Day6 Turn You Into a ‘Zombie’ in Their Comeback!

Other Artists Talked About Day6’s Latest Songs

It’s not a new thing when other K-pop idols claim that they are fans of Day6. Some of them often recommend Day6 songs to their fans. The latest song from Day6, “Zombie,” and other songs from the mini album are getting recommended by other idols.

Let’s take a look at some idols who have good taste, since they like Day6’s songs and recommend them to their fans!

Jinyoung from GOT7 came to Idol Radio and sang the title track ‘Zombie,’ impressing Young K, the DJ of that radio program, knowing that Jinyoung remembered the lyrics of their latest song.

Golden Child’s members also recommend Day6’s latest songs, and even a song from the previous album. What true fans!

Kino from Pentagon also recommended Day6’s latest song from “The Book of Us: The Demon,” just a day after the song released. The song he recommend is called “Love Me or Leave Me.” Well, if Kino said so!

Day6 to Cancel Their Group Activities Due to Members’ Mental Health

Day6 made their comeback with the new mini-album and the title track called “Zombie” on May 11, 20120. However, the comeback promotions that fans had been waiting for had to be canceled due to the members’ mental health. Just a day before the album’s official release, Day6 announced through their official fan site that they have to postpone the group’s activity, especially the promotions schedule, regarding because of the members’ mental health.

JYP Entertainment, the group’s agency, did not reveal the names of the members who are suffering from anxiety, but they asked fans’ understanding to let the five members of the group rest instead of promoting, in order to promote their recovery.

Not a long time after that, all of the members of Day6 posted an apology and thanked fans for their patience with delaying the comeback events. Here are the messages from Day6 individually to fans who have been waiting for them to come back!

Sungjin’s message to My Day, Day6’s fans, touched our hearts.


Message from Jae, who has been suffering a lot. You’re not alone, Jae! We’ll always be here waiting for you!

Young K, who promised to comeback again next time with a brighter and healthier side of them.

Message from Wonpil, who’s always positive about everything. No one can beat Day6 and My Day together!

Dowoon, the youngest, prayed for good health for both My Day and Day6.

Although it was such an unfortunate event, still, Day6’s health and happiness are the first priority instead of promoting the song. Thus, My Day still support Day6, no matter what, even when they can’t see Day6 singing the song “Zombie” live on national TV. Then again, if us My Days can’t let Day6 rest and recover, their condition would be even worse later.

Come back stronger, Day6! We can’t wait to see you again with a better condition!