All About DBSK’s Chang-min: Dating Rumors, Net Worth, and Much More!

Chang-min’s Net Worth

DBSK's Chang-min

Chang-min’s net worth and earnings come from his activities in the entertainment world as a singer and actor. He was on the list of Top 15 Richest K-Pop Idols of 2018 that was published in February 2018. The list was made by one of the K-Pop fanbases. According to the list, Chang-min was on number 6. He had around $18 million net worth, a similar amount to singer IU. According to some netizens, the list made actual sense, however, others have said that the list was inaccurate.

However, being a singer in duo DBSK is surely the biggest source of his income. DBSK have released fifteen studio albums and performed on record-breaking concert tours; their sixth Japan-wide tour, the Time Tour, was the highest-grossing concert tour ever held by a foreign music act in Japan. DBSK are the first non-Japanese music act to hold a concert in the Nissan Stadium, Japan’s largest outdoor stadium. According to the Oricon, DBSK holds the record for most number-one singles for a foreign music act in Japan and have since sold over 10 million albums there, making them one of Japan’s best-selling foreign artists. Chang-min has also achieved commercial success throughout Asia as a member of DBSK.

Chang-min’s Abs

Chang-min is also famous for having killer abs. On DBSK’s concerts, he often shows off his abs in front of his fans. He also showed off his abs at the SM Entertainment Halloween Party. He cosplayed as Portgas D. Ace from the anime One Piece. With an accurate cosplay of Ace, he won the 1st place for the best cosplayer and won a travel voucher coupon worth 4 million won for Asia holiday. He also exposed his abs when he revealed his daily life in MBC’s reality show I Live Alone. One of the hosts, Han Hye-jin praised him that he has a great body.

Chang-min’s House

In the MBC reality show I Live Alone, Chang-min revealed his home for the first time. Liquor bottle statues, car figurines, wine, and books fill up his house. His house looks modern with the domination of black and white colors. His house also looks spacious, as not many types of furniture have been installed.

Relationship with DBSK’s Yun-ho

In an interview, Chang-min said that he and DBSK’s Yun-ho are often described as a married couple of more than 10 years. He said that their relationship was like the drama Love and War. Even though they are not a man and a woman, they have interchanging feelings of mortal hatred and love for each other. That was the reason why he found Love and War relatable as he watched it.

In another interview, DBSK’s Yun-ho said that it is true that he and Chang-min have different personalities, but they have the same value. When he looked at Chang-min, he felt as if he was looking in a mirror. Sometimes he saw himself, sometimes he saw something that he realized he should learn from Chang-min. He felt that they need to move forward together. He admitted that he occasionally gets upset with Chang-min, but it was not easy for someone to remain quietly and steadfastly by one’s side. As a friend with whom he shared that kind of relationship up until now, he is very grateful to Chang-min.

After being discharged, DBSK’s Chang-min shyly admitted that he had been such a harsh and cold junior to Yun-ho and thought that he should be better to him. He said that it was only when they were apart that he realized the importance of family, friends, Yun-ho, and their fans. He promised that he would be really good to Yun-ho from then on. DBSK’s Yun-ho replied that when they were apart, he thought of Chang-min even more and said that Chang-min is a precious person for him.