Active on Twitter, Check Out Day6 Members’ Hilarious Tweets!


Twitter Will Never Lose Hope When They Got These Guy

Many people have left Twitter for Instagram. However, there are those who are still quite active on Twitter instead of other social media platforms. Well, then again, it’s our own choice to choose which social media we prefer to use. Just like us, Korean idols also have their own preferences when it comes to social media or SNS, just like how Korean people say it, that they would like to use to share their news with the fans.

If most of the time we hear the news about Korean idols who have just started their individual Instagram accounts, well, it’s different for these Korean idols. Instead of Instagram, they create Twitter beforehand as their individual SNS account to share their news with fans. Although later on in the beginning of 2020, the four of Day6 members opened their own Instagram account. But still, these Twitter kings are still active on Twitter.

Who are these Twitter kings that will glow up your timeline on Twitter?

Yep, they are the three members of Day6: Jae, Sung-jin, and Do-woon!


As you know, Day6 is a band under JYP Entertainment that has five members who are Sung-jin, Jae, Young K, Won-pil, and Do-woon. And three out of the five members have been quite active on Twitter, just like any other ordinary person!

The leader, as well as the guitarist, of Day6, Sung-jin just recently joined the Twitter community in August 2019, with @DAY6_BOBSUNGJIN as his username.


While Do-woon joined Twitter a few months before Sung-jin, in March 2019, with @Dw_day6_drummer as his username.


And you must already be familiar with Jae’s Twitter account that you often mistake as a meme page, @Jae_Day6, since he already joined Twitter in 2015 and started been active again in 2017.


The three of them are still active on Twitter until this article has been posted, whilst most of the idols choose to leave Twitter and move to Instagram. Just like Korean idols in the second generation which means artists who have risen to fame somewhere between 2009 and 2012, Jae, Sung-jin and Do-woon use Twitter to share their thoughts, receive love from fans, and even interact with them sometimes!

Are you curious about what kind of Twitter users they are? Well then, just scroll down and be sure to hit the follow button on their Twitter page if you haven’t!

The Foreigner Who Enjoys Hiking, Jae

For those who don’t know about Day6, Jae is the oldest member of the group and his position in the band is as the guitarist, vocalist who can also rap in some of the songs. Jae was born in Argentina and has spent his life in the United States until he got auditioned in a K-Pop Star competition and became a trainee in Korea.


And that is the reason why you will find most of the tweets from Jae written in English, of course, it’s his first language after all. Since Jae writes his tweets in English, and most of his Tweets don’t have any filter it means that they are oh-so-relatable to us; some people often mistake Jae’s Twitter account as a non-celebrity account. Some have even thought that it is just a meme page account who likes to share funny tweets, so many people follow him without even knowing who he is. Some Koreans think that Jae is a foreigner who likes to climb since he used a profile picture that looks like a mountain-climber.


Well, indeed, Jae’s tweets are something that you shouldn’t miss.

You might as well have been following Jae without even knowing that it was actually him. You can go to your following list and check it, just in case.

If you have a Twitter account but still haven’t followed Jae’s Twitter account yet, well my friend, you have wasted your time. What’s the point of being on Twitter if you don’t follow Jae? Not only he’d like to share his deep thoughts with his followers, but he’d also like to share his song recommendations to fulfill your playlist.

And if you’re curious about what’s inside his Twitter account? Let’s just scroll down and see!

First and most important, Jae is totally a good friend who always supports his friends no matter what happens. If his celebrity fans are having a comeback or a new project, Jae instantly promotes that to his Twitter and brings all his followers to take a look at his friend’s project. Well, at the end of the day, we just want Jae as our friend.

Get yourself a friend who will always support you like Jae!

Beside that, Jae also likes to share his song recommendations. As a guitarist and vocalist in a rock band, you might be thinking that his song recommendations are only involving rock bands like 5SOS but don’t worry, they are not. Jae’s music taste is wider than the ocean. In his tweets, you will find various types of good music that will match the different moods and moments of your life.

Let’s check out Jae’s song recommendation tweets!

If there are songs that you haven’t heard above, well then just quickly try to check them out because Jae’s recommendations never fail to impress.

Another thing that you might find in Jae’s Twitter account, it is how Jae interacts with fans. It’s either one-way or two-way interactions, Jae showed us that he cares for his fans in his own way and his own style. Let’s see some tweets of him replying to fans’ tweets first!

Some fans are lucky enough to get replied by Jae and get noticed by him. But don’t worry if you’ve never received a reply from Jae. That doesn’t mean Jae didn’t read your tweets. That doesn’t mean Jae doesn’t care or he is not thankful for you either. That’s why he writes tweets that are meant for every one of his followers or fans, including a reminder for himself. Let’s check it out below!

