Full Profile of Dal Shabet Members: Names, Height, Facts, etc.

Dal Shabet’s Full Discography

2011: Debuting – Pink Rocket – Bling Bling

E-tribe, the producers who have made hit songs, such as Gee by Girls’ Generation and U-Go-Girl by Lee Hyo Ri, were rumored to have made a new girl group. However, the rumors were quickly denied. But then E-tribe’s small label company, Happy Face Entertainment, announced that they will be debuting a girl group with 6 members named Dal Shabet (달샤벳). The members were introduced on December 29th, 2010, and they debuted on January 3rd, 2011.

Their debut song called “Supa Dupa Diva,” with a music video that was released on January 3rd, made them the first idol group to debut that year. Promotions started at M! Countdown on January 6th and continued to March 14th, 2011. “Supa Dupa Diva” proved to be very successful since it topped on many music shows and real-time charts for the majority of its promotional period. The song was then voted to be the 2nd most addictive song in 2011 and received the 2nd place for the most popular choreography by other celebrities in a survey.

Here are the Music Video and their debut stage below:

Dal Shabet then released a concept photo for their first comeback on April 5th, 2011, with the title track “Pink Rocket.” For the comeback, they showed a more feminine yet elegant side of themselves. And on April 13th, 2011, Dal Shabet released the official MV for their promotional period that started the next day on M! Countdown and ended on May 30th.

dal shabet

The group then announced their next comeback in early August 2011 with a new song. Following below is the music video for “Pink Rocket”:

Finally, on August 2nd, Dal Shabet announced their next comeback with the song titled “Bling Bling” that has a funky vibe in it. During the release of each member’s photo concept in the first week of August, the outfits that the members were wearing got into controversy and were labeled for looking too sexual for a live television performance causing a complete overhaul of the concept.

dal shabet

After the controversy, Dal Shabet released the “Bling Bling” music video on August 10th, 2011. Promotions began on August 12th at Music Bank and ended on November 6th. Once again Dal Shabet proved their song was successful! It managed to break top 10 on the Gaon chart. The enthusiastic increase in popularity of the group and the rise of fans’ number already predicted that they will quickly return back to the stage soon.

Here is the music video of Dal Shabet – Bling Bling bellow:

2012: Hit U – Member’s Line Up Changes – Mr.Bang Bang – Have, Don’t Hate!

dal shabet

A dramatic and powerful transformation of Dal Shabet’s members was revealed during the promotion of their fourth EP. Promotions for “Hit U” began on January 26th, on M! Countdown and continued until March 16th. The music video and EP were released physically and digitally on the next day. Their album went on the top physical portion of the Gaon chart making it the first Dal Shabet album that has reached no.1.

Around May 22nd, the group confirmed that they will be releasing the 1st studio album on June 6th. Three days later, a tracklist for the album was released and it was confirmed that the album will be titled BANG BANG. But on May 23rd, it was announced that Viki would be leaving the group in order to continue her career as a solo artist. She was replaced by a new member, Woo Hee, before the comeback, and her position as the leader was taken by Serri.

dal shabet

Before their comeback, on July 1st, an introduction of the new member Woo Hee was released. In the video, she was dancing to Beyonce’s “Freakum.” Here is the video:

Finally, on June 6th, the music video and album were released. Dal Shabet’s promotions for Mr. Bang Bang started in M! Countdown on the next day and ended in Music Core on July 28th. The next comeback they confirmed was to be around November.

dal shabet

Dal Shabet’s fifth EP Have, Don’t Hate! was digitally and physically released on November 13th. Their music video was released shortly after, and then the second version of the music video was also released. Promotions for the album started on November 15th in M! Countdown. Happy Face Entertainment said that the song is, “a disco song that is easy for the listener to sing along and the lyrics describe a girl’s cute feelings for a guy.”

Here are both of the music videos for the song “Have, Don’t Hate!”:

Version 1:

Version 2:

Not just that, on November 19th, Dal Shabet released a special music video titled “For Darling.” This song and music video were dedicated and released as a special gift for their fans. Check it out below!

In 2012, Dal Shabet was also picked as a model for various products. First, in early January, they become models for the Korean luxury brand called SONOVI. Then on October 24th, a member of Dal Shabet was picked to be a model of the Chinese smartphone brand VIVO.

2013: OST: It’s You – Be Ambitious – Controversy

For the first time, Dal Shabet released an OST, “It’s You” for the SBS drama project All About My Romance. When the OST was released, it was chosen as the title track for the drama among the other tracks. Here is the song for you guys:

It was announced that Dal Shabet is to release their next album on June 20th. Happy Face Entertainment stated, “This album is perfect for the sweltering summer. The cool summer music will refresh you. They’ll show you a side of themselves you’ve never seen before.” But on June 17th, the lyrics of their new song “Be Ambitious” were unfit for the public broadcast due to sexual content and should have been changed in order for the group to promote and perform on television. Because of that, the group company changed the lyrics right away.

dal shabet

Dal Shabet finally released their sixth album digitally and physically on June 20th, along with the music video for the song “Be Ambitious.” They started the album’s promotions on the same day and performed 2 songs on the M! Countdown stage.

But then another problem arose, a men’s rights group, Man of Korea, filled an injunction to completely ban the further distribution of “Be Ambitious” on July 1st. The group stated, “The lyrics and music video of ‘Be Ambitious’ depreciate both women and men, and it’s harmful to the youth. The music video also contains scenes that depreciate 600.000 soldiers that are working hard during their enlistment.”

Then, Happy Face Entertainment held a joint conference with Man of Korea on July 11th, to discuss the lawsuit. After the conference, Man of Korea announced that they would be dropping the lawsuit against the Dal Shabet song “Be Ambitious.” The agency stated, “There was no intention to depreciate the image of soldiers or anything, so we cleared up the misunderstanding through negotiation and peacefully came to an agreement.”

After the controversy, Dal Shabet was deemed the most played girl group in Korean fashion stores in 2013, which was announced on December 31st.