Day6’s Dowoon Opens a Twitter Account! Check Out His Tweets, Here!

dowoon twitter

Have You Followed Dowoon, the Drummer of Day6, on Twitter?

Dowoon is the youngest (a.k.a maknae) member of Day6, the South Korean band that debuted under JYP Entertainment, and he’s the group’s drummer. Although Dowoon is not one of the vocalists on Day6, he’s been taking vocal lessons and started to contribute in some Day6 songs, even though he only takes small parts. However, he has a heavy-toned voice, which makes his vocal unique.

On Day6’s Instagram account, @day6kilogram, Dowoon often shares his daily activity as a drummer. For example, when Dowoon is practicing in Day6’s studio, or when he is playing amazing drums at a Day6 concert. Sometimes, Dowoon also likes to share pictures of his cat more than he likes to share his selfies. All of Dowoon’s various posts on Instagram make us wonder, what if he had an individual Instagram account?

dowoon twitter

Hmm.. rather than imagining Dowoon to have an Instagram account, how about we take a peek at the Twitter account that he just made a few months ago? Are you curious to see what he shares on his Twitter account? Does he post something like on Day6’s Instagram account? Or does he finally share his selfies more? Or does he roast Jae, the oldest member in Day6 as well as the guitarist who already had Twitter way before Dowoon had one?

dowoon twitter

Well, instead of being curious and just wondering about Dowoon being on Twitter, why don’t we take a look at his Twitter right away? Let’s see it on the next page!

Day6’s Dowoon Opens Up Twitter Account!

On March 6, 2019, Jae officially announced on his Twitter account that Dowoon, the youngest member of Day6, finally opened up a Twitter accountc of his own. With this good news, all the fans started welcoming and congratulating Dowoon for his first Twitter journey. You can see the tweet that Jae sent to introduce Dowoon’s Twitter.

Not only were fans congratulating and welcoming Dowoon, they also sent the drummer of Day6 a lot of memes and funny gifs as a sign of their happiness knowing that there is another member in Day6 that they can follow on Twitter. Just after fans found out that Dowoon had opened an account, his mention tab kept getting a lot of messages from fans, whether it’s in Korean or in English.

But hey, just because Dowoon is not Jae or Young K who has spent years living overseas, doesn’t mean he can’t speak English. Besides, Dowoon is quite good with English, to the point that fans made a joke that Dowoon invented English. To prove that Dowoon learned English and his tweets are ‘International-fans-friendly’, let’s check out some of his tweets!

This is Dowoon’s first tweet after he created the Twitter account.

After tweeting his first tweet, Dowoon asked his followers on how to use Twitter with a gif on it. Haha, this guy is really funny!

Dowoon talked about the yellow dust that spreads in Korea in the spring. He said that the yellow dust’s situation is good, so that means people can go outside and spend some time out there. Dowoon recommended the fans to not miss this chance and go picnic. Dowoon also wishes for a nice day for his fans. Not only is he funny, Dowoon is also a cute guy that cares about his fans!

Pst, the gif that Dowoon used was JYP, the PD-nim of his agency, JYP Entertainment. The funny guy being funny once again!

After he did a V Live that showed him making a drum out of legos, Dowoon posted the result on Twitter with the caption ‘Yes drum’, written in both Korean and English. This guy is so ‘International fans-friendly’!

This is another day, where Dowoon made a lego for the guitarists, Jae and Sungjin. His English is really good, right?

And now for the keyboardist’s and the bassist’s turn, Dowoon made a lego for Wonpil and Young K. What a really nice younger brother, he is!

Once again being an ‘International-fans-friendly’ guy, Dowoon tweeted in both Korean and English that has the same meaning.

And remember the time when Dowoon was mistaken with Jae’s English tweet.

dowoon twitter

And by that, Dowoon got a lot of replies from My Days, Day6 fans, that corrected what he had seen.

dowoon twitter

This guy is seriously a funny and humble guy.

Now that you already know the content that Dowoon usually posts on his Twitter account, why don’t you follow him immediately? His tweets are always hilarious, you won’t regret it! And you will also get to know him better by following him on Twitter.

Since we’re talking about getting to know Dowoon better, how about we talk about him more? Let’s find out more about Dowoon on the next page!