Check Out Day6’s Latest Song and Their Next Comeback Prediction Here!

days gone by

If you know Day6 at all well, this comeback song talks about someone who’s remembering the days with his past lover. Again. Yes, you can find a lot of Day6 songs that talk about the story of an ex-lover. But instead of crying about it, Day6 used a different style of talking about their ex in days gone by. In this song, they’re just talking about the good times, the good memories, as well as the love that they gave to the ex-lover that has passed.


It is good to know that this song tells us to not regret the past, we can just remember the good old days that have passed without wanting to go back. Ah, they were happy days. Just like the lyrics on the song. But still, they also put a line in the lyrics where they said that they low-key miss the memories. “Very sometimes, I will miss you. Actually not sometimes but often. Very sometimes, tears will fall. But even then I’ll tell myself. That it’s alright.”

That’s how the lyrics go. So this song is not about missing someone, it’s about reminiscing over the past, and that it’s alright to just think about it.

Okay, now let’s see the music video, shall we?

The music video for days gone by has a retro concept that will make you go back to the good old days, literally. Not only do the hairstyles, fashion, and all the filters for this music video look like a music video for an ’80s band, but days gone by also has a musical style with a retro vibe that will make you nostalgic.

day6 days gone by
day6 days gone by
day6 days gone by

Let’s hear the song and praise all the Day6 members, who have done well in singing (as well as composing) this song! Their voices really match with the song!

YouTube Views Quests

Not only did they release the music video, but Day6 also gave fans the music video per member versions. But before they released the music video for each member, the official music video needed to reach some goals for views on YouTube.


If the video already reached certain numbers of views on YouTube, Day6 would release the music video for each member, starting with the live music video that released on 0 am or 12 am. This milestone would be accomplished when the total number of views reached 3,000,000.

After the views passed 3 million and started to reach 3.5 million views, Day6 released another live version, but this time the shoot location was taken from a different place.

Fans started to get curious about the Sung-jin version of the music video, so they were streaming the music video over and over. On January 28, 2019, it finally reached 4 million views.

After they could access Sung-jin’s solo version of the music video, the fans were just becoming more and more motivated to stream the video. It finally reached 4.5 million views not long after that. On February 15, 2019, Day6 released Jae’s solo version of the days gone by music video.

Seeing Sung-jin and Jae’s solo versions, which looked so handsome and mesmerizing, fans were determined to keep streaming the video to reach the next milestone, which was 5 million views. They were ready to get to Young K’s solo version, And finally the video reached the quest on March 6, 2019.

Young K’s solo version already made the fans go crazy, it made them stream really hard to reach the marker where Day6 would upload Won-pil’s solo version. After all the hard work the fans had done to get to 5.5 million views, finally the days gone by music video completed another quest and Day6 shared Won-pil’s solo version of the song on March 31, 2019.

The last, but definitely not the least, version that hadn’t yet been uploaded was Do-woon’s solo version. To complete this quest, the fans needed to reached 6 million views. After the fans got Won-pil’s solo version, they were falling even harder for Day6, so of course it wasn’t too hard for Day6’s fans to stream until they reached 6 million views. That’s why, on May 2, 2019, Day6 finally shared Do-woon’s solo version.

Just because all the quests have been completed, that doesn’t mean we have to stop streaming days gone by. This song is such a masterpiece and deserves more attention from the world, so if you read this, please give the song a listen.

Day6 Promoted days gone by on Music Shows

Unlike any other Korean boy- or girl-group, Day6 only promoted their latest song, days gone by for a week. Even though it was only a short time, Day6 still managed to rock the show and amazed viewers with their amazing live singing skills. Let’s take a look at Day6’s stage performance of days gone by.

This is when Day6 was performing a special stage after the new year.

Is it True that Day6 Will Make a Comeback in June?

Day6’s latest comeback date was on December 10, 2018, which wa about six months ago. If we compare that six months to the time between when Day6 released Shoot Me on their third mini-album, “Shoot Me: Youth Part 1” to the day where Day6 released days gone by on “Remember Us: Youth Part 2”, it only took about 6 months for them to prepare for their upcoming comeback.


However, fans are speculating that Day6 will make a comeback around June, just like Day6’s third mini-album release time. After the group finished their world tour in January, they had around five months to prepare. At the time, Day6’s schedule wasn’t very tight. They appeared as a guest star on MBC FM4U and After School Club on Arirang TV, became one of the performers at some Universities festivals and the Beautiful Mint Life event, and also performed on a special stage on Mnet M!Countdown on May 23, 2019.

While doing all those schedules, fans believe that Day6 was also preparing for their next comeback, that could be around June.

So, could it be another part of the “Youth” series mini-albums? Or are they going to shock us with a whole album instead? Well, whatever it is, it must be really good, since it’s Day6. Let’s keep on supporting them.

Day6’s Instagram

Being a popular and talented Korean band makes Day6 have a lot of fans nationwide as well as worldwide. One of the ways for them to interact with their fans is by social media. Day6 has a social media account, @day6kilogram on Instagram. Unfortunately, the members don’t have individual Instagram accounts, instead, the account is shared for every member. But that’s okay, though, because all the posts were posted by Day6’s members’ own hands.

Let’s take a look at some posts of Day6 being Day6 on their Instagram account.

View this post on Instagram

중앙대 여러분 오늘 즐거웠습니자!

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Day6’s Latest News

After almost four years after Day6’s debut day, it’s really rare for the band to appear on any reality shows on screen. But at the beginning of the year, January 14, 2019, Day6 finally released their first reality show, DAY6 Real Trip <DAYOFF> in Jeju.

day6 dayoff jeju

Just like the title suggests, the reality show took place on Jeju Island, a good place for them to enjoy their holiday. Even though it was a reality show, the Day6 members said that they enjoyed the shooting time because it was very refreshing. Besides, Jeju is such a beautiful place.


However, the first time DAY6 Real Trip <DAYOFF> in Jeju was released, some fans boycotted the reality shows because, in order to access the video on V Live+, fans would have to buy coins that cost around $18.

But still, that is not only the case. Korean My Day (the fandom name of Day6’s fans) released a petition that lists some lacks on Day6’s management in handling their beloved band. Here are the lists:


What do you think about this issue? Well, let’s just hope that Day6 will get a better promotion since they are so talented and so humble as well. Once again, people, please support Day6! Cheers!