The R&B Prince: Top 10 Dean Songs to Make You Feel Swag!

Get to Know Korean R&B Prince, Dean

Kwon Hyuk, better-known professionally as Dean, is a rising star from South Korea. He gained his popularity through collaborating with hip-hop artist Keith Ape, and started writing songs for K-pop stars under the name Deanfluenza at the age of eighteen. The name comes from actor James Dean, whose rebellious persona appealed to him, and the term influenza, which indicates his intention to influence the music industry with a ‘viral’ effect.

He quickly became a phenomenon after his debut in 2015 with the song Pour Up, featuring Zico. His music wasn’t the only reason from his rapidly rising popularity, his good looks and the James Dean persona he had were also factors in his attractiveness to fans.

Dean also used the name of Deantrbl (read: Dean Trouble), just like his Instagram username and YouTube account. You can also check his music on his SoundCloud.

He produced many great songs since he started his career as a solo artist, and in this article, Channel-Korea will be providing you a list of Dean’s top 10 songs to make you feel swag. So, stay tuned!

#1 Pour Up (feat. Zico)

The first song on our list is none other than Dean’s debut song, Pour Up! The song released on November 5, 2015, and featured Korean rapper Zico. Dean also wrote the lyrics and produced the song under the name Deanfluenza.

Check out the iconic lyrics from Pour Up!

Drink Smoke Drink Smoke Drink Smoke
Pour up 

And this:

But why is my heart still the same?
Without any time to think
My body is going to the club
Without any emotion
Just to avoid loneliness
I’m disappearing with a strange girl outside

Just from the lyrics, you can tell that the song is about the struggle to have a relationship and running away from one’s problems by drinking and having random hook-ups. Dean really showed his sexiness from the music video and this song, fans are crazy over it!

[+4.5k] Idk why but I feel sexy whenever I hear this song.

[+3.1k] Dean & ZICO aka lit collaboration

[+56] So sexy. So true to the emotional and physical parts of the situation. SEXY!!! Both of them!

What a great debut song, don’t you think? He really knows how to make a first impression that stays with you.

#2 I Love It (feat. Dok2)

The second song on our list is I Love It. The song released on October 22, 2015, and focuses on getting closer to your significant other. The song features Korean Rapper Dok2. The tracklist for Dean’s debut album 130 Mood: TRBL subsequently included I Love It, along with the two previously released tracks, Pour Up and What 2 Do.

Check out these snippets of the sexy lyrics!

I love it and I like it
The thick applied lipstick on your lips
You love it and you like it
When I unbutton my shirt

Also this:

You are biting your lips
Even if I don’t ask you
Tell me everything
We don’t need the nervousness so let your hand down
You are immersed in me
Show me yourself

You can trust Dean to create a sexy song, and here is what netizens had to say about I Love It:

[+1.8k] K-RnB and K-HipHop is the best damnn

[+477] Damn, Dean has officially stolen my heart


People have even compared him to The Weeknd, that’s how good he is.

#3 Come Over (feat. Baek Yerin)

The second track of his highly anticipated two-song single, Limbo, is Come Over, which is also the third song on our list. It was published on February 17, 2017, via YouTube and other media. This track is sequentially organized and reversed in the same way as its 2016 EP, with the events of Invisible reflecting that showed at Come Over. The song also featured Baek Ye-rin from the duo 15&.

Check out snippets of the lyrics!

What is it? What is it about you?
You’re not that pretty
But my eyes keep going to you
You’re bothering me
I’m getting dizzy, help me
It’s getting darker outside
Don’t you want my love?
Only the sound of the clock ticking gets louder

And here are Baek Ye-rin’s parts:

Oh baby
Like the moon, my heart is tilting
I ran out of things to say
Silence fills up the space all night
I waited for this day
But when I’m in front of you
Why do I feel so small?
Oh why

Come Over is another sexy song by Dean, and Baek Ye-rin’s soft voice is the perfect addition to the song. Here are what netizens said about their epic collaboration:

[+6.3k] Dean really doesn’t have 1 bad song

[+1.1k] All of Deans songs put a smile on my face 🙂

[+55] Dean & Yerin are a perfect match 😱😱😱 I never thought they would collaborate together

This unexpected collaboration turned out to be a great combination, don’t you think?

#4 Bonnie & Clyde

The fourth of our recommendations is Bonnie & Clyde. This song is the second track off Dean’s EP, 130 Mood: TRBL. Bonnie & Clyde released as a single, three days prior to the Extended Play in 2015. The music video portrays a relationship that’s coming to a catastrophic end – just like the iconic pair after whom the song is named.

Check out these snippets of the song!

Bonnie and Clyde Bonnie and Clyde
One night
Who cares Who cares
Just friends, just friends Alright
Who cares Who cares
come quickly come quickly Alright
Who cares Who cares
Till we die till we die Oh
Even if this is our last day together 

And also this:

Hit the accelerate so we have no worries
So nobody can recognize you
Ah yeah
Speed put at the maximum
A rolling stones song
Play on but no matter what song I play 

Not only is Bonnie & Clyde a great song perfectly captures the toxic relationship between a couple, but the music video is also very aesthetically pleasing. The song implies that they are just friends with benefits, and in the end of the music video, Dean kills the girl out of frustration and ends up also killing himself, probably filled with remorse and regret because at the end he was singing “How much I love you, how much I need you”, but he killed her and he didn’t have her anymore so he killed himself.

So many feelings in just one song! Let’s see what netizens thought about this song:

[+5.6k] People be sleeping on this song

[+2.2k] underrated songs are usually better than overrated ones and….THIS IS UNDERRATED AF

[+381] u know how sometimes u come across a song that begins a new chapter in your life? this song… is one of them. it’s so unbelievably gorgeous

Dean really never has any bad songs, huh?

#5 D (Half Moon) feat. Gaeko

The fifth song on our recommendations is D (Half Moon). The song released on March 23, 2016, and featured rapper Gaeko. Half Moon has an inventive, unbelievably soulful, melody, which keeps the song fresh and attractive throughout. Both the verses and the choir are a winding display of push and pull, rather than following a humble route. Organically, the peaks and valleys arrive to give it a near freestyle vibe.

Check out these snippets of the lyrics!

Nothing’s really different
It’s the same air
It’s the same bed
Looking at the same ceiling
Why do I feel so empty
For no reason at all
It’s been a few hours
Since I’ve been spacing out

And also this:

Nothing comes even close
To half of you
It can’t fill me
It doesn’t fill me up, yeah
Just half
If only I had just half of you
Then I wouldn’t feel like this

 Here are what netizens commented about the song:

[+3.3k] Is there a religion devoted to dean’s voice because where can I join

[+742] I’ve been listening to this song hundreds of times

[+2] Stan Dean for true good quality music

Stan Dean, indeed, for he always produces good, quality music that never disappoints us.