Daydream: Full Profiles, Members, Debut Stage, Latest News

Music Video & Concept

Daydream released their first digital single along with the MV on February 23rd, 2020. “Num Num” is a catchy pop dance song that sounds sweet like candy. The music video is using the classic school girl concept, with all the members introduced with the candy characters.

As of now, the MV has been watched for more than 27.000 times. There are also many supportive comments coming from YouTube users:

“This song is so catchy and the choreography is so cute! The stylists did an amazing job too. Everyone looks amazing!” one user wrote.

“I’m getting Orange Caramel and Momoland vibes from this,” another one wrote.

The first thing I’m doing today is watching this ultra-cute MV (no joke I woke up 5 mins ago). These girls are truly talented!! Their company is not big, we can see that, but I’m sure it’ll get better later! Girls have nothing to worry about, their own performances are incredible! Sending lots of love❤ 멋있어요! 힘내세요! 🎉” one user commented.


Stage Performance

Daydream made their first stage performance on MBC’s Show Champion, Episode 344, which was aired on March 4th, 2020. They performed their catchy single “Num Num” with the schoolgirl concept that matched their MV with the energetic cute dance that accompanies it.

Many fans showed them support on their debut stage through comments and even keep an eye for their next performances:

“Great performance! They’re the perfect hybrid of sexy and cute. Keep an eye out for the MV it’s coming.”

“They look so happy to be on stage and that’s why I love them so much.”

“I was on the fence for a bit but that rap verse was all I needed to convince me to stan. I can’t wait to see more from Daydream!”

Not only in Show Champion, but they also consistently do the same concept in almost all the “Num Num” performances.


Daydream’s Content On YouTube

Daydream established their YouTube channel ahead of their debut on February 8th, 2020, with the first video content of Daydream TV, a daily vlog introducing the members’ personalities and activities to attract new fans.

The vlog has garnered attention as it has been watched for more than 3.5K views.

After that, the channel consistently updates its content with their MV as their latest video update. They also uploaded a dance performance version of their song, to invite fans to learn their choreography.

The dance practice video has been watched for 6.3K times.


Latest News

On May 18th, 2020, Daydream updated their Instagram account with a group selfie showcasing the current members Sara, Arang, and Maeum smiling with cheerful and cute poses in front of the camera. The three of them were the surprise guest stars on the live broadcast event that was aired on Star TV hosted by MC Yoon-hyuk.

The caption wrote, “On the live broadcast of the senior Yoon-hyuk, the dreamers are going to be a surprise guest!!!😝 7 o’clock!! Soon their dream brings out the ⭐’star TV’ app at 7:00 Live! They’re going to have fun talking, dancing, and singing.”

So, those are all the things you need to know regarding the new girl group Daydream. What do you think about them? Which one is your favorite member? Do you think they will get bigger in the future? Let’s chat in the comment section below!