Facts: Highest Paid Actor, What is Daniel Henney’s Net Worth?


Mr. Worldwide, Korean-American Actor Daniel Henney

Daniel Henney, known for his roles in both Korean and Internationally produced movies and TV Shows, has definitely had his career boom in recent years. Featured on productions such as My Lovely Samsoon, Criminal Minds and Big Hero 6, he has charmed older and younger fans alike. Throughout his career, Daniel Henney has constantly tried new and exciting things, thinking out of the box and growing himself into an all-around entertainer.

From modeling to variety, he’s done it all, and it’s finally time he harvests the fruits of his effort. In 2018, a report came out that naming him ‘Highest Paid Actor’ based on an estimate of his earnings for the big-budget projects he has starred in. Is their any truth to this title? Is this purely from his career as an entertainer? Let’s find out!

Career in Recent Years

Did you know Daniel Henney did not actually start as an actor, but as a model? Let’s take a look at his career journey.


Daniel Henney was first discovered at 22, and recruited to be part of DNA Model Management, a modeling agency based in the US. Through this recruitment he managed to snag a lot of ad campaigns and even walked on a few runways. From France and Italy, to Taiwan and Hong Kong, he walked them all, and he did this while still managing to attend college.

In his career as a multinational model, he worked with big names such as Gwyneth Paltrow, and brands like Gucci and Tumi. One of his projects became a viral TV ad campaign, where he and Gwyneth Paltrow are featured as lovers in London.


This began his break-out into other parts of the entertainment industry. Through his modeling work, he was discovered by the Korean modeling agency, Echo Global Group. He then became known by the public as part of ad campaigns for Olympus cameras, with Jun Ji-hyun, and Klasse air conditioners, with Kim Tae-hee. Working with famous actresses definitely helped in his advancement towards a more acting-oriented career.


By 2005, he was featured in his first Korean drama, My Lovely Sam Soon. Although he couldn’t speak a word of Korean at the time, he worked hard in his role, and portrayed Dr. Henry Kim flawlessly. This drama reshaped the public’s expectations of what a drama should be, and definitely added to the hype around Daniel Henney. This led to him starring in the movie Seducing Mr. Perfect, alongside Uhm Jung-hwa.

Daniel Henney started his foreign expansion in 2009, when he starred in both his first foreign drama and film production. This is, at least in part, because his mixed heritage and his long residency in Canada made him more comfortable speaking English than Korean. His most notable movies to date are X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Big Hero 6.


In X-Men: Origins, his role is a minor one, but in Big Hero 6, he starred as the main character. It may be an animated production, but he got a lot of love for it. The movie is widely popular with children and young adults alike,and revolves around a boy who created a robot, to cope with the loss of his brother.