How Did DAY6’s Wonpil’s Pink Sweater Become Iconic? Find Out the Reason Here!

day6's wonpil

Have You Heard About DAY6’s Wonpil’s Pink Sweater?

DAY6’s Wonpil is the visual and main vocalist of DAY6, but he also has many attractive and hilarious sides that make fans love him even more. One of the hilarious things is Wonpil’s fashion taste- a hot pink sweater! Is there something serious about DAY6’s Wonpil and a pink sweater? Find out the answer through this article by Channel Korea!

The Story of DAY6’s Wonpil and His Iconic Pink Sweater

day6's wonpil pink sweater

Wonpil has become one of the most popular rising K-Pop artists nowadays, especially after his debut with DAY6 in 2015 under JYP Entertainment! Many fans were attracted to him due to his astonishing visual and remarkable voice! It seems like everything about Wonpil is precious and entertaining to fans.

One of the most iconic things from DAY6’s Wonpil is his pink sweater! What’s going on between him and that piece of clothing? It started when Wonpil wore a hot pink sweater to a radio show along with DAY6 members. At that time, the members were surprised with Wonpil’s outfit and made it clear that they didn’t like it.

DAY6's Wonpil's pink swearer

Ever since that day, the pink sweater of DAY6’s Wonpil has become an inside joke among the members, and even My Day (DAY6’s fandom) is a part of it as well! Regarding the outfit, the pink sweater is from the luxury brand Saint Laurent and approximately costs US $790.

DAY6's Wonpil's pink swearer

How DAY6 Members Teased Wonpil About the Pink Sweater

day6's wonpil pink sweater

Even though DAY6’s Wonpil is no longer wearing the pink sweater, other DAY6 members seem to always tease him about it! They have brought up the topic on several occasions such as on Arirang’s After School Club, during a V-Live session, and even during interviews!

There was a moment when Wonpil explained that his philosophy fashion was black, white, and grey which accentuates a simple and sophisticated style. DAY6’s Sungjin interrupted his statement by saying, “With that philosophy of fashion, then why did you wear hot pink? Why did you buy that?”

Meanwhile, Wonpil defended himself by saying that he didn’t remember why he bought it in the first place. “I don’t remember buying it. I don’t know why I put that on.” Even DAY6’s Jae once brought the pink sweater during one of DAY6’s concerts just to drag DAY6’s Wonpil’s fashion which made the crowd get even louder!

Fans React About DAY6’s Wonpil’s Pink Sweater

day6's wonpil pink sweater

The whole fandom of DAY6 finds it amusing to see how the members tease Wonpil about the pink sweater. Not only that, but some of them also feel sorry for the sweater! Check out what they say about the sweater here:

“Feels bad for Wonpil’s sweater :(”

“Dude Jae just stomped on an $800 (retail) sweater… looks at Wonpil’s face”

“I just remember Wonpil’s pink sweater”

“So Wonpil has purple underwear. Purple underwear and a pink sweater. Nice”

“The famous ugly pink sweater by Kim Won-pil hahaha”

“The legend pink sweater of Wonpil”

No matter how Wonpil tries to get rid of the pink sweater, the fellow members and My Day won’t stop teasing him about it! Well, do you think the pink sweater of Wonpil is cute or annoying? Leave a comment down below, and don’t forget to share the euphoria of Wonpil’s sweater on your social media as well!