Get the Details About E’Dawn’s Solo Activity


Keeping Up with the Attractive Guy, E’Dawn!

Let’s catch up with E’Dawn! It’s been a long time since the last time we’ve seen E’Dawn  performing on the stage, but still, all the fans were patiently waiting to see his upcoming performance.

After leaving Cube Entertainment, E’Dawn was reportedly looking for another label and he finally joined PSY Nation, together with his girlfriend, Hyuna. Previously, both E’Dawn and Hyuna ended their contracts with Cube Entertainment because of their relationship scandal. All the same, the most important part is that, as fans, we should keep supporting both of them.

Through this article, Channel Korea has introduced you the attractive guy E’Dawn and all you need to know about his solo activity!

E’Dawn’s Appearance on HyunA’s Instagram

E'Dawn & Hyuna

As a couple, it’s very common for a boy and a girl to post their picture together in each other’s social media. E’Dawn used to appear in Hyuna’s personal Instagram account, @hyunah_aa!

Hyuna posted a portrait of E’Dawn with no caption within it, but she was tagged E’Dawn’s Instagram account.

Hyuna also shared E’Dawn’s picture on her Instagram account, as though she wanted to tell people all around the world that E’Dawn joined PSY Nation, the agency which was created by the famous South Korean singer, PSY.

Another picture of E’Dawn in Hyuna’s Instagram! This picture was taken when both of Hyuna and E’Dawn were doing a photoshoot with the brand Puma.

And obviously, Hyuna also shared a picture together with E’Dawn on her Instagram!

E’Dawn and PSY Nation


After E’Dawn decided to leave Cube Entertainment, he joined a new agency! This time, he  signed a contract with PSY Nation, the star agency under controlled by PSY, the famous South Korean singer in early 2019! Not only that, Hyuna joined the same agency too!

E’Dawn and Hyuna signed their contracts with PSY Nation separately. Hyuna went first, and while she was there she told a story about E’Dawn’s passion towards PSY, who then met with E’Dawn directly. PSY became fond of him when both of them were involved in conversations! PSY said, “When I talked with him, I thought ‘Wow, separately. He’s good’. They’re not a team. They’re dating, but that’s it.”

E’Dawn also revealed his gratitude after he and Hyuna received a positive reaction from all of the people at the organization, and promised to work harder in his new agency, full of excitement!

E’Dawn’s Solo Activity


After officially leaving Cube Entertainment, E’Dawn conitinued to pursue his career as a solo artist. He has spent a lot of time to improving his dancing skills; he went to a dance studio and exercised a lot, and also went to some of fashion events. He even became involved in some photoshoots with famous brands!

We can find out all about E’Dawn’s solo activity after he was quit Cube Entertainment by looking at his Instagram account, @hyojong_1994!

E’Dawn’s Instagram


Like many other celebrities, E’Dawn maintains an Instagram account. He created his Instagram account in October 2018. E’Dawn was opened the account right after his girlfriend, Hyuna, left her previous agency, Cube Entertainment.

Neither of them hesitate to show off their togetherness, proven through E’Dawn’s Instagram posts. For his first post he uploaded a picture of him in a department store, and he’s also tagged in some of his pictures to Hyuna’s Instagram! If you haven’t checked out his Instagram, kindly check @hyojong_1994 on Instagram and you’ll find E’Dawn there!

These are some of his early posts on Instagram!


E’Dawn has already reached 1.9 million followers on Instagram, and has already posted 300+ pictures and videos there!

E’Dawn’s Future Plans as a Soloist


Last, but not least, let’s find out about upcoming projects from E’Dawn, and his future plans as a soloist in PSY Nation!

PSY, the founder of PSY Nation, talked about his agency’s future plans with E’Dawn. He said that E’Dawn was really good with melodic rap, a mixture of rapping that contains melodies within it. But also, E’Dawn will go through pop music. PSY admitted that E’Dawn has a lot of ability, including with songwriting and having a nice voice and dance moves. He also dresses well.

That was all the information about E’Dawn and his solo activity! Fans may have to wait a little while to see E’Dawn debut through PSY Nation, but don’t worry! He could go back on the stage as soon as possible, so let’s cheer up for E’Dawn!

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