Day6’s Bassist Young K: Graduation, Songwriting, Pre-debut, and More!

The Multi-talented Young K

Young K as a Song Writer

Young K has written a lot of Day6 song lyrics. You can find every single of Day6 songs and you will find Young K as the songwriter for most of the songs. The members agreed that Young K is the lyrical genius that turned the lyricless music that had been created by all the members with a completely different vibe. Not only he is good at translating between languages, but he can also translate what’s written in the heart into a song.

He has written lyrics with all the words that suit for the emotion of the song and has succeeded to make them really match with the music.

But still, even though Young K did a lot of the work, and he himself wrote the lyrics of Day6 songs, sometimes he is the one who forgets the lyrics. He is still human, indeed. At least, he got My Day, the fandom name of Day6 that back him up singing when he forgets the lyrics.

Not only he has written songs for Day6, but he has also written songs for some other musicians. He has written songs for Nak-joon or Bernard Park, soloist from JYP. And also participated in a song of his other label mate, Got7’s song titled ‘Beggin On My Knees.”

Young K as a Rapper

Day6 is a band that has always succeeded in playing a lot of various kinds of music. Not only do they have rock, pop-rock, and alternative rock as a genre, they also have other songs that have a completely different genre. And sometimes, they include a rap part that you can’t always find in other rock bands’ songs.

And who is in charge of the rapping in Day6? Of course, the hardworking and talented Young K.

Well, it’s not like other members are not hardworking and talented, they all are. But Young K once again will shock you with his amazing talent.

As we told you before, he participated in some other musician’s songs as a rapper, and of course, he also raps for Day6 too.

Some Day6 songs that have included Young K’s rap part are “Congratulations,” “Out of My Mind,” “Freely,” “Letting Go,” “For The First Time,” “Blood,” “Sing Me,” “Hunt,” “Dance, Dance,” and “Talking To.”

When he was a trainee, he also had a Rapper Team performance with other JYP trainees, Mark and Jackson in the “Who Is Next” episode: JYP vs YG.

Young K as a Dancer

Day6 is not a dance group, and we all should admit that Day6 members don’t have good dancing skills compared to other boy bands. But then again, Young K as the multi-talented guy that he is can show you a lot of skills he has. Sometimes he dances, especially on stage when he enjoys the vibe and a lot of fans are cheering for him. Let’s see some clips of him dancing.

This was when Young K had a dance battle with Sung-jin.

He covered Gashina dance. And he literally killed it. This is so unfair and illegal.


Young K as an MC

He has appeared as a special MC in some episodes of After School Club, usually as a replacement for the regular MC that couldn’t attend the show. He looks so comfortable since he is fluent in English, and also because he is doing it with his lovely hyung, Jae who was a regular MC back then.

He has also been a special MC along with Won-pil on Mnet Countdown for some episodes. They took a picture with fellow labelmates, Twice and Got7 members.

As an MC, Young K did a great job as well.

Young K as ‘Not only a Bassist’

Young K used to play the guitar when he was in high school, and even though he isn’t a guitarist for Day6, sometimes he plays guitar when Day6 sing some songs in an acoustic version.

He can also play some instruments with his mouth.

Since he couldn’t bring his instrument, he played with his own mouth. What talent!

This is a warning for Do-woon, but he can also play the drums.

But Most Importantly, Young K as a Bassist

Being a bassist might not be hard, but it’s harder if you are also the vocalist. If you’re a musician or you are familiar with musical instruments, you might know that playing bass while singing is not an easy thing to do. But this guy has done it. Even when he wasn’t a bass player at first, he did it.

Before forming Day6 members and positions, Young K was originally a guitar player. Well, he can do anything though, such as rapping, dancing, beatboxing, but playing bass is not included. Then he learned to play bass since the guitarist position was already filled with Jae and Sung-jin. He learned it from scratch, where he played the notes one by one. And the first song he needed to play was Jackson Five’s “I Want You Back,” and he had to perform it live with the band.

The path to being a bassist was indeed not easy at all for Young K, but still, he managed to embrace all the struggles and become a better bassist.

