (유호연) Jo Gyumin (조규민) Wang Minhyuk (왕민혁) Choi Junyoung (최준영)
Jo Sungwook (조성욱) Kim Dohyun (김도현) Jo Yonggeun (조용근) Lee Gun-min (이건민) Jung Woncheol (정원철)
Choi Heesoo (최희수) Choi Jaewoo (최재우) Lee Ji-han (이지한) Han Jong-yeon (한종연) Nam Yoon-sung (남윤성)
Kim Shi-hyun (김시현)


With the final 11 trainees line-up of Wanna One including  Kang Daniel, Park Ji-hoon, Lee Dae-hwi, Kim Jae-hwan, Ong Seong-wu, Park Woo-jin, Lai Kuan-lin, Yoon Ji-sung, Hwang Min-hyun, Bae Jin-young, and Ha Sung-woon.