Find Out More About DalShabet’s Member Bae Woo-hee Who Is Now an Actress!



In July 2017, KBS announced their new survival show that would create male and female unit groups, with nine members each, among idols who have already debuted; the show was titled Idol Rebooting Project: The Unit. The final nine female contestants were chosen by public voting and announced via live television broadcast. It premiered on October 28th, 2017, and concluded on February 10th, 2018.

The show also launched its official website on the same day along with application forms available for any idol interested in joining to fill in and submit, as well as a bulletin board wherein idol recommendations from anyone can be submitted. During the Booting Evaluations, members of the audience vote while the contestants perform. The contestants will receive 1 Boot when 15% of the audience votes for them. When 90% of the audience vote for the contestants, which is known as “Super Boot,” the whole group will be able to join the show immediately. If the contestants do not receive a “Super Boot,” the Mentors will determine whether to pass each performer or not. Contestants who receive at least 1 Boot from any of the mentors will be able to join the show.

The Unit opened up voting at 10 p.m. KST on November 11th, and servers crashed approximately 15 minutes later as people rushed to place their votes. Voting for the show will be exclusively done through TMON’s website, with only one vote for each TMON ID. Anyone who supports the 126 contestants can participate. Each person will choose nine male contestants to form their own “Uni+ B” and nine female contestants to form “Uni+ G.” Within their top nine choices, the voters will pick their favorite contestants, who will be awarded two votes while the remaining eight will receive one vote. This will mean that each voter will be able to help out a total of 18 contestants, to achieve their dreams.

As from Episode 11 onward, the voting system underwent a major change. It was announced that the voting will be exclusively done through The Unit official mobile app. Each person will pick only three contestants from “Uni+ B” and “Uni+ G” and is allowed to vote only once per day. The voting period started at 12 p.m KST on January 7th, and will be closed at 11.59 p.m KST on January 25th, 2018.

At first, Happy Face Entertainment had announced that Dal Shabet’s Subin would be participating in this survival reality show, Idol Rebooting Project: The Unit. But on September 8th, 2017, their agency announced, “Serri and Woohee will greet viewers through The Unit. Subin, who had previously confirmed her appearance on the show, is unable to appear due to overseas schedules in Thailand and other countries.”

On the first appearance of Dal Shabet’s Serri and Woohee, both received praise for their performances by the mentors. Although at first, the mentors looked surprised when they saw the two Dal Shabet members participating in this show, Serri and Woohee were able to prove their quality as idols and performed very well. Both were singing and dancing very stable, the mentors praised their competence. Of course, hearing this, both of them were very happy, even Woohee could not help but cry because she was very happy. They performed “Lady Marmalade” and succeeded in receiving Boots from all of the Mentors.

In episode 5, Woohee joined the red unit and performed the song “Gee” by Girls’ Generation (SNSD). Having a sexy image, Woohee this time, showcased a different image than usual because of the song “Gee” which has a cheerful and fresh image. Many praised Woohee’s ability to be able to keep giving a fresh image to this song despite being 27 years old, even Woohee won 228 votes and was the highest-rated member among the other red unit members. Woohee was also a leader in this unit.

In episode 9, Woohee joined the Yellow team in the vocal category who performed the songs “Jackpot” by Block B and “La Song” by Rain. Different from the previous evaluation, in this evaluation, the ranking this time used the versus system, where 2 teams will be juxtaposed and display their respective performances, and the team with higher votes will be the winner and get the benefits. Woohee’s team (Yellow team) managed to win by getting 334 votes, 44 votes more than the Green team.

In episode 12, Woohee entered the green unit with the song “Sweet” (Maxx Song, Damon Sharpe, Jimmy Burney, Melanie Fontana, Jamil Chammas). Although Woohee got ranked 4th among the other members, Woohee managed to display her charm through this song. The green unit was ranked third with a total of 355 votes.



In the last episode, episode 14, Woohee joined the red team that performed the song “You & I” prod. by Duble Sidekick, Bull $ Eye, real-fantasy, YOSKE. And for the first time, Woohee was chosen as the center for this song’s performance.

Many have praised Woohee’s performance of this song because she has good vocal skills even though she is a rapper in the group. Many admit that Woohee has many talents because Woohee sings well but also raps well on this song, and moreover, Woohee succeeded in doing her job as a center very well.


During an interview, Woohee talked about her thoughts appearing in the idol rebooting show the KBS The Unit. She said, “At first, I hesitated about appearing on The Unit. I was in a complex situation because of the problem with Dal Shabet’s contract. More than anything, we weren’t a group that wasn’t popular, so I felt that if I went on the show, then our group would appear as if it was doomed. I thought it would be fortunate if I did well, but I was afraid that I wouldn’t do well. I was very worried because if my appearance in The Unit ended up with nothing, then I would’ve ruined Dal Shabet’s future.”

Woohee revealed that the reason she was able to make up her mind to go on The Unit was because of Matilda’s Haena, who also appeared on the show. Woohee shared, “Haena was also hesitating about appearing on The Unit. I told her the situation I was in, and she told me to think about what I wanted to do and to only think about the desire to sing and stand on stage.”

Woohee, who was known for crying a lot during The Unit, talked about why she burst into tears at the compliment given by Urban Zakapa’s Jo Hyun Ah. She shared that it was during the time when the other Dal Shabet members had gone to different agencies. She said, “I felt as if I was southbound. Even the fans said we were ‘effectively disbanded,’ and I became upset and depressed that I wouldn’t be able to see my fans anymore.”

During those hard times of low self-confidence, the ones who gave her courage were Laboum’s ZN and Euna Kim who were on the same team as her. Woohee said, “The two of them kept joking with me because I was depressed. Thanks to that, at one point, I realized that I shouldn’t feel this way. I thought it was arrogant of me to feel burdened. If I had come on this show, I shouldn’t have felt burdened. I thought I had a long way to go, and I was able to pull myself together. I could feel Jo Hyun Ah realizing how I felt and comforting me. I was very grateful.”

When asked how she will remember The Unit, she said, “I received many things from The Unit. I met friends who are walking on the same path as me and became enlightened. I think the memory of being 28 years old will remain as an unforgettable chapter in my life. I’m very grateful to my supporters, mentors, and colleagues, and because of them, I was happy.”

Woohee came in seventh place in The Unit finale with a total of 66,054 votes and debuted as a member of UNI.T with their first EP Line with “No More” as its lead single on May 18th, 2018.


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Although UNI.T has disbanded, Woohee has become more popular since her appearance in the KBS Idol Rebooting Project: The Unit. Woohee also often uploads something on her official Instagram account (@ woohee91) to greet her fans. Woohee joined Fly Up Entertainment on January 21st, 2019. The label revealed that they had recently signed with Woohee. The label said, “Woohee has potential and talent as an actress. We will do our best to support her so she can focus on her acting promotions.”

Woohee has been seen shooting a Web drama. Let’s look forward to Woohee’s appearance as an actress in this Web drama!