Then again, Jae is not your typical Korean idol oppa, but he will definitely make you smile with his tweets. So, do you think that Jae’s Twitter account is worth following? If you do, then just click the follow button and be ready to get your timeline fired up with his precious tweets!

New Twitter King Do-woon Who Also Takes Over YouTube

We already talked about the oldest member of Day6, now let’s move on to the youngest member of the group, shall we?


This is because Do-woon is the second member of Day6 that joined Twitter in 2019. It all started when on March 6th, 2019, Jae suddenly tweeted about someone who joined Twitter finally. And that someone is none other than the drummer himself, Do-woon!

As Jae said, since Do-woon has finally joined the Twitter community Jae is no longer the only member of Day6 who has a Twitter account. And to celebrate it, Do-woon’s mention tab was filled with all the love from fans by welcoming him and giving him the best memes we got.

Little did we know, Do-woon had already gotten his own meme to show us.

And if you noticed from the tweets above, Do-woon translated his own tweets in English even with cute grammar mistakes. Then again, Do-woon has tried to interact with us international fans and it is something to be appreciated, right? Do-woon really did a great job, we are so lucky to have him as our idol!

Just like Jae, sometimes Do-woon also gives us song recommendations based on his personal music taste. You might be curious about what kind of music this drummer likes? Well then, it’s once again not just one type of music. Do-woon’s music taste is something that you’ll definitely like no matter what genre you’re into. Let’s just dig in deeper and check out his song recommendations!

Just in case you don’t get it what Dorai List means, in Korean Ddorai means someone that you call extremely crazy. But in his term, Dorai List, or also written as Do-laylist in Hangul, means that it is a playlist of Do-woon. It is quite similar to Won-pil’s song recommendations that he likes to share on V Live, where he named it Pil-laylist.

Aren’t you just amazed at how Do-woon’s taste of music differs from time to time? If there are some songs above the tweets that you haven’t heard, then just go check them out and save them to your playlist if you like them. You might share the same music taste as Do-woon as well.

Other than song recommendations, as a musician, Do-woon also likes to share his drumming practice on his Twitter account. It is just a short video of him practicing on the drums, but it already made us flattered by that! Let’s see how cool Do-woon is when he is behind his drum set.

On his special day, August 25th, 2019, where Do-woon celebrated his 24th birthday (or 25th in Korean age system), he posted a video of him playing the drums. He didn’t just get love and congratulatory messages from fans, instead, he replied to them all with a gift for fans. He is such a caring guy!

And only he gave his fans the gift of him playing the drums, Do-woon also posted a video of someone else playing his drums. Who is this someone, can you guess?

It’s our bassist Young K!

Young K took over Do-woon’s Twitter by playing the drums just like Do-woon usually does on his Twitter page. It looks like Do-woon was the one who recorded the video because we can hear his voice at the end of the video. And if you take a look at it again, Young K really did well in playing the drums even though he still needs to take a look at his left side.

Do-woon must be so proud of his hyung!

Anyway, the content type that Do-woon usually shares on his Twitter account isn’t just that. Besides music-related content, Do-woon also likes to share photos recording his daily activities. Just like the functionality of Instagram where you can share photos. But it seems like Do-woon doesn’t bother to think about the caption because he just posts one or two photos but still provides quality content!

Can you focus on the nails? Because both of his pets are literally just as cute as Do-woon himself.

But sometimes, Do-woon doesn’t forget to write a caption for the photo. It could be because his pets are just too cute to be missed.

The picture above is a set of Day6 dolls which were among the merchandise of Day6 that you can find in the Day6 pop-up store. Aren’t they cute?

We mentioned that Do-woon also took over YouTube in the headline. Because he literally joined the YouTube gang months ago and has already got more than 61K subscribers. Isn’t that amazing?

He also promoted his YouTube on Twitter and explained that he only posted a video of him practicing. But then again, we are already happy just by seeing him play the drums even when we can barely see his face! Do-woon still looks so cool!

And if you’re curious about his YouTube channel, let’s take a look at some videos on his channel. He has uploaded videos of him practicing Day6’s songs from their first mini-album.

On his birthday, the drummer Do-woon also uploaded a video of him playing drums as a gratitude video for the birthday messages he had received.

So, are you following Do-woon on Twitter yet? If you aren’t, please just do it quickly since you’ll get high-quality cute content from the drummer of Day6! And plus, he sometimes translates his own tweet so you don’t have to search for the translation. Stan the right man who cares for your non-Korean tongue, please.

Your Daily Dose of Food Recommendations, Sung-jin

Sung-jin is the member of Day6 who joined Twitter the last. On August 8th, 2019, he suddenly decided to join Twitter without any reasons given to fans. We were shocked, we wondered why, but most importantly, we got so happy since the leader of Day6 who really rarely appears on Day6’s Instagram account decided to open his own Twitter account!


