Find Out More About D-Crunch’s Hyunwoo: Full Profile, Fun Facts, Personality, and More

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D-Crunch’s Hyunwoo: Full Profile, Focus Fancam, Visual, Latest News!

D-CRUNCH is a boy group that is famous for having members with very handsome visuals. Although currently D-CRUNCH are still actively promoting as a group and none of the members have had the opportunity to pursue a career individually, D-CRUNCH are a solid rookie boy group and are actively releasing new songs. Fans are very supportive of D-CRUNCH’s activities and promotions, both as a group and individually.

In this article, we are going to provide you with a detailed run-through of the profile of one of the D-CRUNCH members, Hyunwoo. Let’s check the article below to find out more information about D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo and also the idol’s career from debut until now!

D-Crunch’s Hyunwoo’s Full Profile

Real Name: Baek Hyun-woo (Hangul: 백현우)

Stage Name: Hyun-woo (Hangul: 현우)

Date of Birth: February 12th, 1999

Star Sign: Aquarius

Height: 173 cm (5’8”)

Weight: 56 kg (123,5 lbs)

Position: Vocalist

Nationality: Korean

D-Crunch’s Hyunwoo’s Fun Facts
  1. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo’s family members are his father, mother, and an older brother
  2. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo became a trainee in January 2017 in All-S Company
  3. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo is not great at cooking and he doesn’t want to be the one who cooks for the members
  4. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo ranked in the 2nd place at a regional 200-meter race among 30–40 participants
  5. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo’s charming points are his vocal cords with beautiful tones while singing
  6. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo’s habit is to stutter while talking
  7. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo was the 7th member to be revealed before debut on June 8th, 2018
  8. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo can impersonate the cartoon Pingus Family and do the same voice character
  9. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo likes BTS’s J-Hope because he’s good at dancing and rapping plus his facial expression shows the excitement of performing on the stage
  10. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo doesn’t promote with the group during the Across The Universe era due to back pain
  11. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo shares a room with Hyunwook in the dorm


D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo’s Visual

D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo is known to have debuted with other members as a part of the boy group D-CRUNCH. It cannot be denied that the charisma oozing from Hyunwoo’s visual has quite an impact on the attention and he has managed to draw a lot of attention because he can be said to have handsome visuals like idols in general.

Not only that, but D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo also has a cute side if we look at one of the photos below when the group was promoting their single “Stealer” (2018).

Besides that, D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo also looks very cute with his appearance in that era with the round eyeglass accessory. His appearance seemed to give the distinction of being D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo because at the time of the promotion of that era, only he was wearing the round glasses and looked cute.

Therefore, fans can easily recognize Hyunwoo. His style of wearing these glasses looks like he has been wearing them for a long time to promote in several comebacks and people are becoming more familiar with the identity of Hyunwoo who wears round glasses.

How does D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo look without glasses? The photo below shows D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo without glasses and he looks much cuter, right? With his black and curly hair, it shows the handsome aura and visuals of the 1999-born member. You could say that D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo also deserves to be called one of the members with the best visuals in the group that debuted under All-S Company.

Well, those are some photos showing the visual of D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo. What do you think about the visual of the member who has a height of 173 cm? Does D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo look cuter or more handsome than his appearance?

D-Crunch’s Hyunwoo Moments Compilation

The video below shows a compilation of D-CRUNCH’s stunt Hyunwoo and how he gives off a cute reaction when placed at multiple moments. Let’s see how adorable D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo is in the video below!

When D-CRUNCH was preparing to make a fan chanting video for their fans, Hyunwoo, who was sitting in the middle row wearing an orange sweater, looked so excited when he heard the sound of grunts from him and instead laughed at the other members because it sounded like a motorbike.

Beside that, D-CRUNCH‘s Hyunwoo who also showed his skill in playing the guitar showed the reaction that his fingers hurt while playing the guitar and it made him grunt a little because his fingers felt numb. But the reaction from Hyunwoo according to his fans at that time looked funny.

Even though on his profile Hyunwoo looks 173 cm tall, when he is juxtaposed with other members, Hyunwoo looks very small and is arguably shorter than the other members who are still taller than him.

D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo also doesn’t hesitate to show his character in front of the members such as posing strange and inviting laughter from everyone who sees his behavior. Even the members look confused when Hyunwoo looks weird and you can say he is also the mood maker in the group.

Despite his cute personality, D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo often looks a little different from the other members. When members give greetings and self-introductions to their fans, usually they bow their bodies in greeting. However, D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo was seen smiling and waving his hand at the camera without bending his body like the other members. This is funny because D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo’s weird behavior makes him look cute.