Get Closer with Davichi’s Member Kang Min-kyung (Age, Height, Dramas, Songs, etc)

Kang Min-kyung’s Filmography

Besides her music career as a member of Davichi, Kang has expanded her career to acting. She has appeared on various TV dramas and variety shows. Check out her list of TV appearances!

TV series:

  • 2010 Smile, Mom as Shin Dal-rae in SBS
  • 2011Vampire Idol as Kang Min-kyung in MBN
  • 2012 Lovers of Haeundae as Hwang Joo-hee in KBS2
  • 2015-2016 The Dearest Lady as Han Ah-reum in MBC

Variety Shows:

  • 2011 Immortal Songs 2 in KBS2 as Contestant[7]
  • 2012 Imagination Love Battle JTBC
  • 2015 Dating Alone as Virtual lover, episodes 5-6 with Zhang Yu’an
  • 2016 Duet Song Festival in MBC as Contestant with Kim Min-ho (Episodes 29-30)

Kang Min-kyung’s Dating Rumors

Back in 2013, a rumor that Kang Min-kyung and Shin Seung-hoon were dating was spread on the internet forums. Many people were  concerned about their big age gap. But when the internet was talking about this rumor, both of the celebrities hadn’t announced anything.

At one point, Shin Seung-hoon, who debuted 23 years ago, starred as a guest on an episode of SBS’s “Healing Camp,” scheduled to air on October 21st 2013. His solo appearance on the talk show will be the first in 2 years, since his appearance on MBC’s “Joo Byung Jin Talk Concert” in 2011. Regarding the filming for “Healing Camp” on September 30th, Shin Seung Hoon said, “The shooting went well in a good, friendly atmosphere. Every time I asked Kim Min Jong about his drama appearances, he wouldn’t answer but rather tell me to check it out when it is broadcast. I want to do the same and ask that you see for yourself when the show airs.”

Regarding this matter, Shin Seung Hoon said, “I didn’t go into details about the dating rumors with Kang Min-kyung. It’s just a rumor by jjirashi (anonymous netizens) that has been rotating the internet for about 8 months now. I lightly addressed those rumors in the show. You can see what I mean when you watch the broadcast.

He also said, “I get lonely and want to date, too, but since I’ve been busy with my album, the agency doesn’t allow time for that. I think I’ll have to find a little bit of time to spare. But I plan to be busy with my 11th album activities. The 11th album contains many songs for the box office.”

Until now, the 52 year old singer has released 11 albums, and won several awards.

Kang Min-kyung is Confident With Her Face

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December 23 2011 on TV Chosun “Celebrity in TV-Star,” Davichi appeared as guest stars and Kang Min-kyung was gaining attention due to her honest comments.

During the program Kang Min-kyung confidently talks about her looks as she comments on her popularity when she was an online ulzzang: “When I was an ulzzang more than 10 guys asked me out. Back then, even I thought I was really pretty whenever I looked in the mirror.”

Not only is she a beauty, but an honest and a down to earth celebrity at that. Weight is a hard topic for female celebrities to be honest about, but when asked how much she weighs, Kang Min-kyung nonchalantly answered “50 kg” (110 lb).

Davichi is currently preparing for their concert, and Kang Min-kyung stated, “We’re planning to show a lot of things during our concert next week!  Hae Ri Unnie is even planning to show her abs.”

Fans can catch Davichi on a fun date at 10PM on December 23 on TV Chosun’s “Celebrity in TV-Star.”


Her pre-debut pictures tell it all. She was rumored to have had plastic surgery, but judging from her appearance as an ulzzang back then and now, there is no big difference in her face. She is also very confident in showing her face without makeup. But sadly, during her livestream on her Instagram, her face was very pale and showed big, dark circles under her eyes.

Fans were worried to what happened to her recently. Kang Min-kyung wore a white cap with a casual t-shirt without any makeup on as she interacted with fans.  Viewers were able to spot dark circles under her eyes, and wondered if the idol star was suffering from a lack of sleep or a great amount of stress. Seeing this, netizens commented, “Is the streaming acting up?” “What in the world happened to you?” “Did you go on an extreme diet or something?” with much concern.

Take a look at her appearance on her Instagram live stream.


We hope Kang Min kyung will always be healthy and happy!