The Famous Dancing Baby Has Just Turned 10! Let’s Check Out Na Ha-eun’s Profile!

Na Ha-eun

Na Ha-eun The Dancing Baby

Have you heard about Na Ha-eun? She was a multi-talented child who loved dancing and singing, and no one could resist her charm! Since she was really young, Na Ha-eun was already amazing us through her dance moves! If you haven’t heard about her yet, don’t worry! Channel Korea will tell you all about Na Ha-eun, so stay tuned!

Even though Na Ha-eun was still a child, she was already a solo artist! She started her career from a really young age, but still, it was such a good way to start! Since her first appearance, she has gained a lot of attention, even from the other K-Pop idols! And also, Na Ha-eun had a chance to perform together with K-Pop idols!

Through this article, Channel Korea has introduced you the dancing baby Na Ha-eun and all you need to know about her!

Na Ha-eun’s Full Profile

Na Ha-eun

Here’s the full profile of Na Ha-eun!

Birth Name: Na Ha-eun (๋‚˜ํ•˜์€)

Date of Birth: January 16th, 2009

Age: 10 (International age) / 11 (Korean age)

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Height: 128 cm

Weight: 23 kg

Fandom: Awesomeness

Instagram: @awesomehaeun (operated by her Mother)

YouTube: Awesome Haeun (operated by her Mother)

Position: Vocalist, Dancer

Fun Facts About Na Ha-eun

And here’s some of interesting facts about Na Ha-eun!

  • Na Ha-eun was famously known as one of the youngest K-Pop artists
  • When Na Ha-eun was four, she made her first appearance through the TV show, Star King
  • ย She has a younger sister, Na Ha-yoon
  • In 2017 MAMA, Na Ha-eun performed a cover dance of Red Velvet’s Peek A Boo and gained a lot of attention
  • Na Ha-eun was featured in Block B’s music video, Shall We Dance
  • She’s a fangirl of EXO, BTS, and TWICE, and also, she’s a big fan of EXO’s Kai
  • When she was six, she amazed people again through her performance in K-Pop Star Season 4
  • About her dancing ability, Na Ha-eun revealed that she taught herself through dancing videos on the TV
  • Some of K-Pop idols recognized her and praise her, such as EXO, Twice, GFriend, and many more

Famous as Dancing Baby

Na Ha-eun

As already discussed, Na Ha-eun started her career when she was still a baby. Since she was three, she has studied dancing and her abilities have only become more amazing as time has gone by.

If you love to watch such dance covers on YouTube, you might have seen her, since Na Ha-eun posted her dance cover on her YouTube channel, Awesome Haeun, which was operated by her mother. While this article was written, Na Ha-eun had already hit 3.4 million subscribers!

Even though she’s had her channel for quite a long time, Na Ha-eun really went viral after her performance in 2017 MAMA! when Na Ha-eun performed a dance cover of Red Velvet’s, Peek A Boo. Through her YouTube channel, we can see more of her performances with some K-Pop idols such as Momoland, Dreamnote, ONEUS, and many more!

Watch some of Na Ha-eun’s amazing dance cover here:





Other K-Pop Idol’s Reactions About Her

Na Ha-eun also gained a lot of attention from K-Pop idols, such as EXO and Twice. On one occasion, EXO members were watching her performance in 2017 MAMA and amazed by her performance at that time! Then Na Ha-eun had a chance to meet with EXO members backstage, and she even had a chance to take a picture with EXO’s Kai, who was her idol!

Na Ha-eun & EXO's Kai

EXO members told Na Ha-eun that her dancing was amazing, and Kai jokingly said that Na Ha-eun should’ve went into SM Entertainment. Some of the EXO members admitted that they had seen Na Ha-eun on the internet and watched some of her dance covers.

Next, in an interview, Na Ha-eun revealed that GFriend also recognized her. Na Ha-eun told us that GFriend members once watched her performance on the internet when Na Ha-eun did a dance cover for a GFriend song.

Netizen Reactions Towards Her

Not only has she gained a lot of attention from K-Pop idols, Na Ha-eun also gained a lot of attention from netizens. When commenting on her dancing and singing, netizens loved it all and support her to became a K-Pop idol someday. There’s a lot of people who said that Na Ha-eun was very talented and they see a bright future for her career.


Official Debut: Na Ha-eun feat. Microdot – So Special

Na Ha-eun

Finally, Na Ha-eun released her first single as her debut! Through So Special, Na Ha-eun was collaborating with Microdot. So Special was released in January, 2018. While this article was written, So Special already had 31 million viewers on YouTube! Such a big achievement, right?

The song consisted of Na Ha-eun’s cute voice with a mixture of rap from rapper Microdot. So Special was kind of an electropop song, with elements of trap and bass.

Watch Na Ha-eun’s performance on So Special here:


Na Ha-eun with Momoland

Na Ha-eun & Momoland

Na Ha-eun also had a chance to dance together with one of the biggest girl-groups, Momoland! After Na Ha-eun just danced alone and performed one of the Momoland’s songs on YouTube, she finally got to perform together with the idols. She was performing Momoland’s Baam dance cover along with all of the Momoland’s members and their video was posted on Na Ha-eun’s YouTube channel!

Na Ha-eun & Momoland

Watch Na Ha-eun’s performance with Momoland here: