Day6’s Sungjin’s Hiatus: Mental Health Issue and Military Enlistment

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Let’s Meet Park Sungjin, the Leader of the Korean Band Day6

Whether you’re a My Day (the fandom name of Day6) or not, if you’re into K-pop, you must be familiar with Day6. It’s a Korean band under JYP Entertainment, a popular K-pop agency in Korea. Their popular songs include “You Were Beautiful” and “Congratulations.”

However, in this article, we’re not going to discuss Day6 in general. In fact, we will talk about the leader, Park Sungjin. What happened with Sungjin, you may ask?

sungjin military

As a Korean man, Park Sungjin or Sungjin has to enlist in the military. There was a sudden announcement that Sungjin, the guitarist of Day6, went to the military without any prior notice. Some fans are shocked, and even non-fans are shocked. Little did we know, Sungjin has “disappeared” from the public for almost a year. No way! What happened to him?

Let’s check out the details in the sections below!

Day6 Made a Comeback with “Zombie,” Announces Hiatus, Etc.

sungjin military

It all started when Day6 made a comeback by releasing their 6th mini-album The Book of Us: The Demon. The news of Day6’s upcoming comeback has been released weeks before the official date. In May 2020, Day6 released the teaser and the concept of their next mini-album called The Book of Us: The Demon. It was also the next chapter of their previous mini-albums and album The Book of Us series.

Day6’s comeback date has been released, too. They shared with fans that they would be coming back on May 14, 2020, with a title track called “Zombie.” Day6 also shared their line-up for the songs that would be in the mini-album.

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However, on May 11, 2020, Day6 released an official announcement saying that they won’t be promoting their songs on music shows. In fact, they would be taking a hiatus due to some members having mental health issues. At that time, JYP Entertainment, Day6’s agency, didn’t announce the names of the members who had mental health issues.

As time went by, we learned that it was Sungjin and Jae.

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Jae revealed on his Twitter that he felt a lot better after taking treatments. He also shared a screenshot of his chat with JYP or Park Jinyoung. In that chat, Jae said that he was sorry for causing this, but JYP understood him and even praised Day6’s new song “Zombie.”


But still, it’s only Jae’s side. Jae is active on social media, after all. As for Sungjin, he isn’t really active on social media. He has a Twitter account but rarely tweets. He doesn’t tweet his thoughts and only tweets about the foods he eats. Well, it’s good because his tweets have a concept. But, people are worried about Sungjin and they don’t know how to check on him.

Day6 While Sungjin Is Away

sungjin day6 military

As a leader, Sungjin’s position really can’t be replaced by anyone in Day6. When he isn’t around, the fans and members can feel a big difference. When Sungjin and Jae were absent, Day6 celebrated their comeback with the song “Zombie” with only the three of the remaining members. Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon did a VLive on behalf of Day6.

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On August 31, 2020, Day6’s sub-unit with Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon released a title track called “Where the Sea Sleeps.” They released a mini-album continuing The Book of Us series called The Book of Us: Gluon. Even at that time, Sungjin was still nowhere to be found.

Day6’s Sungjin’s First Show on VLive

sungjin day6 military

Day6 made a debut on September 7, 2020. However, instead of doing a VLive with all the members just like other groups, Day6 did it one by one. Fans were expecting to see Sungjin after the other four members did a VLive.

And, finally, Sungjin appeared as the last member to celebrate Day6’s 5-year anniversary. He began the VLive by blowing out candles on top of a small cake. Sungjin also said that he was doing well. He knew that the fans were worried about him after so long. So, he wanted to give them an update on his health. And, he said that he was getting better and healthier, both mentally and physically.

day6 sungjin vlive anniversary

However, Sungjin said that he still needed time since he was still in the process of recovering. Sungjin said that he wanted to return sooner, but he realized that it wasn’t necessary. Since he went to therapy, he felt that his mind was also being healed. It really changed his way of thinking.

The other Day6 members celebrated Day6’s 5th anniversary with a VLive less than an hour per member. Sungjin, who hasn’t been in front of a camera for months, did a VLive for almost 2 hours, or 1 hour and 57 minutes to be precise. Fans were so happy and threw support towards him.

sungjin day6

Sungjin also allowed fans to ask him questions that he knew they were curious about after his absence. He answered some questions from fans that asked about how his life was going and what he wanted to do in the future.

In that VLive, Sungjin also said that health is really important. And, if you’re not healthy yourself, how can you take care of others? That thought has been on Sungjin’s mind lately. Since he is the leader, he had to take care of the other members, too.

Sungjin talked a lot about his health condition over the past few months, especially when he had stress. It is so warming to know that he could share all of that with his fans, especially after his condition started getting better. You can find the full VLive of Sungjin here!

Day6’s Sungjin’s Spoiler on Next Comeback

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After coming back to the screen on Day6’s 5th anniversary on September 7, 2020, Sungjin started doing VLives occasionally. He did a VLive on his mother’s birthday, and he also did a VLive while he was out just to check on the fans. Sungjin shared his condition with fans, too. However, besides that, Sungjin still has not returned fully to the public view.

On February 26, 2021, JYP Entertainment released a statement about Day6’s upcoming comeback. They will make a comeback in April 2021. Even so, the date isn’t specified yet. However, they were sure that the band would be coming back with a full team. It means that both Sungjin and Jae who were absent will be joining this comeback.

sungjin vlive

On February 28, 2021, Sungjin did a VLive again to greet the fans. As Sungjin read the comments, some fans talked about the comeback news. Sungjin was doubting at first, but as he checked the news himself, he finally talked about the comeback news.

Sungjin said that they were preparing for the comeback and they were in the middle of the process. However, Sungjin also said that they couldn’t promote the songs. It means that they can’t perform the songs live in public nor on music shows like other groups.

Sungjin said that it was because of him that they couldn’t promote their upcoming comeback, so he felt sorry and thankful for the fans who understood. Although Sungjin knew that the fans must be anticipating their comeback, he felt thankful for everyone who could accept his decision, especially those who have been working with him for the comeback.

sungjin vlive

By the time Sungjin did a VLive, he said that they were wrapping up the recording as well as the photo shoot. So basically, it’s already done but they just need to do the editing here and there, which usually takes time.

Seeing him share a bit about the upcoming comeback made everyone impatient for the album release!