K-Drama Review: Romance Between a Soldier and a Doctor in a War Zone in ‘Descendant of the Sun’

Descendants of the Sun

A Complete Package of Romance, Action, and Comedy

Have you watched one of the most outstanding K-Dramas, Descendants of the Sun? We are pretty sure that almost all of you have. Since its first release in 2016, Descendants of the Sun has been one of the most successful K-Dramas ever! In some of Channel-Korea’s previous articles we have already been talking about the drama, but this time, Channel-Korea will provide you with all the details you need to know about Descendants of the Sun, so stay tuned!

Descendants of the Sun is considered to be one of the best romantic K-Dramas even though there have been a lot of dramas of the same genre. However, Descendants of the Sun has managed to amaze us with its unique charm, the amazing storyline, the characters and more.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a complete rundown of everything about the K-Drama Descendants of the Sun and will guide you in remembering all the details of the drama!

Descendants of the Sun: Review

Descendants of the Sun

First of all, we’re going to talk about the synopsis of the drama! Basically, Descendants of the Sun tells us a story about the life of a soldier and a doctor. Both of them have an important job, and on some occasions, their respective occupations relate to one another. There is the soldier named Yoo Shi-jin (played by Song Joong-ki), he is a soldier captain who has received a mission to rescue a hostage from North Korea. Yoo Shi-jin is part of the Alpha Team, together with sergeant Seo Dae-young (played by Jin Goo), and several other subordinates.

And also, there is the doctor named Kang Mo-yeon (played by Song Hye-kyo), who works in Haesang Hospital. Haesang Hospital is where Yoo Shi-jin and Kang Mo-yeon meet for the first time. At that time, Yoo Shi-jin and Seo Dae-young are running after a thief who had stolen Seo Dae-young’s phone. Their pursuit leads them into Haesang Hospital where Yoo Shi-jin shoots the thief. In the hospital, Seo Dae-young meets with his ex-girlfriend, Yoon Myeong-ju (played by Kim Ji-won), who used to be Kang Mo-yeon’s junior. Their relationship wasn’t approved by Yoon Myeong-ju’s father, that’s why Seo Dae-young decided to avoid Yoon Myeong-ju.

Since their first meeting, Yoo Shi-jin already falls in love with Kang Mo-yeon, and is fascinated with her charm. Moreover, when Kang Mo-yeon starts treating his wound. Yoo Shi-jin also reveals that he wants Kang Mo-yeon to be his personal doctor. Long story short, the two of them become closer and go out on a date. However, their dates always seem to fail. Every time they decide to go on a date Yoo Shi-jin suddenly gets assigned to do a mission related to his duty as a captain. Eventually, Kang Mo-yeon decides not to meet with Yoo Shi-jin again.

After quite a long time, Yoo Shi-jin and Kang Mo-yeon meet again in Urk, Greece. Yoo Shi-jin and the Alpha Team have been doing their assignments for 8 months, and suddenly Haesang Hospital’s team came as a volunteer to help people in Urk, with Kang Mo-yeon as the team captain.

Through their meeting in Urk, and also with all of the occurrences, Yoo Shi-jin and Kang Mo-yeon start getting closer again, even Yoo Shi-jin saves Kang Mo-yeon’s life several times. In addition, the story between Seo Dae-young and Yoon Myeong-ju is getting intertwined again, and they find their destiny together.

Descendants of the Sun presents us a lot of emotional scenes, especially, when Yoo Shi-jin and Kang Mo-yeon are doing their assignments while they are in Urk. Both of them are really doing their assignments with complete sincerity, and they also realize that their love has resurfaced, getting them involved with each other once again. And also, fresh comedy scenes from the Alpha Team and Haesang Hospital’s team are quite amusing for us. The romance, the comedy, the pressure, the sadness are combined perfectly and succeed in entertaining us!

Furthermore, the beautiful background scenes located in Urk, are adding a lot to the attractiveness of the drama. All of us love the beautiful places and amazing scenes. If you were looking for a K-Drama recommendation, we are highly recommending you to watch Descendants of the Sun!

And here’s the general information and official poster of Descendants of the Sun:

Title: Descendants of the Sun

Genre: Drama, Romance

Director: Lee Eung-bok

Writer: Kim Eun-sook & Kim Won-suk

Station Channel: KBS2

Descendants of the Sun official poster:

Descendants of the Sun

Scenes from Descendants of the Sun

Here are some of the scenes from Descendants of the Sun!

