All About Deep Trap Actor, Jo Han-sun: Wedding, Wife, Movies, and Drama List

Jo Han-sun

All about Korea

Jo Han-sun is a South Korean actor. He made his debut in a beer commercial in 2001, then became a household name through the sitcom Nonstop 3 (2002) and the television drama April Kiss (2004). He is best known for the films Temptation of Wolves (2004), Cruel Winter Blues (2006), and A Better Tomorrow, the 2010 remake of the Hong Kong classic. His role as Kwon Jun-sik in the 2015 movie Deep Trap popularized his name even more. He married his fiancee, Jung Hye jung in late 2009.

Before his debut as an actor, he was a former member of a football club in Korea. He had dreams of being a talented football player. But because of his acting career, he retired from football, and focused on acting. But because of his ability in football, he was cast in ”Wolf’s Temptation” and took a role as a football player, and showed his ability. His acting skills made him more popular and led to him winning several awards, such as ‘Rookie Actor’ twice, for his role in Temptation of Wolves at the 3rd Korean Film Awards and the 42nd Grand Bell Awards. He was also nominated for Best Supporting Actor for Cruel Winter Blues at the 28th Blue Dragon Film Awards and the 6th Korean Film Awards.

Jo Han-sun’s profile

Star News

Name: Jo Han-Sun
Hangul: 조한선
Birthdate: June 17, 1981
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 186cm
Blood Type: A
Years active: 2001-present
Agent: LOEN Entertainment
Spouse(s): Jung Hye-jung (m. 2010)
Family: one daughter
Education: Hongik University – Sports Industry


  • Deja Vu (2018) – Joo Do-Sik
  • Brothers in Heaven | Dolawayo Busanhangae (2018) – Tae-Joo
  • Blue Busking | Macha Tago Goraegorae (2017) – Ho-Bin
  • Malice (2016) – CEO Jo
  • Untouchable Lawmen | Chiwyebeobgwon (2015) – Sang-Geun (cameo)
  • Deep Trap | Hamjung (2015) – Kwon Joon-Sik
  • Stalker | Seutokeo (2013)
  • A Better Tomorrow | Mujeokja (2010) – Jung Tae-Min
  • Attack the Gas Station! 2 | Juyuso Seubgyuksageun 2 (2010) – High Kick
  • Where Are You Going? | Teukbyeolshi Saramdeul (2009)
  • Lost and Found | Dalkeumhan Keojitmal (2008) – Park Dong-Sik
  • My New Partner (2008) – Kang Young-Joon
  • Cruel Winter Blues | Yeolhyeolnama (2006) – Moon Chi-Guk
  • Now and Forever | Yeonriji (2006) – Lee Min-Soo
  • Romance of Their Own | Neukdaeui yuhok (2004) – Ban Hea-won

TV Series:

  • Yeah, That’s How It Is | Geurae, Geurungeoya (SBS / 2016) – Yoo Se-Hyun
  • Mask | Gamyeon (SBS / 2015) – Kim Jung-Tae
  • The Woman Who Married Three Times | Sebun Gyeolhonhaneun Yeoja (SBS / 2013-2014) – An Gwang-Mo
  • April Kiss | 4wolui Kiseu (KBS2 / 2004)

Jo Han-sun’s Family


Early 2009 was the most important time in actor Jo Han sun’s life. He tied the knot with his fiancee, who was a non-celebrity. His soon-to-be-wife was an art student at an undisclosed graduate school. Her name is Jang Hye jung, and she appears to be 2 years younger than Jo Han sun.

In an interview with a local daily, he said that he met her about two years ago and plans to start his mandatory military service after the marriage.

“I’m not a type who talks around about my girlfriend. I’ve dated her for about two years and recently decided to marry her,” he said.

He also added, “She is an ordinary student. Thanks to her understanding and consideration, I came to decide to wed before joining the army.”

The wedding was held on 9 January 2009 at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul, South Korea in a private, only for their closest family members. But after the reception, the couple appeared in a press conference at the same location.


Not many people know, but the couple was first planning on holding the wedding after the actor finished his military service, but because of something that happened, they decided to hold it earlier, or before he served his duty in the Korean military. Later, it was found that his fiancee was pregnant.

The 28-year-old actor had taken fans by surprise last week after his agency confirmed a report that he and his girlfriend of two years will get married on January 9.

We were planning on getting married after I came back from the military but we set on an earlier date upon hearing the news of her pregnancy,” Jo said, during a press conference at Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul, the location his wedding would be held next year.

Jo explained that he proposed to her girlfriend — who was still a student at a graduate school for arts at that time– as soon as he heard the news.

The two had started marriage preparations after Jo wrapped up shooting for his upcoming film “Attack the Gas Station 2”.

Because of that, when he did his military duty, actor Jo was really missing his newborn baby daughter and wife.

I couldn’t bring a picture of my daughter because we aren’t allowed to bring in any personal possessions to the camp,” he said during an interview with reporters ahead of entering the Nonsan training earlier today.

Jo had originally been set to enter the military in January, but pushed back the date following his marriage the same month, and the birth of his daughter which came three months later.

He also spoke about his current working movie “The Invincibles” saying, “I hope this will help promote the movie in a way and I would like the film to still be playing in theaters even after I finish my training.”

I was given words of encouragement from my co-stars Joo Jin-mo, Song Seung-hun and Kim Kang-woo, who have already served their duties,” he added.
After receiving basic training at Nonsan for four weeks, Jo will work as a public service worker for 23 months.