Full Profile of Dal Shabet Members: Names, Height, Facts, etc.

2014: B.B.B

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On December 15th, 2013, Happy Face Entertainment announced that Dal Shabet was scheduled to make a comeback on January 8th, 2014, with another “shocking transformation.” Before the d-day, the group appeared on Real Man and performed the title track from their unreleased album. Finally, on January 8th, Dal Shabet released their new song “B.B.B” along with the music video. Check it out below!

A piece of shocking news came for Dal Shabet, when information about Su Bin being involved in a car accident in Busan, while returning back to Seoul on May 23rd, after filming for MBC’s Every 1 variety show, came to light. She had been brought to a nearby hospital and later moved to Seoul where she underwent surgery.

A representative from the relief center that responded to the accident said, “On May 23rd, at about 7:30 PM, the van was overturned and completely wrecked. It was a serious accident.” The police department also reported, “It appears to be the result of negligent driving. We are currently investigating it.” Four months after the accident, Happy Face Entertainment announced that Dal Shabet is preparing their next comeback in late January 2015.

Again, another Dal Shabet member, Woo Hee, was hospitalized and underwent surgery for a collapsed lung, in October. She has reportedly received surgery so she then took a break from all group and solo activities to focus on recovering.

2015: Joker – Japan Debut – Member’s Line Up Changes

dal shabet joker

On April 15th, Dal Shabet’s eighth EP Joker is Alive was released. The title track “Joker” is swing, jazz, and dance genre. In the music video, the members are dressed as female Harlequins who are trying to seduce the Joker who is played by Lee Seung Ho. But sadly, their music video was banned by KBS due to explicit choreography, the lyrics were censored as well by the network because the English word of Joker sounds similar to an expletive in Korean.

Here is the music video:

The group was chosen to perform at the Tencent K-Pop Live Concert that was being held by F(X) on September 30th. Not only that, but Dal Shabet also made their debut in Japan by releasing their first Japanese single “Hard 2 Love” and greatest hits album The Best on November 4th. It entered the Oricon Chart at No.16 on the first day and at 37th position in the first week with 1737 copies sold.

On December 8th, Happy Face Entertainment announced that Ji Yul and Ka Eun have left the group after their contracts had expired. One day later, the agency confirmed that Dal Shabet will continue with activities with 4 members to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the group’s debut, in 2016. Then, on December 21st, their agency released a teaser photo and also announced that the group will make a comeback with the ninth mini-album Naturalness, on January 5th.

2016: Someone Like U – FRI. SAT. SUN

dal shabet someone like u

Dal Shabet released their ninth mini-album Naturalness with the comeback title track “Someone Like U” along with the music video, on January 5th. Their mini-album was ranked No. 1 on Japan’s Tower Record Chart and 4th on China’s YinYueTai Chart. Not just that, but Dal Shabet also won Asia’s Best 3 New Artists at the 2016 Japan Golden Disc Awards.

Here is the music video of Dal Shabet – Someone Like U:

On February 13th, Happy Face Entertainment announced that the group will be releasing another single in the summer months of 2016. But later, Dal Shabet’s comeback was postponed until the fall season, so they created a mini-album instead of a single album.

dals habet

Dal Shabet finally released their 10th mini-album FRI.SAT.SUN on September 29th, including 5 songs in it along with a music video. Check it out below!

2017 – Present: The Unit – Contract Expiration – Woo Hee’s Departure

The Unit and Contract Expiration

The agency of Dal Shabet announced that one of the members, Su Bin will be joining the survival reality show series The Unit on September 7th, but later Happy Face Entertainment said that Su Bin will be unable to appear in the show due to conflict with overseas schedule and will be replaced by Serri and Woo Hee.

Sad news came on December 14th, when Happy Face Entertainment announced that Serri, Su Bin, and A Young decided to leave the company after their contracts had expired, and from now on they will be focusing on their solo careers.

With the expiration of the contracts of the members of the group, there haven’t been any information about disbanding yet and the future activities of the remaining four members is still to be discussed. Their company also said that they will keep supporting Serri’s appearance in The Unit until the end. The same day, SidusHQ announced that A Young already signed a contract with them and would be debuting as an actress.

And on February 5th, Serri was eliminated after placing on the 23rd position in episode 13 of The Unit. While Woo Hee placed on the 7th in the final rank, making her debut with the girl group from the show called UNI.T. On February 6th, Su Bin was reported to have signed a contract with KeyEast Entertainment to be an actress and a singer.

Woo Hee’s Departure from Happy Face

dalshabet woohee

Dal Shabet’s Woo Hee and her exclusive contract with Happy Face Entertainment has expired.

Happy Face Entertainment released an official statement regarding the contract issues. Here is their full statement:

“Hello, this is Happy Face Entertainment

We would like to inform you all that our company exclusive contract with Dal Shabet’s Woo Hee has expired. Woo Hee joined Dal Shabet in 2012 and did her best to promote with great passion. She also promoted as an actress and greeted you all through various images.

With her contract coming to an end, Happy Face Entertainment and Woo Hee held in-depth discussions and finalized our decision to support each other in our future paths. We’d like to thank Woo Hee, who’s been with us during all this time. We promise as Woo Hee’s reliable home, Happy Face Entertainment will support Woo Hee, who will be active in various ways in the future.

Thank you once again, to fans who’ve sent Woo Hee and Happy Face entertainment their love. We ask for your unchanging interest and loving support. Thank you.”

For your information, Woo Hee was also the only remaining member of Dal Shabet that was still in Happy Face Entertainment. She finally followed the other members’ departures from the company.

Woo Hee Signs a Contract With a New Agency

dalshabet woohee

Dal Shabet’s Woo Hee finally found a new agency!

On January 21st, 2019 news came that Woo Hee has finally signed a contract with a new agency called Fly Up Entertainment. They released a statement, “Bae Woo Hee combined her talent and potential as an actress. We will continue to provide our full support so that she can concentrate on her acting activity.”

Since before, Woo Hee had already shown her acting abilities by appearing in various drama projects, such as the web drama Infinite Power, the web variety show Planman New Begining, the horror film The Tunnel, and the SBS drama The Time I’ve Loved You & O’lives “Sharehouse”.

She has established and proved her abilities as an actress with her latest role in a recent web drama Number Six. In the drama, she was playing as Eun Kyung who is secretly falling in love with Won Tak (played by Min Hyuk from BTOB).