He might not have fallen in love with the bass at the first sight and only played it for the sake of Day6 at first, but as he played with the band he found the charms of bass. He said that the bass is connecting the instruments like percussions and melodic instruments, like guitar and keyboard. On stage, he thought that his bass was playing an important role in their music.

Well, I guess it’s not only the bass itself but also Young K that played an important role in Day6. Indeed, the hardworking Young K did a great job once again!

Just like other musicians, Young K has given names to his basses; for example, Jane, Lisa, Tyson, and Goldie. Let’s take a look at pics of Young K and his basses.

Personal Life

Young K and His Habits

Dear Young K stans, you don’t have to be worried about how this charming guy that you adore eats because he actually is a good eater, even though there are times when he’s on a diet. Then again, Young K works hard, therefore he eats a lot too. He once did a mukbang, a live broadcast while eating on V Live. He ate a lot of food and he looked so happy because of that. After all, he deserved that since he already did a lot of work.

On a fan signing event, a fan asked Young K what he wants to do for this year (2019) and Young K said that he learned to cook and he now wants to make very delicious pasta. He even ate a lot of portions of it since it was very delicious and he really likes it. Although it was not confirmed, on one of After School Club’s episodes, Young K had to guess what three things about him has Won-pil written. And he guessed that he can eat 5 portions of ramen, even when Won-pil didn’t write that. But he actually can eat more than 2 portions of food. He really is a big eater and it’s so cute.

Aside from eating, Young K is a person that really could sleep anywhere. It might be because he was busy with school and work that made him have very little time to sleep. He even admitted that after he has finished eating he goes to sleep, even though he knows that it is a bad habit. That’s okay, Young K, sometimes we do that too.

He also slept when Day6 was searching for a cicadas sound to be included in their song. This was recorded in Jaesix, a personal channel of Jae—please subscribe. Check out the compilation clip of Young K sleeping below.

To sum up, after all the hard work he has done, he is still a human that needs to sleep and eat. So everyone, please excuse him even though he sleeps and eats a lot.

The Variations of Young K’s Hair Color

Just like any other Korean artist, Young K had dyed his hair from one color to another. The first time he debuted, his hair color was blonde as can be seen in the “Congratulations” music video. Some months after that, he dyed his hair to various kind of colors.

A fan has asked him about which color he wanted to pick between pink and black, he said that he wanted to try pink hair but in the end, he will go back to black.

He added that since he didn’t change his hair color that much when he was a trainee, he would like to try any kinds of colors now that he debuted as an artist.

And after he has had enough of dying his hair, he will go back to his natural hair color, which is black.

The last time he dyed his hair was before the “What Can I Do” comeback in August 2017, after that his hair color has returned to black.

It’s been a while since Young K hasn’t dyed his hair to other colors besides black, but we all should agree that black really matches his mature style.

Such a perfection, he is.

The Bandana Hairstyle

During the Congratulations era, Young K had a cute hairstyle where he sometimes put on a bandana while performing on stage. Only a small bandana on the head, but a lot of girls’ hearts got stolen because of that. This is a serious warning, he looks so captivating with this hairstyle with the bass in his hands. Let’s take a look at the pictures! Be careful, you might fall in love hard.

Young K and Han Stray Kids

A lot of fans were shocked by Han Ji-sung, the JYP trainee who is also a member of 3Racha that later on debuted with Stray Kids looks similar to Young K. It’s not like they were brothers since Young K is an only child. But their faces look quite similar as if they are long lost brothers.

Some fans jokingly said that Han was a child of Young K, or JYP has duplicated their artists since there is also another member of Stray Kids, Seung-min, that looks like another JYP debuted artist, Won-pil.

But for now, let’s see how Han’s face resembles Young K in some pictures.

Do you think they really look alike?

Young K Parent

One thing you need to know about Young K is that he is an only child. He also has parents that always support him. Even though his parents live in Toronto, sometimes they pay a visit to his concert. Not only when Day6 had a concert in Seoul, but when they had to perform in several cities like Bangkok, Jakarta, Paris or London, his parents were also there to support their only son.

At a fan signing event, Young K was asked by a fan about what are the things that made him happy that day. And his answer was that it was when he was talking on the phone with his parents, actually, he does that every day.