Caught in a Dating Rumor with DIA’s Jooeun, This Is What BTOB’s Sungjae Did to Silence Netizens

DIA’s Joo Eun and BtoB’s Sung Jae are Caught in a Dating Rumor!

Dating in the Korean Entertainment industry isn’t the same as any other country, especially for idols. Their fans tend to get angry and leave the fandom once they learn that their favorite band member or actress/actor is dating. This problem can harm both the artist himself and the company. That’s why some of the idols carefully hide their relationships from the public so they won’t be the cause of a scandal.

On the other hand, some idols that have been caught up into a dating scandal without any strong evidence have also experienced effects on their career. BTOB’s Yook Sung-jae and Dia’s Lee Joo-eun are one of the examples. Let’s dig more information about their dating scandal below!

BtoB’s Sung Jae and DIA’s Joo Eun are Dating?

The K-pop world has been flooded with rumors and dating scandals this year, starting from G-Dragon from BIGBANG with Lee Joo-yeon (a former member of After School), Jun Joo-young with Ji Yeon from T-Ara, HyunA with E’Dawn from Pentagon, and many more. Recently, Sung-jae from BTOB together with Lee Joo-eun from DIA have been added to the list of K-pop idols involved in a dating scandal.

On Monday, August 13th, 2018, a source revealed that Sung-jae and Joo-eun have been in a relationship since January. According to the news that spread among the public, the two idols, who were born in 1995, met for the first time when they gathered with their friends, after that, the two of them began developing feelings for each other and started dating.

However, neither Sung-jae nor Joo-eun haven’t taken the time to have a date in the middle of their busy schedules. Even though they are careful about their relationship, the two of them aren’t covering up the love affection they have towards each other.

Shortly after the news spread, Joo-eun’s agency MBK Entertainment immediately spoke up. They denied the news that says Joo-eun is dating Sung-jae right now. “The rumor saying that she (Joo-eun) is dating Yook Sung-jae is not true. Recently, they indeed met up while being with their mutual acquaintances, but we have already checked directly (with Joo-eun) and she confirmed that the two of them are not even close friends,” said the agency.

Just like what the MBK Entertainment’s statement said, Sung-jae’s company, Cube Entertainment also denied the rumors. They confirmed that Sung-jae and Joo-eun are not dating as the news said. “We already checked with the person involved (Sung-jae) and it’s true that the two of them met at a gathering with their mutual acquaintances, but they are not dating,” explained the agency.

The Effects of the Scandal

On Sung Jae’s Side

When Cube Entertainment gave a somewhat quick and shallow clarification of the dating rumor, of course, it attracted the attention of the netizens, which is why some of them quipped at the agency. It makes sense because there have been a lot of “problems” caused by idols coming from this agency.

Cube is an agency where there is so much love blooming, this is crazy. What kind of agency is really that lame,” was what a netter commented. “Finally Yook Sung-jae has been caught. Goodbye Cube!” added another netizen. “How many dating scandals has Cube had until now?” said yet another netter.

However, there were some netizens who admitted from the start that they aren’t sure if the dating scandal between Sung-jae and Joo-eun is real. They even believed that the two of them don’t actually have any kind of relationship, seeing how quick Cube denied the whole rumor.

Enough, they already denied it!” “Wow! A really fast deny! But from the first this rumor can’t be trusted at all,” said some netizens. “Imagine Cube must be annoyed with this news. Usually, they are slow in responding, but this time they were so fast. I am sure that the rumor is not true,” said another.

On Joo Eun’s Side

Because of the dating rumor with Yook Sung-jae from BTOB, DIA’s song “Woo Woo” was at the top of the South Korean music charts. Even though both artists’ agencies already clarified the rumor, fans still kept talking about it. The effect was “Woo Woo” placing at the top of the charts on many music shows.

According to Allkpop, “Woo Woo” managed to jump over 300 rankings on MelOn charts, even on MelOn Rising Chart, DIA was on top of the charts. Not only that, but DIA also achieved their 1st Win at the SBS MTV’s “The Show” on August 14th, 2018.

This was DIA’s very first win in a music show since their debut in 2015. All the members couldn’t hide their overwhelming emotions and started crying. They also thanked their fans, staff members, and families for all the love and support.

Here is the video of DIA’s first win at the SBS MTV’s “The Show”: