Caught in a Dating Rumor with DIA’s Jooeun, This Is What BTOB’s Sungjae Did to Silence Netizens

A Reaction from Both Yook Sung-jae and Lee Joo-eun

Joo Eun Opens Up About Her Dating Rumor

On Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018, Joo-eun finally opened up about her dating rumor with Yook Sung-jae in an interview with other DIA’s members. She was really surprised by the news that she was involved in.

The rumor wasn’t true at all, it just came all of the sudden. I saw the article during a promotion and I was so dumbfounded,” says Joo-eun. She explained that they are just in the same association, she and Sung-jae have never even had any private encounters. Joo-eun also said that all DIA members are also surprised by hearing the news.

We are in association because we have the same acquaintances, we didn’t connect with each other privately and we are not friends. So I’m really surprised about the news that was spread publicly,” explained Joo-eun.

The other members are also surprised but fortunately, the rumor faded by itself,” she then continued. “We are surprised because it was DIA’s first ever dating rumor. We regret that DIA has been involved in a dating scandal.”

An Unique Response from Yook Sung-jae Regarding the Dating Rumor

BTOB went live on Naver V Live for “Talk Mukbang Party” on August 13th. The live broadcast was aired just several hours after Sung-jae and Joo-eun’s dating rumor blew up into the public. Because of the dating rumor, BTOB also became a hot topic of the day on the web.

During the live, Eun Kwang said: “BTOB has reached #3 on the real-time search engines!” Sung-jae, who was well aware of the issue left a savage comment “Wow, BTOB has dominated the real-time search engines today.” Then, fellow members burst into laughter at Sung-jae’s sarcasm, to which he added: “It must be because of our V Live!

After that, Sung-jae drank from his plastic cup. On the bottom of the cup, there was a secret message bearing a strong denial of the issue. It was written: “Muk-keum (묶음)”  which is a slang term that is popularly used by the teens and means “Don’t feed the worthless rumor.”

Netizens now believed that the rumor was false. Many of them were also cracking up because of Sung-jae’s witty and funny response to the issue. Here are some of the comments: “LOLOL! That was the best response ever to dating rumors.” “That was so smart of you Yook Sung-jae!” “LOL! They had that set up from the beginning. You can tell the members had already known everything.” “This is so funny. The best denial ever!”

Here is the video where Sung-jae gives his savage response to the dating rumor at BTOB’S V Live broadcast. Or you guys can watch it right away on BTOB official account on V Live~!