Learn More About The Sexy Dance Cover, Waveya’s Full Profiles, Members, and Performances

K-Pop Dance Covers

Waveya got their peak hits for their cover video of Gangnam Style by Psy in 2012, which was watched over 146 million times. Waveya constantly uploaded their cover dances on their YouTube channel, waveya2011. Since then, they have been actively making new cover videos despite declining membership in the group. MiU and Ari have become the duo Waveya, showing their passion in dancing, Here are some their cover videos!


They covered the dance for Fire by BTS. Ari and MiU put on hip-hop styles that made them look cool and badass. Their moves here are so sharp and bold. They showed us how dancing with the body goals. Check out the video of their cover!

Red Velvet

They did a cover dance of Dumb-Dumb by Red Velvet. The duo’s performance was fluent and flowing. Some people commented they did a good job, but Red Velvet did it better. But, Waveya is never disappointing with their dances. The remarkable point is Ari’s facial expression, which is very cute and expressive.


They did cover dance the popular Likey, by TWICE, succeeding in showing their cute side on this dance. The sexy outfits they wore didn’t make them look down, but instead give a more adorable stage performance.


Waveya showed their skill through the song Boombayah by BLACKPINK, looking so sharp and energetic. If you watch until the last minute of cover dance, their cat comes through the video, it is making perfect the closing video.


Waveya also did a dance cover iKon’s Rhythm, They never failed with the moves, doing it so cool, compact and firm. Miu is so well-suited for hiphop dance, she can transfer her energy into a swag kind of dance.

Dance Videos

Mi Mi Mi

The Mi Mi Mi dance cover the group uploaded in 2014 really caught the eyes. Their moves were so sexy yet attractive. In 2014, Waveya still had a full team of members, and each member was the definition of hotness and very seductive. So many people left them bad comments, but this kind of dance is also art moves, and not easy to do. They succeeded  in having this cover viewed more than 66.000.000 times.


On this cover dance, Anaconda by Nicki Minaj, they present some very seductive choreography. Furthermore, they also just wore pink sport bras and hot pants, perfect to the music itself. They really showed their body goals along with the video.


Who doesn’t know Havana by Camila Cabello. It was so happy to see Waveya doing the choreography for this viral song. They combined salsa, a Cuban-heritage-type song, with their sexy moves yet still looked so elegant. Besides, Waveya is never out of style; their clothes are so on point, giving them a sexy but cute look. So talented of them!

Run The World

Waveya did the Beyonce song Run The World when they were still at full membership. They did the powerful song with a powerful dance cover. Great job! It was amazing see them dance such complicated choreography with high heels.



Here are some interview questions they did in allkpop Buzz:

1. Hi Waveya! Can you please introduce yourselves, as well as tell us how you got into dancing?

Ari: “Hello. I’m Waveya’s leader, Ari.”
MiU: “Hello. I’m MiU.”

Ari: “Yes, MiU and I made Waveya in 2006. There are people who still don’t know this, but we’re sisters. We both really like dancing and ever since we were little, we would always dance together at home. Because there were people who wanted to learn how to dance from us after seeing our online videos, we held auditions for a dance team. I personally trained the team, and together we started doing activities.”

2. You launched your YouTube back in 2011 with a cover of Beyonce’s “Sweet Dream.” What made you want to start sharing on YouTube?

Ari: “Before YouTube, Waveya was active on a Korean portal site called UCC since 2006. Since 2011, we have uploaded over 180 YouTube videos. Since 2006, we have shared even more videos than that. Currently, people mostly know us through YouTube. We now have over 1.1 million subscribers. Because we wanted to show ourselves to both Korea and the rest of the world, we started this project! ^^”

3. You became YouTube famous with your cover of Psy’s “Gangnam Style,” which now has over 146 million views! What do you girls think of your success?

MiU: “We can see how ‘Gangnam Style’ can be considered the launching point for the waveya2011 YouTube channel, as we gained many subscribers and over 400 million views in total after it. Even still, the ‘Gangnam Style’ cover is gaining a lot of love. We are so, so thankful and in the future, we hope to continue to show everyone our steady growth and hard work.”

4. With over 180 YouTube videos, you’ve done many covers, but you’re definitely not limited to K-Pop. Do you have a favorite genre of music? Which cover would you say was your favorite to do?

