Day6’s Debut: Date, Song, and Stage

day6 debut

Remember When the Talented Band from JYP, Day6, Made a Debut? Let’s Find Out Here!

Before debuting as Day6, the band from JYP Entertainment that consists of Sungjin, Jae, Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon were called as 5Live. The difference between 5Live and Day6 is the concept of the band, as well as the members. Before officially debuting Day6, JYP Entertainment had an intention to create an acoustic group, and that’s why they were called 5Live.

They still had Junhyeok back then, the former member of Day6 that left at the beginning of 2016. While Dowoon still hasn’t joined the band yet, also the reason why they play an acoustic style of music. They still didn’t have a drummer in their group.

day6 debut

But still, even though 5Live had been introduced in 2013 singing an OST for a drama titled Pretty Man or Bel Ami from KBS2, they still didn’t make a debut yet. There were still some parts that were missing in 5Live that made JYP Entertainment decide not to debut this group just yet.

But finally, in 2015, they got a new member after conducting an audition for filling the spot of a drummer. He is Dowoon, the maknae a.k.a the youngest of the group that everyone has been looking for. The 5Live group eventually got six members making it sound weird to be called 5Live, so they decided to change their name to Day6.

day6 debut

And that was the very brief history of Day6 that some of us might not know. Now let’s talk about The Day of Day6’s debut, from the debut date, the songs, and their first ever stage. Are you curious? Well, let’s find out, then!

Day6’s Debut Date

day6 sungjin

In September 2015, after debuting a new girl group, from the SIXTEEN reality show, called Twice, JYP Entertainment announced the debut of another new group as well. But this time it would be a little bit different.

day6 jae

Not a girl group, like Twice, or a boy group, like Got7. JYP Entertainment finally made a debut of the first ever band from the agency, a band called Day6.

day6 junhyeok

As I told you before, the five Day6 members which were Sungjin, Jae, Junhyeok, Young K, and Wonpil had already introduced themselves to the viewers around 2013 when they filled out an OST for Pretty Man or Bel Ami, the drama from KBS2.

day6 young k

They had also been invited as guests in the WIN: Who Is Next reality show, where they appeared as JYP trainees, along with other trainees that later on debuted as GOT7 members, in 2013.

day6 wonpil

But hey, this group had six members! Does it mean… they got an additional member?

day6 dowoon

This member must be a hidden gem that didn’t get introduced back when 5Live started a pre-debut promotion. That’s most likely what people thought about Dowoon when they first saw a completely new member that was introduced as one of Day6’s members by JYP Entertainment. Little did they know, Dowoon was a new trainee that only got trained for around five months before the official debut date, which was on September 7th, 2015.


And after JYP Entertainment finished introducing all the members to media, they released Day6’s debut song on JYP Entertainment’s official YouTube channel. The song titled “Congratulations,” and we will explain the details about it on the next page.

Day6’s Debut Songs

Congratulations neon cham daedanhae, uwoo~

Is there anyone who wouldn’t be singing when they read these lyrics? Well, if that is the case, then you haven’t heard the song. The words written above are part of the lyrics of the song “Congratulations,” the debut song of Day6 that was released on September 6th, 2015. As the first ever band from JYP Entertainment, Day6 showed their amazing skills not only with their amazing vocals and totally good music, but also the fact that the song was composed by all members themselves.

As a rookie, it might be a little risky to put their self-composed song as a debut song. Well, this is Day6 that we’re talking about, they are all so talented and composing a good song is their specialty. And of course, “Congratulations” turned out as a bop.

day6 jae

Talking about the meaning of the song, this is a song that tells you about a guy that sarcastically congratulates his ex-lover after seeing her with her new boyfriend. Just like the music video, the guy felt betrayed by the girl that asked for taking a break from their relationship, but couldn’t see it coming that the girl already found a new guy as her lover.

In this song, we can see a rap part of Young K, the bassist, that was written by himself.

young k day6

If you take a look at the lyrics, you can definitely feel the emotions as the song is so relatable to our love-lives. Or at least, Day6 wrote it so well that we can listen to the song while reading the lyrics and can feel the pain of the guy from the song even though we’ve never experienced it before.

The song got a special meaning for every member, since this was their debut song, after all. The day that they had always been waiting for as trainees had finally come. Even other idols, like Nichkhun from 2PM, admitted that “Congratulations” is one of their favorite songs from Day6.

day6 dowoon

However, a little problem emerged the first time they released the song. “Congratulations,” that was already uploaded to JYP Entertainment official YouTube channel was suddenly deleted right after the video got 1 million views. It made fans quite shocked, confused, and also angry about this situation.

Later on, JYP Entertainment uploaded it again. Even so, the previous viewers didn’t count, and it made fans a little bit sad.

day6 debut

As well as Sungjin, who also quite sad with the fact that “Congratulations” didn’t get into the top charts on the first night of the release date. Just like other groups on their debut day, Day6 checked out their debut song on the chart but couldn’t find it for several hours.

But still, Sungjin was already grateful knowing that they finally made a debut. After all the hard work, they could finally show their music to the public, and it already made him happy. It was like a bitter-sweet feeling, you see.

But thankfully, Day6 have now already gotten quite a huge popularity and have gained a lot of fans in both Korea as well as Internationally. Even though they lost Junhyeok that left in 2016, they were still moving forward and released a new mini-album titled Daydream, right after that, with the title song “Letting Go.”


They also did a project called Every Day6 Project where they released two songs every month in the year of 2017; they released two mini-albums titled the Youth series, Shoot Me: Youth Part 1 and Remember Us: Youth Part 2. The same year, they did their first world tour, including locations in Asia, Australia, North America, South America, and Europe.


After all the struggles on the debut days, they finally made it this far! We’re so proud of you, Day6!