Well, how can we not be happy when Sung-jin is so rare to share a selca of him on Day6’s Instagram account, but finally we can reach him on Twitter?

But unlike Jae and Do-woon, Sung-jin’s content on Twitter is more specific. It’s not about song recommendations, not about guitar playing, not even any thoughts about things or whatever. But it’s about… food recommendations!

From the first tweet until the time when this article was being written, Sung-jin has always tweeted about food recommendations at least once a day. So you won’t get confused about what to eat since you can just check out Sung-jin’s Twitter account for food recommendations.

The first tweet of Sung-jin is including his English name, Bob, which also means “rice” in Korean. He is really good with words, right?

And here goes the food recs bot..

If reading Sung-jin’s tweets about Korean food makes you crave food that isn’t available around you, then don’t worry because this guy also recommends foods that are popular outside Korea. Not only his language is international-friendly, but his taste in food is also international-friendly!

What he actually meant is Halal Guys that is so popular in New York. This guy is something else.

Not only that, but Sung-jin also translates his tweets by himself. Almost every time he tweets, he puts the English tweet at the bottom. Even when he doesn’t understand the translation, he would ask Jae, the English teacher, to translate it for him. Isn’t he the cutest?!

Since Sung-jin almost tweets every day, he would like to say sorry if he appeared late on your timeline. What a sweet guy!

But then again, among all of the food that he craved or he ate, this food must be the most precious one for Sung-jin.

And not only he posts his food recommendations, but he also would like to know the food you ate whilst listening to Day6’s new song, “Sweet Chaos.”

Then again, Sung-jin is literally the best food advisor that we could have asked for. If you ever feel lonely and don’t have anyone to eat with, just follow Sung-jin because his tweets will make you feel as if you aren’t eating alone. If you feel hungry and don’t know what to eat, follow Sung-jin because he will definitely share an idea about what you should eat.

What Happens with Young K and Won-pil?

We already took a peek at the Twitter page of Jae, Sung-jin, and Do-woon. But what about the rest of the members of Day6, other than the leader, the oldest member, and the youngest member; Young K and Won-pil? Where are they and why are they not on Twitter yet?


Well, first of all, they’re not going anywhere, fellas. We can still reach Young K and Won-pil on Instagram. Day6 has an official Instagram account that is handled by themselves. However, Jae, Sung-jin, and Do-woon really rarely upload a photo there. As for Sung-jin, he only uploaded his selca on a specific day.

It’s different for both Young K and Won-pil who always feed fans with photos of them. Before the four members of Day6 (everyone except for Sungjin) opened an individual Instagram account, both Young K and Won-pil actively post photos that they want to share with the fans on Instagram, including their precious selcas.


Even though Young K and Won-pil don’t have Twitter accounts yet, at least they’re still filling up our Instagram timeline with their posts! We can also reach out to them by giving them love through commenting on the post. And maybe, you can also ask Young K and Won-pil to join Twitter in the comment section. Young K and Won-pil might be actually joining Twitter if a lot of My Days ask for it.

For your information, Won-pil and Young K also has an individual Instagram account. You can check it out and filled their comments with loves and probably asked them to join Twitter in @kimwon.pil and @from_youngk on Instagram!

Young k Instagram
Wonpil instagram

If Young K and Won-pil are on Twitter, what do you think their Twitter handle would be? What kind of content would their tweets be like? Well, let’s just imagine it until they actually join us on Twitter. We’ll wait for you, Young K and Won-pil!

Day6’s Latest News

Day6 has just made a comeback with a new album titled The Book of Us: Entropy, on October 22nd, 2019. This album has “Sweet Chaos” as the title track. And yes, if you read carefully, Sung-jin has posted about this on his Twitter on the night of the song’s release.

Let’s take a look at Day6’s new song, “Sweet Chaos!” And share your thoughts about the music as well as the music video!

What do you think about the song and the music video? Once again, Day6 hasn’t disappointed us with their release of a new song. They keep working hard to serve us with the highest-quality music.

Don’t forget to listen to the full album on Spotify, they’re definitely rocking on all the songs. I repeat ALL OF THE ELEVEN SONGS ON THE ALBUM!

If you have already listened to the whole album, share your thoughts about it on Twitter. Don’t forget to tell your friends about your favorite song from The Book of Us: Entropy and share the song on your song recommendations!

If you want to see more cool stuff from Day6, they promoted their song on music shows for several weeks. Let’s take a look at how gorgeous they were when they performed “Sweet Chaos” on stage!


What do you think about Day6’s new song “Sweet Chaos?” Once again, don’t forget to share your thoughts on Twitter and since the three members of Day6 have been active on Twitter, you can also mention them in your tweet. Spread the love for Day6 and fill up their mention tab with your love and support, everyone!