What is Broduce 101? Here’s a Detailed Explanation!

Groups Who Rose After Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2

The Broduce 101 legacy is not just limited to Wanna One. In fact, there is also a group that rose to fame after their appearance in Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2.




Perhaps, NU’EST is the second-best well-known legacy after Wanna OneOriginally debuting in 2012 under Pledis Entertainment, the group consists of five members: JR, Aron, Baekho, Minhyun, and Ren

Four of the NU’EST members (JR, Baekho, Minhyun, and Ren) competed on Produce 101 Season 2 under their real names Kim Jong-hyun, Kang Dong-ho, Hwang Min-hyun, and Choi Min-ki. Hwang Min-hyun was chosen as part of Wanna One while the rest of the NU’EST members, including Aron, were promoting under the name NU’EST W (where W stands for Wait) until his return.

After the show has completed and six years after NU’EST’s official debut, NU’EST W has climbed the ranks from No. 225 on music charts to receiving their first No. 1 with their single “If You.” Many fans were calling this the new NU’EST era and were also happy for this development.

After Wanna One’s official disbandment, Hwang Min-hyun returned to NU’ESTIn 2019, after reuniting, NU’EST announced its contract renewal with Pledis Entertainment. On March 15th, they released a special digital single “A Song For You” to celebrate the seventh anniversary of their debut. The group held their first solo concert in six-years titled “Segno” on April 12–14 to an audience of 36,000. 




Other than NU’EST, JJCC also tried to refresh its name by sending their two members, Yul (goes by the name Kim Chan-yul in the show) and San-Cheong (aka Choi Ha-don in the show) to the show. The group was originally formed under the management of Jackie Chan Group Korea and was described as a K-Pop hip-hop group. The group debuted on March 20th, 2014, with the original five members: E.co, Eddy, SimBa, San-Cheong, and Prince Mak (who later withdrew from the group). During their “Where You At” promotions, the new members Zica and Yul joined.

Unfortunately, Yul and San-Cheong didn’t do really well in the show. They were in the 1 D and 5 F Manse team which was the last during the boy group evaluation and eliminated in the fifth episode. After their appearance on the show, the group finally went on their first tour in the USA from August 6–12, 2017.


Top Dogg


Topp Dogg, the south Korean group originally consisting of 13 members under Stardom Entertainment, has undergone some major changes post-Produce 101 season 2. The group is now promoting under the name Xeno-T (Korean: 제노티) since 2018 and consists of five remaining members: Hojoon, Sangdo, B-Joo, Xero, and Sangwon. The group moved to Hunus Entertainment, following Stardom Entertainment’s merger with the company. After multiple line-up changes, the remaining five members subsequently changed their name to XENO-T in 2018.

A-Tom, who temporarily left the group to participate in Produce 101 Season 2 under his birth name, Kim Sang-gyun, and got eliminated in the 26th place during the third elimination round, was no longer the group’s members. After getting picked on to debut with the Produce 101 fan-created group, JBJ, A-Tom’s future activities with Topp Dogg halted and remained to be discussed after his activities with JBJ came to an end. Later, Hunus Entertainment confirmed that A-Tom would not be joining the group once his activities with JBJ came to an end.

XENO-T officially debuted in Japan with their first Japanese single, “どこにいても” (Wherever You Are) on May 30th, 2018, along with the release of the music video.



Hotshot (Hangul: 핫샷; stylized as HOTSHOT), is a South Korean boy band formed by Star Crew Entertainment (formerly K.O Sound and Ardor & Able) on October 29th, 2014, with their digital single “Take a Shot.” The group consists of six members: Choi Jun-hyuk, Kim Timoteo, Roh Tae-hyun, Ha Sung-woon, Yoonsan, and Ko Ho-jung.

During the first half of 2017, Roh Tae-hyun and Ha Sungwoon participated in the survival television series Produce 101 Season 2. The series concluded with one of the two competing members, Sungwoon, ranking 11th and becoming a member of the temporary boy group Wanna One. Taehyun was eliminated, ranking 25th overall. Due to the nature of the contract between Wanna One members and CJ E&M, Sungwoon would promote as a member of Wanna One until December 2018, after which he will return to promote as a regular member of Hotshot again. Meanwhile, Taehyun would be joining the Produce 101 Season 2 fan-created group JBJ and would promote for seven months under Fave Entertainment. Both members would be returning to the group after their contracts end.

The group gained positive recognition and new fans after their appearances on the show. On November 15th, 2018, Hotshot released their second EP Early Flowering with the lead single “I Hate You.”


Other Popular Contestants of the Show

Other than the 11 trainees who got to be a part of the line-up of Wanna Onethese trainees below also caught the public attention due to their unique appearances!


Jang Moon-bok


With the sleek long hair and feminine facial features, Jang Moon-bok was certainly creating the buzz among viewers during Produce 101 season 2His name was constantly making headlines on the internet, especially because of his unconventional style. He was also given quite a long screentime in the show, making him popular among the fans.

Currently, the 24-year-old rapper is a part of the boy group Limitless under the stage name VOK. Recently, the group made its first-ever comeback since debut with “Wish Wish” on November 28th, 2019.


Ju Hak-nyeon


Another Produce 101 season 2 trainee, Ju Hak-nyeon from Cre.Ker Entertainment also made quite an impression among the show’s viewers for his cute appearance and strong talent. However, in episode 10, he ranked #19 and was eliminated, unable to make it into Wanna One.

In December 2017, shortly after Produce 101 season 2 ended, he made his debut with boy group The Boyz. The group recently released a special digital single titled “White (화이트)” to commemorate their second anniversary on December 6th, 2019.


Yoo Seon-ho


Another Produce 101 season 2 popular trainee is Yoo Seon-ho. He made it into the show finale, but sadly, he finished at ranking #17 and was unable to make it into Wanna One. But, thankfully, he was really popular and got a lot of endorsement and acting deals after the show.

Soon after Produce 101 ended, Yoo became a regular guest on a new variety show titled Special Private Life together with other fellow Produce 101 contestants. He also had guest appearances in variety shows like Live Talk Show Taxi and Problematic Men. He even started appearing as a regular guest for a few episodes on Channel A’s Let’s Eat Out This Saturday and, along with BtoB’s Yook Sung-jae promoted for the TMON Let’s Fly TMON Tour campaign.

In December 2019, it was announced that Yoo Seon-ho became a regular guest in SBS’ basketball variety show, Handsome Tigers. The show is scheduled to premiere in January 2020. Aside from that, he was also cast in tvN’s new variety show Cat’s Meow Is Fake, which is scheduled to premiere on January 5th, 2020