Check Out Day6’s Latest Song and Their Next Comeback Prediction Here!

day6 days gone by

Day6 Reminisce About Their Happy Days in days gone by

Do you know the first Korean band from JYP Entertainment? Yes, it’s Day6! The first-ever band from the same agency as GOT7, Twice, Stray Kids, Itzy, etc. Day6 has five talented members, Sung-jin, Jae, Young K, Won-pil, and Do-woon. The group debuted in September, 2015, with a song called Congratulations.

A little more than three years after their debut day, Day6 had already released a lot of good songs that were formed into four mini-albums and two regulasr albums. Now, let’s talk about Day6’s latest comeback, with their fourth mini-album called “Remember Us: Youth Part 2” that was released in December 2018.


The title song of Day6’s fourth album is called days gone by. What kind of song is days gone by and what is that song about? Well, you can find the detail of Day6’s comeback with days gone by down below!

Day6’s Latest Song, days gone by

Remember the day when Day6 made their comeback with the song called days gone by? They released the song on December 10, 2018, two days after they finished their concert in Jakarta. While doing the promotion, the group also held some fan signing events in Seoul, attended music programs for a week, and held a Christmas Special concert. Even after the promotional season for days gone by was over, Day6 still continued their schedule by holding concerts in several cities in Europe.


That’s why,after all the hard work they did, Day6 deserves recognition for their super talent. Let’s talk about it further, keep scrolling!

Remember Us: Youth Part 2

Day6’s fourth mini-album is called “Remember Us: Youth Part 2”, this youth title was a name that came after the third mini-album, called “Shoot Me: Youth Part 1”.

day6 remember us

On this album, Day6 introduced seven songs, including the main track, days gone by. The other songs are Hurt RoadHeadache121USo Cool, Marathon, and lastly, the song that they had already released months before the release date of days gone by, which is Beautiful Feeling. Most of Day6’s members said that they like the title track, days gone by the most. The group also recommend Hurt Road as one of their favorites because they put a lot of feeling into singing the song.

You can find it on Spotify, don’t forget to stream it!

Starting from the beginning of December, Day6 engaged the fans by releasing the teaser for Day6’s fourth mini album, “Remember Us: Youth Part 2”. This mini album used pink and blue colors that had a vintage/retro-ish vibe on it. You can take a look at Day6’s teaser photoshoots for this comeback.


All the Day6 members still look stunning in black and white photos!

day6 remember us

Seeing Day6’s teaser photos is not enough, let’s talk about the details of days gone by on the next page!