Descendants of the Sun

We can see a lot of beautiful moments between Yoo Shi-jin and Kang Mo-yeon in Urk, Greece. While they were taking some time off from their responsibilities, they took a walk and spent time together enjoying the incredible view in Urk.

Descendants of the Sun

Meanwhile, there are also a lot of moments between Seo Dae-young and Yoon Myeong-ju! Even though their relationship didn’t go easy at first, but every time they had to do their assignments, there were also sweet moments between them!

Descendants of the Sun


Descendants of the Sun


Descendants of the Sun: Spoiler Alert!

Since the drama has already ended, in this section we are going to share some spoilers of Descendants of the Sun! In the last episodes of Descendants of the Sun, Yoo Shi-jin, Seo Dae-young, and the Alpha Team are doing their assignments. But suddenly, Yoo Shi-jin and Seo Dae-young are proclaimed lost, even some members of the Alpha Team think that perhaps they are dead. And the sad piece of news reaches Kang Mo-yeon and Yoon Myeong-ju.

Kang Mo-yeon even has to sign the statement about the cause of death of Yoo Shi-jin. Kang Mo-yeon doesn’t want to do that, but she is being forced. On the other hand, Yoon Myeong-jo is feeling disappointed. The time finally came when her father approved of her relationship with Seo Dae-young, but instead, she got the news that Seo Dae-young has died. Both Kang Mo-yeon and Yoon Myeong-ju feel the same pain and sadness.

As time goes by, Kang Mo-yeon and Yoon Myeong-ju continue with their lives. One afternoon, Kang Mo-yeon is walking around to get some fresh air, and she starts remembering Yoo Shi-jin. But suddenly, her eyes catch something, or someone, to be exact. A silhouette of someone she has been looking for. It was Yoo Shi-jin, the real Yoo Shi-jin. And as we have hoped, Yoo Shi-jin and Seo Dae-young are still alive!

The news about the return of Yoo Shi-jin and Seo Dae-young is welcomed by the Alpha Team and the Haesung Hospital’s team full of excitement. Of course, most of the excitement comes from Kang Mo-yeon and Yoon Myeong-ju, who are finally able to meet with their eternal love again.

Descendants of the Sun: The Cast

Descendants of the Sun

Song Joong-ki as Yoo Shi-jin

Descendants of the Sun

Song Joong-ki played the role of captain Yoo Shi-jin, he was the captain of the Alpha Team and really close with his mate, sergeant Seo Dae-young. Since his first meeting with Kang Mo-yeon, he fell in love with her. He was assertive and reliable as a captain. As time went by, both of Yoo Shi-jin and Kang Mo-yeon get involved in a relationship.

Song Hye-kyo as Kang Mo-yeon

Descendants of the Sun

Song Hye-kyo played the character Kang Mo-yeon, one of the doctors from Haesang Hospital. Her first meeting with Yoo Shi-jin was when both of them were in Haesang Hospital, and since then, they started showing their mutual attraction of one another, even though Kang Mo-yeon eventually leaves him because of Yoo Shi-jin’s military assignment. When Kang Mo-yeon is being one of the volunteers and goes to Urk, she meets Yoo Shi-jin again and their relationship becomes closer again.

Jin Goo as Seo Dae-young

Descendants of the Sun

Jin Goo played the role of Seo Dae-young, one of the sergeants of the Alpha Team and also Yoo Shi-jin’s best friend. He used to have a relationship with Yoon Myeong-ju, but Yoon Myeong-ju’s father didn’t approve their relationship, that’s why every time Seo Dae-young accidentally met with Yoon Myeong-ju, he was trying to avoid her. But when Seo Dae-young is working in Urk with the Alpha Team, he meets Yoon Myeong-ju again and their relationship starts getting better than before, and eventually, their relationship gets approved by Yoon Myeong-ju’s father.

Kim Ji-won as Yoon Myeong-ju

Descendants of the Sun

Kim Ji-won acted as the character Yoon Myeong-ju, one of the nurses in the military, and also Kang Mo-yeon’s junior in their university. She used to have a relationship with Seo Dae-young, but her father didn’t approve it because her father was one of the high officers in the military and he instead wanted Yoon Myeong-ju to have a relationship with Yoo Shi-jin. But eventually, her relationship with Seo Dao-young becomes better and her father approves of their relationship.