Day6 Finally Revealed Their Official Fandom Name!


After Almost Two Years Since Their Debut, Day6’s Fans Finally Got a Name!

Having debuted in September, 2015, with a song called Congratulations, the first-ever band from JYP Entertainment finally revealed their fandom name. Before they released their official fandom name, most of Day6’s fans referred to themselves as ‘Sunday’, the 7th day of the week, which is quite similar to the name of their favorite band, Day6.

It was only an unofficial name, and not all of Day6’s fans in used it. The agency still hadn’t announced any official fandom name or official light stick, even after the group released two mini-albums, The Day in 2015 and Daydream in 2016, after their debut.

After that, the band had a one-year project called Every Day6, in which they would release exactly two songs per month, one title song and a side track. The difference between the title tracks and side tracks is that the title tracks have an official Music Video. What makes the project so special is that all of the songs are written and composed by group members. The songs were released 6th day of the month, every month for a year.

On June 1st, 2017, before they reached the 6th release of the Every Day6 project, they made an announcement to fans about being able to vote for the official fandom name.

Fans were given five options for their new name to choose from, and Day6 also gave explanations for why the names seemed suitable for Day6’s fandom.

The first option was DAYDREAMER. Ah, daydreaming is indeed a nice thing to do. The name has ‘DAY’ in to, referring to the band, and the name implied that Day6 and their fans will walk together with the same dream. Being a Daydreamer, as a fan of day6, the fans must always have a dream with Day6 in it.

While the second option the fans were given was DAYLIGHT, meaning that Day6 and its fans are like lights that will power each other. Hmm, do you think this name is better than DAYDREAMER?

The next possibility was HOLIDAY,  meaning that Day6 and fans will be like a holiday for each other, offering comfort and entertainment. Ah, it must be good to have a holiday every day. But it must be way, way better to have our holiday with Day6, right?

And what about the fourth name? The fourth option Day6 offered up was My Day. My Day was the name of one of Day6’s song that released in February as a sidetrack, along with You Were Beautiful as the title song. It meant that Day6 and their fans would be the source of energy that will fulfill each other’s day, just like the song lyrics.

And the last name they suggested was SUNDAY. It was a choice because SUNDAY has the word ‘SUN’, that was also in one of Day6’s songs called Like that Sun which was released on the mini-album The Day in 2015.

After offering the options for the fandom name, Day6 asked fans to vote for their favorite name to be the official fandom title on Naver. On June 6th, 2017, Day6 released the result of the result of the vote on their official Twitter account, @day6official.

When you think about it, the My Day really was the most suitable name for Day6 fans, don’t you agree? When you take a look at the lyrics of the song, it has a deep meaning. Imagine Day6 wrote the song for everyone who has always supported them since the beginning, which is Day6’s fans, friends and family. No wonder this name got more votes than the rest.

Shortly after that, Day6 released an album that had all of the songs from the Every Day6 project from January through June, called Sunrise. They also announced that they would hold a tour across several countries that would allow them to meet My Day from overseas.

In January, 2018, after they finished their Every Day6 project, they also opened a member registration for their official fandom. Not only that, Day6 also released an official logo for My Day. And the logo is quite like.. well, I think Jae has a name for it.

Yep, Jae, thank you for the explanation. As the oldest member, as well as the being the band’s guitarist, Jae tweeted about the My Day logo resembling lemons, and jokingly called the fans My Lemons. This made some fans to also jokingly refer to themselves as My Lemons and put a lemon emoticon on their username as part of their identity as a fan of Day6, My Day.