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D-Crunch’s Hyunwoo’s Focus Fancam

Apart from possessing talent and charisma on the stage, D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo also has several focus fancam collections that showcase his performances on stage that will blow your mind! Let’s take a look at more of D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo’s focus thread below.

As of December 31st, 2018, it hasn’t been a year since D-CRUNCH debuted, but they have already been promoting with their second single, “Stealer”. During the performance at the focus fancam, a fan chant could be heard clearly and cheer up for each member who performed on stage.

In the focus fancam performance, all members look as energetic as usual. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo also looks cute with his flagship accessories, round glasses, and a white sweater on the sleeves and yellow in the middle. Does D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo look cute in the focus fancam below?

Have you ever seen a boy group dance to a girl group song or another boy group song? Of course, they are adorable when they are doing the choreography.

What do you think about some of D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo’s focus threads shared above?

D-Crunch’s Hyunwoon’s Related News: Hyunwoo’s Injured, D-Crunch Moved to a New Agency, Etc.

d crunch hyun woo

On September 7th, 2020, the agency that oversees D-CRUNCH reported a piece of bad news regarding one of the members, Hyunwoo. They said, “D-Crunch member Hyunwoo is temporarily suspending activities due to a back injury.” Hyunwoo also posted a handwritten letter through the official fan café on the day to directly inform the fans of the injury.

The official statement from the agency read, “In the process of preparing a new album recently, the back pain that Hyunwoo has been treating for a long time has been severe, so he underwent a detailed examination and is now following the doctor’s instruction about his health.”

The agency decided that the artist’s health was the top priority, so after a long discussion, they decided to temporarily stop their activities. As a result, Hyunwoo has been absent from all schedules including the scheduled release of the new mini-album of D-CRUNCH, and will focus on treatment and recovery for the time being according to the opinion of the doctor.

D-Crunch recently released a project single, “Pierrot”, in May 2020, after moving to a new agency. They are scheduled to be reorganized into an 8-member line-up and make a comeback with a new mini-album in the second half of this year.

The letter below is an official statement from the agency regarding D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo’s current condition:

“Hello, this is Ai Grand Korea.

“To all the fans who love D-CRUNCH, we would like to express our gratitude first, and we would like to inform you about the back injury of D-CRUNCH member Hyunwoo, our artist. Hyunwoo’s back pain, which he had been treating for a long time, recently got worse during the preparation of his new album, so he underwent a close examination.

“Fortunately, as a result of the hospital’s treatment, it was not a major injury, but I heard a doctor’s opinion to refrain from unreasonable activities and perform treatment at the same time as possible to monitor the progress. Therefore, we decided to temporarily suspend the activities after a long discussion, as we determined that the health of the artist is our top priority.

“As a result, Hyunwoo was inevitably absent from all schedules including the scheduled D-CRUNCH mini-album release, and will focus on treatment and recovery for the time being according to the opinion of the doctor.

“In addition, we will inform you that D-CRUNCH will continue their activities as an eight-member line-up until Hyunwoo’s health is restored, and we promise to visit fans with a bright appearance as soon as the health is restored.

“We sincerely ask for your deep understanding that we are forwarding the news of the sudden injury to fans who have been waiting for the release of the new D-CRUNCH album. We will always do our best for the health and protection of artists.

Thank you.”

On October 15th, at 12:00 South Korean time, the boy group under Ai Grand Korea, D-CRUNCH, released a music video teaser via their official YouTube channel. In the music video teaser, D-CRUNCH members are seen gathering in a secret area where they immediately make plans to start an adventure journey.

The boy group has also shown a little snippet of their choreography which looks complex and energetic dressed in white outfits to dark navy suits as they dance. D-CRUNCH’s comeback with their new mini-album (飛上) Across The Universe and their title song of the same name was scheduled for release on October 20th, 2020, at 6:00 PM South Korean Time.

d crunch hyun woo

As fans can see, D-CRUNCH will be releasing 5 new songs, with the title song being the same as the name of their mini-album. The tracklist indicates that the album will also contain “One Word”, “Have A Good Young”, “Flower Stand”, and an instrumental version of “Across the Universe”.

Among the tracks, the line-up of producers who created the title song “Across the Universe” attracts attention. In the composition, Kim Do-hyun, well-known as K-Pop producer of artists such as Lee Hyo-ri and Shinhwa, and Jared Gocelin, a famous producer in the US hip-hop R&B scene, and Bad Luck, who worked on EDM artists around the world, completed the title song of the strong impact D-Crunch did.

Lee Shin-sung, who is active as a lyricist of talented artists such as Girls’ Generation and Twice, participated in the lyrics. Beside that, the mix engineer, Bob Horn who has won a Grammy Award, in charge of mixing for BTS, Twice, and Michael Jackson, contributed to the work and created an upgraded sound. In mastering, not only engineer Seong Ji-hoon, who worked on “Gangnam Style” by PSY but also mastered the entire album to create a meaningful piece of work with Korean and American dream teams.

The title song “Across The Universe” is a song in the hybrid trap genre with a powerful sound. D-CRUNCH members OV, Hyunoh, Hyunwook, participated in the lyrics.

Then, “Have A Good Young” with an impressive pop-inspiring melody and the sweet voice of D-CRUNCH. “HAGY” (Have A Good Young) is with an upbeat rhythm and hopeful lyrics, soft rock sound, and lyrics expressing gratitude to fans. A total of five songs, including “Flower Cup” and the title song instrumental track filling the new album.

d crunch hyun woo

In particular, Hyunwoo, who was unable to participate in this activity due to an injury, added extraordinary meaning by participating in the recording of the songs “One Word” and “HAGY”. Accordingly, an official from the agency said, “It is a gift prepared by Hyunwoo for fans who miss and wait for Hyunwoo a lot. It would be nice to look forward to Hyunwoo’s voice in this album.”

Through this activity, D-CRUNCH plans to show not only the expanded musical spectrum but also the ability to digest various concepts. The attention is focused on the new album Across The Universe, which will take care of both eyes and ears from the fans.

Apart from that, let’s also take a look at some of the comeback stages of D-CRUNCH with performances of “Across The Universe” below!

Well, those are all the details about D-CRUNCH’s Hyunwoo: his profile, fun facts, the latest news at the moment. Even though Hyunwoo is in the process of recovering after a back pain injury he had to endure, the fans haven’t forgotten to encourage him who is in the process of getting well soon. While the other members are busy with their latest comeback, Across The Universe, it would be nice that we also continue to provide lots of support and love for D-CRUNCH so that this comeback can get good appreciation and reach the top of the charts!