Day6’s Dowoon Opens a Twitter Account! Check Out His Tweets, Here!

Dowoon’s Braces

On 2017, the maknae of Day6, Dowoon, got braces on his bottom teeth. Although Dowoon put the braces on his bottom teeth, we can still see it slightly if he smiles widely, like the photo below. You can also see that the hyungs or the older members are showing off Dowoon’s new braces when they took a selca after they did a V Live.

dowoon braces

Let’s see other photos where we can slightly see Dowoon’s braces!

dowoon braces
dowoon braces
dowon braces

Dowoon looked 100 times cuter when he got braces like that, don’t you agree?

Day6’s Dowoon Singing

Even though Dowoon is a drummer and not one of the vocalists in Day6, sometimes he took part in singing some of Day6’s songs, even if it’s only a one-line lyric. The other Day6 members, Sungjin, Jae, Young K and Wonpil even said that Dowoon’s low voice is unique. Dowoon also had vocal lessons in JYP, which means that he might get much bigger parts on the next songs.

Let’s take a look at Day6’s songs where Dowoon contributes to singing.

Not the official one, but when Day6 shared a live performance of “Hurt Road”, a song from Day6’s 4th mini album, Remember Us: Youth Part 2.

Dowoon also became a backing vocal when Jae covered the song How Deep is Your Love!

Dowoon’s Facts

Is it really getting to know Dowoon better if we don’t talk about his facts? Well then, let’s take a look at some facts about Dowoon that you might or might not already know!

  1. He was born and raised in Busan.
  2. He attended a college in Busan before he became a Day6 member.
  3. Dowoon had the shortest training time among all the Day6 members; he was only a trainee for several months.
  4. Before Dowoon joined Day6, the group was named 5Live and didn’t have a drummer. After he was included in the group, the group was renamed Day6.
  5. He started to play drums when he was sixteen.
  6. He was selected as Day6’s drummer when JYP held an audition for a drummer in Busan.
  7. Dowoon learned English from Jae, he’s Jae’s A+ student.
  8. He’s the maknae, but Wonpil is the member that has the most aegyo instead of Dowoon.
  9. Dowoon is a gamer, one of his favorite games is League of Legend.

  1. Dowoon said he never gets a gold level in League of Legends, but recently he finally got one.
  2. He beat Jae in League of Legends once when Jae was vlogging for Jaesix.
  3. His best quote: “I’m drum.”
  4. His second best quote: “I broke him mental.” (he literally said this in English after he beat Jae on League of Legends)
  5. He got braces for his bottom teeth on 2017.
  6. His voice participated in “Dance, Dance”, “Beautiful Feeling”, and “Lean on Me”.
  7. Dowoon’s favorite day is Sunday because he doesn’t have a (positive) pressure practice on that day. He can rest and take a little practice instead of feeling pressured.
  8. Dowoon’s favorite time of the day is between 10 pm and 11 pm because at that time he is already finished with practice and can sleep or play games.
  9. He’s actually skinny but when he tries to gain weight, all the fat goes to his face/cheeks.
  10. Dowoon wanted to be with Day6 even after 10 years later because Day6 is like asecond family to him.

Day6’s Dowoon Drum

As a drummer, Dowoon is the coolest when he plays his drum. Knowing this makes Dowoon often to post short videos of himself playing drums on Day6’s Instagram account. The short video that he posted makes him look so much like boyfriend material, to the point where we could think that we’re the girlfriend watching our boyfriend practicing his drums.

After seeing Dowoon plays drums in Day6’s practice room and at Day6’s concerts, let’s take a look at some photos of him playing drum, to appreciate his visual while playing with his lovely instrument.

dowoon drum
dowoon drum
dowoon drum
dowoon facts

Day6’s Dowoon and English

We already talked about how fans said that Dowoon invented English due to his cute way of speaking the language. Since he spent some years living with Jae and Young K, who can speak English, Dowoon learned a lot of English and is not shy about speaking English in front of the camera to greet the International fans, or just simply make a joke to Jae, who usually speaks in English.

Well then, why don’t we just take a look at Dowoon compilation while speaking in English?


After reading this article, you can see Dowoon’s hidden charm by seeing his tweets, braces, his photos with his drums, etc. Please give a lot of love to the youngest guy in Day6, since Dowoon is a cute and funny guy that cares so much about his fans as well as his hyungs on Day6. We always support Dowoon with Day6, please do well and good luck for the next project!