December’s DK’s Full Profile, Youtube Channel, His Personality

December’s DK’s YouTube Channel

December dk profile

Lately, some South Korean idols and other celebrities like to have activities on social media and upload the latest content from their daily activities or works to interact with their fans. YouTube is also one of the platforms used by many people, including South Korean idols and celebrities, to find new ways to stay active and present to entertain fans.

December’s DK also has several social media accounts and has opened a YouTube channel to interact with fans and stay active.

December dk profile

On July 16, 2021, the last content uploaded by December’s DK was a cover song he sang by South Korean singer Jeon Cheol-min titled “Yawn With Tears.” In the description box in this video, December’s DK also writes a letter to his fans that translates:

“It’s a hot day, but are the fans healthy… It’s been a while since I came back with a cover. This is the song of my dear junior Jeon Cheol Min. Tears came out of my heart… I remember intentionally yawning. Please pay attention to the original song and cover~^^ It’s a hot day, so please take care of your health. Please look forward to the new song coming in the fall. With love. -DK♡”

DK debuted in the music industry in 2009 with December’s Dear My Lover. He released a number of ballad songs such as “I’ll Become a Star” (2017), “Dream” (2018), and “To Reach Your Heart” (2019). DK, who started full-fledged solo activities with “Lie” in February 2019, is communicating with fans through his personal YouTube channel DECEMBER DK along with steady album activities.

Well, that was all of the information about December’s DK that you should know. Although the previous duo, December, already disbanded, he still continues his career as a singer. Let’s hope that soon there will be a project where December will make their comeback and release new songs in the future! Don’t forget to give a lot of love and support to December’s DK so that his career can shine even more.

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