David Lee McInnis: Profile, Drama and Movies, ‘Law of the Jungle’, and Moments with Song Joong Ki


Meet the Handsome American-Korean Actor, David Lee McInnis!

Maybe all of you often see this half-breed actor, David Lee McInnis! He is an actor of Korean, Irish, German, and American descent. He started his career in 1999 in the American indie crime thriller ‘The Cut Runs Deep’. He is an actor based in New York, but how can he become a South Korean actor? In this regard, Channel-Korea will talk about David Lee McInnis through this article. So, keep on reading the article, everyone!

David Lee McInnis’s Profile


Name : David Lee McInnis (데이비드 리 맥기니스)

Stage name : David McInnis (데이비드 맥기니스)

Birth date : December 12, 1973

Birth place : Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA

Occupation : Actor, Model, Producer

Height : 188 cm (6′ 2″)

Weight : 77 kg

Zodiac : Sagittarius

Chinese zodiac : Ox

Religion : Protestantism

Parents : Diana McInnis (Mother) & Thomas McInnis (Father)

Years active : 1998 – present

Agency : Saram Entertainment

Nationality : American

Instagram : @davidleemcinnis

Official site : esaram.co.kr/davidleemcInnis

David Lee McInnis’s Drama

David McInnis started his career as a Korean drama actor in 2007 and starred in a drama entitled ‘Air City’. Then, he also played in ‘Iris’ (2009) as the Iris Agent Ray, played 2 episodes in American television series ‘Hawaii Five-0’ (2011), and starred in some popular dramas such as ‘Descendants of the Sun’ and ‘Mr. Sunshine’. Here are his appearances on the dramas!

David Lee McInnis in ‘Descendants of the Sun’


David McInnis became more popular when playing in a military-romance drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’ in 2016, starring a former husband-wife, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye-kyo. This drama tells about an Army (Song Joong Ki) who is on a military mission then he meets a pretty doctor (Song Hye-kyo), and they fall in love with each other. However, the love story is quite complicated because of the different professions.

In this drama, David McInnis plays David Argus (former Delta Force Captain), who got the role of an antagonist and is Yoo Si Jin’s (Song Joong Ki) enemy. Captain Argus was Si Jin’s close friend in the military but joined to be mafia and became Si Jin’s mortal enemy.


Even though he is only got as a supporting role, but his role in these drama is very important and also has a lot of scenes. Here is one of his scene as Captain Argus!

David Lee McInnis in ‘Mr. Sunshine’

‘Mr. Sunshine is a historical drama that aired on tvN in 2018. This drama tells the story of life in the 90s when an army landed in America for some years and then later returned to his country, South Korea, to carry out his military duties. Then, he meets a noble princess and falls in love with her.


In this drama, David Lee McInnis got the role of Kyle Moore, a friend of Eugene Choi (Lee Byung Hun), who is an American army. In this role, he looks neat with a long coat and hat that always complements him. In ‘Descendants of the Sun’, David is also a supporting role with a lot of attention because his close friend is the main character. Here are moments of him in ‘Mr. Sunshine’!

David Lee McInnis and Song Joong Ki Moments

David Lee McInnis is best known for the antagonist role in the drama Descendants of the Sun’ with Song Joong Ki. In the drama, David McInnis and Song Joong Ki seem to have good chemistry and can make fans feel every moment in the drama. Despite being mortal enemies, David and Song Joong Ki played their roles well and were very totality.

Who would have thought? It turns out that David McInnis and Song Joong Ki were very close when off camera. Here are some proofs of his closeness while filming in ‘Descendants of the Sun’ drama!


After the drama ended, it turned out that David and Song Joong Ki still met regularly, and even he admitted that he still kept in touch with Song Joong Ki even though they didn’t physically meet. When Song Joong Ki wanted to marry Song Hye Kyo, they still met and communicated well.

David Lee McInnis’s Appearance in ‘Law of the Jungle’


After appearing on Running Man in 2016, then in the same year, he also became one of the guests cast in a South Korean Documentary-Reality show aired by SBS. In this program, David appears in episodes 225 to 228 along with other celebrities such as Kwon Yuri (SNSD), TWICE’s Jongyeong, ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo, Joon Park, and many more. They went to New Caledonia and explored the forest. He and the others had to try live in a forest and be able to survive by utilizing the plants and animals that were there.

On their way, David and their friends tried things they had never done before. Even David McInnis tried to open an intact coconut with a small knife. Like the video below!

This handsome actor also tried to eat the silkworm that was there and eat it alive, and he was able and managed to finish the silkworm. In episode 226, David and his friends hunted a bird, and after hunting it, David cleaned the bird’s feathers and cut it properly.


So, that’s all information about David Lee McInnis, starting from his profile, dramas, and appearance in ‘Law of the Jungle’ until his moments with Song Joong Ki. Let us support him and wish him always gets a more successful career! Don’t forget to give your thoughts in the comment section, and always wait for our newest article updates only on Channel-Korea !