American-Korean actor Daniel Henney’s Love Life and Girlfriend, Did He Married Now?

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Daniel Henney’s girlfriend, dating, and relationship

Daniel Phillip Henney was born in Carson City, Michigan, on November 28th, 1979. He is of mixed Korean-American blood. His dad’s father has dual Irish-American citizenship. His mom, Christine, was born in South Korea, but she was adopted by a German-American couple when she was little. Daniel finished high school and college in America, but he travels to Korea quite often.

As an actor of mixed ethnicity, he has an attractive look with a handsome face and a cute smile. That’s why people say he’s a heartthrob for many girls. As far as special relationships go, he is quite often rumored to have been seen on a date with one of several Korean or American stars.

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Information about Daniel Henney’s dating rumors

daniel henney

Daniel Henney’s love story has caught the attention of fans in addition to his track record in acting. Fans often wonder who Daniel Henney’s girlfriend is at the moment. Daniel Henney himself has rarely revealed information about his love life, including who his girlfriend is. But there is some news coming out about his lovers, from an American actress to a superstar K-Pop idol. Without further ado, let’s check it out now!

Daniel Henney with Maggie Q

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Daniel was reported to have a special relationship with Maggie Q in 2005. The two were rumored to be madly in love with each other. Neither of them ever spoke about their relationship, though they were likely hiding any personal stuff away from media and fans. In an interview, Daniel refused to answer any questions about Maggie. They were reported as being in a short-term relationship and chose to stop seeing each other and go their separate ways.

Daniel Henney with Jung Ryeo-won

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After he breaks up with Maggie, he was spotted hanging out with actress Jung Ryeo-won. It was confirmed that the two were dating, but it was unclear when it started. As with the previous relationship, Daniel hid the relationship from the media, and once again, they dated for a brief period, and then the two broke up.

Because of the lack of solid information, people started to speculate every time he was spotted being close to someone. As he did a lot of his modeling work with women, fans wondered whether the duo was having an affair or it was just a professional relationship. Here are a few stars who have been rumored to be dating Daniel while they were working together!

Daniel Henney with Gwyneth Paltrow

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The two were involved in a photo shoot for a clothing line, and it was reported they had a special affair afterward. It was rumored that the couple was deeply and madly in love with each other, but these rumors soon faded away. He was several times linked with various ladies. He denied that they were dating and said they are just good friends. Gwyneth is married to an American television writer, director, and producer named Brad Falchuk since 2018, and they have two kids.

Daniel Henney with Choi Soo-young

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Daniel was also linked to a superstar K-Pop idol, Choi Sooyoung. She is a member of one of the biggest girl groups of all time, the Girls’ Generation. The photos of the two of them surfaced after they went to the New York Fashion Week together. It was rumored that they have a special relationship with each other.

However, the agency revealed that they did not have a special relationship and denied the rumor. On January 3rd, 2014, Sports Seoul revealed that Sooyoung and actor Jung Kyung-ho have been dating for over a year, since September 2012. They are still together now. They first met through an acquaintance. Sooyoung is also known to send a greeting to Jung Kyung-ho when he was still in the army through SBS’ TV Entertainment Tonight when she was the host of the show. Now she is the only Girls’ Generation member that has a public relationship.

Daniel Henney with Jessica Jung

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Another member of Girls’ Generation rumored to have had a romantic relationship with Daniel Henney was Jessica Jung. Jessica was a former member of Girls’ Generation; she left the group and the company (SM Entertainment) in 2014. They were rumored to be in a relationship after sharing a picture at the Taiwanese Burberry Flagship Store Opening event, held on April 26th, 2012. Afterward, Henney clarified that the rumor is not true through his personal social media:

“Just to clarify… A lot of articles are bending facts and paraphrasing statements regarding the Girls’ Generation Jessica thing.”

Right now, Jessica and Coridel Entertainment CEO Tyler Kwon have been together for two years before deciding to go public with their relationship. Jessica is currently signed under Coridel Entertainment, which also manages the idol group Playback.

Daniel Henney with Lee Na-young

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Daniel and Lee Na-young were a big hit with dating rumors because of the drama the two played together. It was later confirmed that they were just friends and didn’t have a special relationship.

Lately, he hasn’t seemed to date, but instead to be focused on his career, but he’s still interested in women. He likes an attractive woman with a good personality, a good sense of humor, and a charming laugh. In a variety show, he said, “I love a woman who’s proud and comfortable of being herself. I like someone who can make her presence felt by others. But now I’m enjoying my career. I’m too busy that I have to move from place to place in no time. So I can’t be a good person to marry, because it’ll be hard for my wife if I get married. But I’ll get married in the future cause my mom would love to have a grandchild.” He added, “I think it’s important to have life partners, but it’s difficult to find the right one, though.”

Has Daniel Henney already married with kids? Who is his Wife?

Daniel Henney already married

Daniel Henney and Ru Kumagai appear to have been in a relationship since rumors first started in 2018. Ru Kumagai is a Japanese-American actress known for 9-1-1 (2018), Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television (2017), and Only the Brave (2006). Daniel originally denied the relationship, but it appears the couple has been living together since the original denial.

Photos have recently surfaced showing Ru Kumagai (27 years old) wearing what appears to be a silver wedding band on her left middle finger. The couple spent their summer in Michigan with family and friends and Prague, where Daniel was shooting the Wheel of Time. A conversation surfaced on a Korean online forum discussing whether they married or not; many people speculate that they are already married since there is a lot of evidence on each of their social media accounts.

There was a photo on his mom’s Twitter during Christmas with stockings with her name at the far right, and he was probably dating her even longer than people have thought. She often leaves hints of his home, his dogs, puns about him, and her social life on her social media. She often spends her time in Michigan, which is Henney’s hometown.

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