The R&B Prince: Top 10 Dean Songs to Make You Feel Swag!

#6 Instagram

The sixth song of our recommendations is Instagram. The song released on December 26, 2017. To produce Instagram, Dean spent two months working in his studio from 3 in the afternoon until 4-5 in the morning. He didn’t care about the fate of his song on the charts or how much income he got. The most important thing to him when he’s creating songs is their quality. Maybe that’s why his songs often rule the charts.

Similarly, when making Instagram. Dean wanted to create a song that was synonymous with himself. He wanted a song that describes people’s lives at the age of 20-30 years, so he could talk honestly about the situation and conditions. And, in return, get empathy from the listeners, who have most likely experienced a lot of the same things that he has.

Check out the relatable lyrics of Instagram!

I know tomorrow is coming
But I can’t let go of my phone
Sleep just isn’t coming to me, yeah
So I’m on Instagram, Instagram again

And this:

Yeah so how are you these days?
I’m still the same, can’t sleep
Your short hair looked so pretty
But I didn’t press like
Cuz it would be weird

So relatable and addictive, right? Just like the social media platform. This song once again proved Dean’s capability as a musician. And not only the song, but the direction of the music videos is amazing as well and left the viewers in awe with the cinematography and deep meaning behind it.

Here’s what netizen commented on the song:

[+7.1k] you know the part that says “sometimes i feel alone”? dean made it so that you’re left to stare at a black screen, and see your reflection. this directing is amazing

[+4.7k] So sad that it’s like the “social media” is filling up the empty room and making it more interesting when at the end of the day, the room is still empty. Like a metaphor for our lives

[+1.2k] Dean’s songs are just perfect for rainy days…

Still not a fan of Dean’s music? Let’s move along to the next song to change your mind.

#7 Dayfly (feat. Sulli, Rad Museum)

The seventh song on our list is Dayfly. The song released on November 8, 2018, and featured Sulli and Rad Museum. The music video released on March 28th, 2019. Following the isolated Instagram, which aired some of our deepest insecurities, Dean returned with the even more hauntingly beautiful track, Dayfly. The song also marked Sulli’s first musical venture since she left the group.

Check out these snippets of the lyrics!

I take off my clothes that smell unfamiliar
I try to wash away yesterday’s memories
But it keeps repeating, as I forget about myself
I’m hiding behind bright red excuses
I ask myself again and again
Am I a bad person?
Or am I just in pain?

And the Sulli parts:

When I naturally open my eyes, I see you
Oh oh who are you?
You don’t have to say anything
What’s more important is that we’re alive like this

And Rad Museum’s:

Roaming through the night streets
You’re looking for just one night
What intentions do you have with me?
Can’t you just tell me everything?
You’re no different from anyone else
Everyone feels the same way around this time

The creative direction that he took isn’t really flashy, or even upbeat, but his candor in these last two releases clearly retained its relevance. Fans still anticipate his next 130 Mood: RVNG album with enthusiasm.

Check out what netizens commented on the song:

[+2.7k] all of Dean’s songs are so A E S T H E T H I C

[+702] This song is in the rare genres where you jus listen and appreciate not try to sing along

[+186] Sulli is like chocolate, Dean is peanut butter, and Rad Museum is the bread. If you combine it together, P E R F E C T I O N

#8 I’m Not Sorry

The eighth song of our recommendations is I’m Not Sorry. The song released on July 13, 2015.  Eric Bellinger, the singer/songwriter who wrote Beyonce Knowles’ hit, Halo, also captured the wind from Dean’s magnetic musical field and collaborated with the wunderkind. I’m Not Sorry, an exciting hip-hop/R&B club track of undercurrent influences by DJ player is proof of the result of their harmonious work. The song was recorded for a music video in Los Angeles.

Check out the snippets of the lyrics!

I live my life like this
Tell me how could I miss
Giving you everything you deserve
You know I be doin’ the most
While you be back at home
I promise baby it could be worse
I’m out here gettin’ my money

And also this:

I’m sorry
No, I’m not sorry
I’m just getting started
And my life’s a party
So I’m turnin’, turnin’, turnin’, turnin’, turnin’ up
Said I’m turnin’, turnin’, turnin’, turnin’, turnin’ up

Dean is sure to be one of the most talked-about artists who build the future of R&B music with their enormous wealth of talent, moxie, artistic diversity, and relentless thrill. Here are what netizens commented about I’m Not Sorry:

[+5.2k] Dean is such a great artist, I don’t understand why this has such little views


[+187] GOODBYE Bieber. HEY Dean.

#9 What 2 Do feat. Crush, Jeff Bernat

The ninth song on our list is What 2 Do. The song released on January 29, 2016, and featured Crush and Jeff Bernat.

Check out the snippets of the lyrics!

Tell me what to do.
I don’t know what to do.
Your love is just a memory.
Baby, it’s your last time
to give me your best try
and to give your heart to me.

And also this:

Why are you doing this? Stop it
Like the lyrics of a breakup song
Your words are changing
It seems like over to us
Meaningless scars are left behind in our frequent fights
It seems like it’s too late to turn things around
Even if I spill out my all, you won’t be filled up in the end
Now I know, maybe I always knew
Our break up is like a predicted ending
It’s right there in front of us (Yeah yeah)

As you can see in the lyrics, this song is about breaking up and still missing your ex-lover. This song is perfect to mend your broken heart, and let’s see what people commented about this song:

[+5.2k] Haters must be frustrated because they CANNOT find a bad song of Dean

[+386] I listen to this song before I sleep every night

[+275] This is one of my favorite slow songs and it’s one of Dean’s underrated songs. I’m afraid maybe one day people will wake up and listen to this beautiful song and give it the love it deserves.

#10 Put My Hands on You feat. Anderson .Paak

The last song on our list is Put My Hands On You. The song released on September 15, 2015, and featured Anderson .Paak.

Check out the sexy lyrics!

I should be patient
But can’t hardly wait
Something I wanted
Since the first day
We should go on with
What were we thinking ’bout
How could I know

And this:

And she said if you like this
It’s yours, it’s yours
And I don’t even gotta think about it
I don’t even gotta talk about it

And she said do what you wish
It’s yours, it’s yours

The iconic line:

I just wanna put my hands on you
I just wanna put my hands on you

Fans are loving every minute of it~



[+1k] Dean such an aesthetic person 😍 even his music video full of art

That was all the information about Dean’s top 10 songs. Feeling swag already? Which one is your favorite? Don’t forget to keep supporting Dean in his future projects and kindly leave your thoughts in the comment section below!