MiU: “My favorite dance covers are Beyonce’s ‘Run the World’ and Taeyang’s ‘Ringa Linga.’ As for songs that don’t already have choreographs, among Waveya’s (Ari’s) original choreographs, I like Serebro’s ‘Mimimi’ and Britney Spears’s ‘Work Bitch’ a lot. When I dance, I get really happy. Whether it’s a strong dance that takes all your energy, a dance that brings life to your body line, or a K-Pop dance, I like them all.”

Ari: “I like hip-hop. And I like Beyonce. My favorite Waveya dance covers are Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ and ‘Work Bitch.'”

5. Ari and MiU, aside from doing covers, you two make a lot of original choreography for the group. What would you say is your best work that everyone should check out?

Ari: “Among the covers we’ve uploaded, ‘Sexy Ladies’ and ‘Work Bitch’…. There are covers we have yet to publish. We plan on publishing them soon, so we would love it if you looked forward to them.”

6. Last year, you worked with ‘B-Classic’ and did a sexy dance to classical music–specifically Dvorak’s “Symphony No. 9 Allegro con fuoco.” How did this collaboration come about?

MiU: “A Belgian director personally contacted us saying that they wanted to fuse classical music–which younger generations don’t listen to much–with a fun and sexy dance to make classical music fun again, and that they wanted to do this project with us, Waveya. Even though there are many other dancers and singers out there, we were happy because they chose Waveya. It was also an honor for us to be able to participate 100% in the choreography. The Belgian director and producers visited us in Korea. We had fun filming for three days.”

7. We have to ask this: as famous YouTubers who regularly cover K-Pop, do you have any favorite K-Pop singers/rappers/groups?

Ari: “For me, I like the sexy HyunA and the overwhelmingly charismatic CL. Among male singers, I like G-Dragon and Yonghwa.”

MiU: “I like GOT7’s Jackson and… I’m going to be selfish here… I also like Hyorin, Ailee, HyunA, and Niel; I like their overall stage manners and style. Among groups, I like EXO the most~!”

8. You’re a huge hit wherever you perform live, and you recently even performed in Macau and Indonesia. Is there a city/country where you would like to perform next in the future?

MiU: “I want to go any country where there’s a Waveya fan, even if there’s just one. There have been a lot of comments from Brazilian fans asking us to come over so… I’ll answer with Brazil! ^_^”

Ari: “MiU and I just returned from Indonesia. It was our first time going to Indonesia to perform, but we were so surprised. There were a lot of people who shouted loudly, ‘Waveya!’ together, who recognized us, and who gave us love. I was really grateful; I want to go again.”

9. Ever since your 2011 YouTube debut, you continue to grow as a channel, even branching off to your new channel ‘AriMiULoveLoveCat’ for your rescued kittens! Can you tell us more about it?

Ari: “Last May, we rescued these kittens who were abandoned on the streets; now we are raising three cats. This is our first time raising cats. MiU and I rescued these newborn kittens that were around two days old; for one month, we took care of them with only 1-2 hours of sleep…. Somewhere along the line, we came to love these babies…. Because we didn’t want to keep these beautiful babies to ourselves and wanted to share their faces with our fans, we made the channel AriMiuLoveLoveCat. Before we knew it, we gained over 10,000 subscribers [on the new channel]. The babies, who were smaller than the palms of our hands, are now really big. You will probably be surprised, hehe.”

10. What more can fans expect from you in 2015?

MiU: “Currently, because it’s only Ari and MiU, we’re holding a member audition. We plan on actively showing cooler and sexier original choreography, as well as K-Pop dance covers. We are working hard to upgrade our choreography and visuals as well as putting in effort to make dancing more fun to learn through our tutorial videos! We plan on updating fans soon.”

Ari: “I’ve been resting for the past two months due to an ankle injury; although I haven’t fully recovered, I’ve gained strength thanks to MiU and the fans who cheered me on a lot. We are preparing a surprising concept for an original choreography in 2015. We want to show it quickly. We believe fans will like it. We ask that in the future you also maintain a lot of interest and love for Ari and MiU ^^.”



They always shout out to their new video cover to their Instagram, giving a glimpse of the video. Looking forward to their Instagram account @waveyamiu.



When Ari had her birthday, they uploaded on their Instagram @waveyamiu. MiU was saying happy birthday and how grateful she was to be side by side with her, and she’s always her number one priority. So supportive each other!