Day6 Finally Revealed Their Official Fandom Name!

Well, it’s actually not a lemon of course. It is a leaf, you see. The leaf is represented to hangul or Korean words for My Day.


After releasing the logo, Day6 also announced it recruitment for official My Day. The recruitment isn’t not just open for Korean fans, but also for international fans like us. After officially joining the fan club, you will get several different bits of official merch from Day6 and special access in the Day6 official fans club cafe, and also could pre-order tickets for Day6’s concert about a week before the general ticket sales open.

Have you joined the fan club yet? Registered member or not, you’re still My Day as long as you still love and support them. So, My Day, let’s continue to support our talent kings until whenever. And from now on, we can proudly say that we are My Day!

Psst, after almost two years of waiting, it’s really good to have a name, right, My Day?