All About Day6 1st World Tour: Dates, Cities, etc


Days after Day6’s visit to Australia, they held a concert in Busan, the hometown of Sung-jin and Do-woon, on August 18th.

The venue was Busan KBS Hall. It must be good to be back home for the two Busan boys.


The beginning of September brought a very memorable night for the Taiwanese My Days.

The concert was held in TICC, Taipei. Another amazing night that Day6 created for the Taiwanese My Days. They also promised to come back!


The concert in their next destination, Thailand, was held on September 15th, the same date as Jae’s birthday.

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Twas a good birthday. Thank you Thailand! ✌️

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The concert was held in MCC Hall The Mall Bangkapi. As he wrote in the caption, it was a good birthday and must have been an amazing night for Thai My Days and Day6 as well.


Almost a month after their last city from the tour, Day6 visited Manila and met with Filipino My Days on October 6th.

The concert was held in Kia Theatre. Once again they had an amazing night in Manila.


After the Philippines, Day6 flew back to Korea and held a concert in Chunma Arts Center, Daegu, on October 13th.

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대구 마이데이여러분 아름다웠습니다!

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This was the last destination of their world tour inside Korea.

North America


In November, Day6 flew to Canada to begin the tour in North America. The first destination was none other than the place where Young K spent his teenage life, Toronto!

The concert was held on November 9th, while the venue was Roy Thomson Hall. Though this was not the first time Day6 visited Toronto, Young K said that it’s always good to be back and said thanks for another great night. There, he met with some friends and took a photo with them and the other Day6 members as well.


After that, Day6 went to Minneapolis on November 11th where they held the concert in State Theatre.

Again, they made such great memories and a night to remember.


Right after Day6 finished the concert in Minneapolis, they went to Atlanta and held a concert there on November 14th.

The happy event that won’t be forgotten in Atlanta took place in Cobb Energy Pac.


After that, Day6 went to Philadelphia and held a concert in Tower Theatre, on November 16th. “We were beautiful,” is what they wrote in their Instagram caption.

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‘We were beautiful’ Thank you so much #Philadelphia

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The night must have been very beautiful for both Day6 and My Days.

Los Angeles

The last city Day6 visited in North America was Jae’s hometown, Los Angeles! The concert was held in The Novo, on November 18th.

The LA boy was so happy to be home again. He took some photos with friends. The parents of Got7’s Mark also attended the concert.

South America

After Day6 ended the tour in North America, they visited South America and held a concert in Brazil and Chile.


The concert in Brazil was held in Grande Auditório – Anhembi, São Paulo, on November 23rd.


While the concert in Chile was held in Teatro Caupolicán, Santiago on November 26, 2018.


After a month away from home, Day6 finally flew back to Korea, right after they wrapped up the tour in America. Some days after that, they visited Jakarta and held the concert on December 8th.

The venue was The Kasablanka Main Hall. As this wasn’t the first time Day6 visited Jakarta, they said that it was so good to be back again in Jakarta. Jae even went to one of the biggest malls in Jakarta before the concert and said that Indonesian food is very good.



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Thank you for the great memories Moscow!!

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The tour still hadn’t finished and their next stop was Europe. The first city Day6 visited was Moscow and the concert was held on January 18th. The venue was in Glavclub Green Concert.



After that, Day6 flew to Spain and held a concert in Madrid, on January 20th. The Spanish My Days must have had a great night in La Riviera.



Germany was their next stop after Spain. Day6 went to Berlin and held a concert in Columbiahalle, on January 22nd.


Moving on to the UK, Day6 held a concert there on January 25th in O2 Forum Kentish Town, London. It must have been an awesome night for both the UK My Days and for Day6 as well.



After that, Day6 visited Paris and held a concert there on January 27th. The venue was Casino de Paris.


On January 29th, Day6 held a concert in The Box, Amsterdam and greeted the Dutch My Days there. This was also the last city of their First World Tour. They wrapped up the world tour perfectly.

What a really amazing world tour by Day6! It must have been really fun to be among the crowds with the five talented guys singing and jumping to their absolutely incredible music. Hopefully, Day6 will be back with another world tour as soon as possible, and not only to the previous destinations but also add other cities and other countries as well.

Encore: Seoul

After spending almost a year for the journey of Day6’s First World Tour ‘Youth’, they wrap up the tour with an encore concert. The encore concert will be held in Seoul, the first city they visited where they started the tour and will also be the last city of the tour.

Unlike the first concert that was held in June 2018, the encore concert will be held in SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium. And it will only be two days concert, on Saturday (March 30, 2019) and Sunday (March 31, 2019).

Most Recent Songs

This is the song that was released days after they started their First World Tour in Seoul, “Shoot Me.” The title song is the same as their third mini-album, Shoot Me: Youth Part 1. Along with this song, there are also five other songs, namely “Warning,” “Somehow,” “Feeling Good,” “Talking To,” and “Still.”

The setlist of the “Youth” world tour contains songs from Shoot Me: Youth Part 1 and from their previous albums as well as the mini-albums.

On December 10th, right after Day6 came back from Jakarta, they officially released Remember Us: Youth Part 2 which is also their fourth mini-album. Day6 had promotions in Korean music shows on TV for several weeks before they began their world tour again and flew to Europe.

Unfortunately, this song, along with the other six great songs, namely “Hurt Road,” “Headache,” “121U,” “So Cool,” “Marathon,” and “Beautiful Feeling” were not included in the “Youth” world tour setlists.


Going on their first ever world tour, Day6 visited many cities in a lot of countries. Of course, they didn’t only do a concert and come back home just like that. The band also went to some interesting places in the cities that they visited.

On their official Instagram account, @day6kilogram, Day6 posted some photos of them while on tour.

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Left a piece of my heart in Australia. See yall soon ✌️

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Jae posted this photo right after the nights in Australia. He must be so in love with the country. A rare selfie pic of Jae you guys.

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They also took a beautiful picture of the clouds in Sydney’s sky and the night view of Opera House. They wrote gureum sai in the caption, which is also part of the lyrics of “Still,” their song that was released in Shoot Me: Youth Part 1 mini-album.

The members also visited Universal Studio while they were in Los Angeles. Look at how happy Young K looks! Do-woon is cute too!

Won-pil was amazed at how beautiful the sky was when he watched it up in the air. This was posted before the concert in São Paulo.

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우리는 모두 친구 #day6 #서로생긴모습은달라도

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“We are all friends,” wrote Do-woon in the caption of the photo of Young K and a dog. The photo was taken while Day6 were on tour in South America. How lucky the dog is to be able to walk side by side with Young K.

A happy day in Chile with Jaehyungparkian a.k.a Jae and Young K. Jae seemed to be so tired while Young K was smiling happily in every photo he took. Seemed like Young K enjoyed the tour a lot. P.S for Jae, did you shoot for a vlog there?

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The photo was taken after Day6 finished the tour in America and arrived safely in Korea. Also a rare selfie of Jae. He looks as handsome as ever.

And of course, set of pictures of them enjoying the tour in Europe.