Check Out These Hilarious Tweets from Day6’s Jae

Having More Than 1 Million Followers, What’s on Day6’s Jae Twitter?

Jae is the lead guitarist and vocalist of Day6 that was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and raised in Long Beach, California. He has a captivating voice as a vocalist along with a strong talent as a guitarist, but he is also the type of person that really knows how to use Twitter.

On his official Twitter account, @Jae_Day6, he often sent tweets about his thoughts, motivational quotes, his songs recommendations, memes that he likes, roasts his friends as well as promoting their latest songs, and many more.

Well, instead of being curious about Jae’s tweets, let’s check out some of his hilarious tweets down below!

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The Funniest Guy on Twitter

The funniest guy on Twitter? Oh, really? Isn’t that too exaggerating? Well, first of all, ever since Jae made a comeback on Twitter before he ‘disappear’ from the Twitter world on 2016, he has successfully made his fans, as well as his followers, laugh at his natural entertaining skill each time he posted a tweet.

He was originally has been this funny when the first time Day6 made a debut on 2015. But then he deactivated his Twitter account with the same username as right now when all Day6 members shut down all of their individual accounts on Daydream mini album era. But on June 2017, Jae finally came back as the only Day6 members who had an official individual Twitter account.

Now that Jae has his own official Twitter account, not only we can get to know more about him, but fans also can interact with him and show some support for him as well as Day6.

The good thing about Jae being on Twitter again, he is not like the type of public figures that only tweets or post something for ‘like’ or only to get attention. Jae on his Twitter is just like anyone else, he is being himself and that’s totally good.

On his Twitter, he showed us his flaws, like when he posted a tweet with grammatical errors or when he admitted that he was broke. He also showed us that he could also be a serious guy with inspirational and positive quotes, and also a supportive friend towards the friends of him.

That’s what we, fans whether in Korea or International, love about him.

Well then, let’s see some tweets from @Jae_Day6. Once again, hit the follow button if you haven’t followed him yet!

Twitter Timeline

Jae as a Friend

As a friend, Jae can be a supportive loyal Friend yet still can roast you at the same time. See some tweets of him about his celebrity and non-celebrity friends!

Jae and His Playlist Recommendation

As a musician, he does love music. What are his favorite songs? What are the songs that keep on repeat in his playlist? Well, you don’t need to be curious anymore. He revealed it all on his Twitter. Let’s check it out, you guys!

Jae Interacts With Fans

Just like any other celebrities or public figures, Jae’s mention tab always filled up with mentions from fans. Sometimes they sent some serious messages for Jae, but there are also some fans that roast him (a little too much, perhaps). But even when he loves to joke around, sometimes he could also be sweet and kind to his fans. And not in a sarcastic way!

Well, let’s see some interactions between Jae and his fans.

Jae as an Inspirational Motivator

As a public figure with a lot of fans, sometime Jae puts a positive thought of him on his Twitter. He cheered and gave some supportive tweets that not only created for the fans as well as the followers but also a reminder for himself.

Let’s see some inspirational tweets of Jae down below!

With all the motivation tweets, he even admitted himself that he’s going to be a good motivational speaker. He’s a true legend, indeed.

In the End, Jae is Also a Human

Just like what the headline said, in the end, Jae is only human. No matter how beautiful and talented he is, he still does have some flaws that make him more and more adorable.

Let’s see some tweets of Jae being human that shows his charms even more!

Latest News

Recently, Jae has just got over 1 million followers on Twitter. Instead of congratulating him, (well, we all do congratulate him, though) fans are asking Jae the promise that he made before he reached 1M followers on Twitter.

He made a promise where he’s going to frame the top of 5 tweets of his Twitter on JYP Entertainment’s building if he reached a million followers.

But don’t be worried, you guys. Jae knows how to do. He responds tweet from a fan that asked for a promise that he made.

Now not only waiting for Jae to keeps his promise by framed his tweets in JYP new building, but we fans also need to wait for another project of Jae which is his personal YouTube channel, Jaesix, where he often says it on his Twitter account.

The season 1.5 was released on October 2018 that came out all of a sudden. Fans are speculating that the season 2 will be going to release without notice as well. But one thing we do believe is, Jae prepare so hard for the better quality content for Jaesix season 2.

So please guys, subscribe to Jaesix if you haven’t! Also, once again, go follow @Jae_Day6 on Twitter for better timeline feeds. Cheers!