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Get To Know Dal Shabet’s Subin

Dal Shabet’s Subin is a South Korean actress and singer, she was born with the name Park Subin. Let’s meet and get up close and personal with this cute and beautiful actress. Her acting is very natural and her voice can hypnotize everyone who listens to her songs. Do you want to learn more about her? Channel-Korea will provide you with all the relevant information about her, and all the facts you need to know. So, stay tuned and keep reading.

Full Profile Of Dal Shabet’s Subin


Stage Name: Subin

Full Name: Park Subin

Group: Dal Shabet

Korean Stage Name: 수빈

Korean Full Name: 박수빈

Date of Birth: February 12th, 1994

Park Subin is one of the original members of Dal Shabet. Better known as Subin, or Dalsooobin, is a South Korean singer, songwriter and television host. She debuted in 2011 as a member of the South Korean girl group Dal Shabet. She is currently majoring in Theater at Konkuk University.

In May 2016 Subin released her first self-composed solo songs, “Hate” and “Our Love.” Subin had already 2 solo songs in Dal Shabet’s EPs, namely “Just Pass By” featuring Ilhoon of BtoB and “From Head to Toe,” and in February 2017 she released “Moon” and “Circle’s Dream.”

Career Of Subin

subin dal shabet

Dal Shabet’s beginning was quite extraordinary when they released “Supa Dupa Diva” in 2011. Subin showed off her talents on TV variety shows and grabbed people’s attention with her adorable Jella dialect. They released “Bling Bling,” “Hit U,” “Hate, Don’t Hate,” “Be Ambitious,” “B.B.B” in the past four years, but it was getting out of people’s mind without achieving 1 trophy or solidifying their fandom.

Then, they faced several unfortunate events. Last summer, the youngest member Subin was involved in a traffic accident, and Woohee underwent pneumothorax surgery.

While taking a long break for a year and three months, members had time to reflect on themselves including their group identity, future path, and their current situation.

Their long worries continued and they finally found their answer. Dal Shabet’s 8th mini-album was the answer to their question.


This album is the result of Subin’s long agony while she was taking a break from the accident. Subin has been composing music since she was in high school, and finally, she wrote songs only for her group.

Subin came up with an idea of Joker with dark and ridiculous images to keep Dal Shabet’s bright colors as well as making some changes to their five years of career. After recording all four songs, she finished writing the title track “JOKER.” In order to fully support Subin who was in charge of the entire album production, other members worked on clothes, hair, and make-up.

Now, Dal Shabet is back. They held a showcase for their 8th mini-album at Ilji Art Hall located in Chungdam-dong, announced their return after a year and three months.


All The Facts You Need To Know About Subin


– She was born in Gwangju, South Korea.
– She is an older sister and has two younger sisters, one of which is Dabin.
– She is a graduate from Hanlim Arts High School; Konkuk University, Major in Theater.
– In real life, she is called “Giant Baby.” She is the tallest and the youngest member of Dal Shabet.
– Her hobbies are photography and singing.
– Subin and Serri sang a song of the God’s Quiz 2 OST, “Turn Your Head.”
– She made a cameo appearance, along with Serri, in the drama My Love from the Star (2013).
– On May 23rd, 2014, Subin was involved in a serious car accident in Busan while returning to Seoul.
– She appeared in Taeyang’s “I Need A Girl” MV.
– With GV2 she has a modeling contract.


– She was a model in Seoul and lived alone, despite being only 15.
– She is a big fan of Teen Top’s Niel. (Weekly Idol)
– Subin’s contract with Happy Face Entertainment expired in December 2017. Up to now, it was not announced if she has officially left the band.
– In February 2018, Subin signed with KeyEast Entertainment.
– Her company said she is 174 cm, not 175 cm.
– Her ideal type of man is a person with charms, and height, face, and body don’t really matter. She like someone with charisma.

Subin’s Discography


Extended plays

  • Our Love (2016)
  • Circle’s Dream (2017)


Title Year Peak chart positions Sales Album
“Hate” (미워) 2016 N/A Our Love
“Our Love” (이 곳) N/A
“Moon” (달) N/A Circle’s Dream
“Circle’s Dream” (동그라미의 꿈) 2017 N/A
“Strawberry” N/A
“Katchup” 2019 N/A Non-album single

Soundtrack appearances

Title Year Peak chart positions Sales Album
“Turn Your Head”
with Serri
2011 N/A Quiz Of God OST
“Only Tell Me” 2014 N/A Love & Secret OST
with Eddie Kim
2016 N/A I Am a Movie Director, Too OST
“Update” (UP데이트)
with ATO
“Walkie-Talkie” (워키토키) N/A
“Parasol” (파라솔) 2017 N/A Idol Drama Team OST

Subin’s Filmography

wonderfull radio


Year Title Role Note
2012 Wonderfull Radio Corby Girl Cameo


Year Title Network Role Note
2011 Koreana Jones MBC Cast 8 episodes
Poker Face Season 2 KBS2 Host 10 episodes
2012 Studio C SBS MTV Host 8 episodes
Music Storage MBC Host 10 episodes
2013 Music Talk Talk Ma Bling Host 117 episodes
Find the Fake tvN Cast 7 episodes
2014 9 to 6 Season 2 MBC Every1 Cast 10 episodes

Accident Of Subin


On the night of August 15th, 2012, at 9:00 PM Dal Shabet was performing in Gyeongsangnam at the Bugok Hawaii Summer Festival. While singing their latest single “Bling Bling,” member Subin had accidentally tumbled off of the stage. No need to worry, according to the representative, “Subin was not seriously hurt, but she was surprised by the incident. After the medical examination, we will know her exact condition. This is so terrible that something like this has happened since the girls just returned with their single ‘Bling Bling’.”

Latest News


Until now, there hasn’t been any information about upcoming projects, but soon she will play and act in some movies and make new music. When she does choose her next project, she will tell us soon and start doing promotions on social media such as Instagram, Twitter, or her fan page.




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