Get To Know More About D-Crunch’s Hyunoh’s Full Profile, Fun Facts, His Personality and Many More

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D-Crunch’s Hyunoh’s Full Profile, Focus Fancam, Visual, Latest News!

D-CRUNCH debuted with 9 members who are still active and promote their newest singles until now. D-CRUNCH are well known for their debut song titled “Palace”.

In this article, we are going to provide you with a detailed rundown of everything about one of the members of D-CRUNCH, Hyunoh. The member whose real name is Park Hyunoh (Hangul: 박현오), has a manly aura and image and also seems to have a great character as well as being an idol. Well, without waiting any longer, let’s take a closer look at D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh’s full profile, activities and promotions, as well as the latest news at the moment.

So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down below to check out the detailed information about D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh!

D-Crunch’s Hyunoh’s Full Profile

Real Name: Park Hyun-oh (Hangul: 박현오)

Stage Name: Hyun-oh (Hangul: 현오)

Date of Birth: March 19th, 1999

Star Sign: Pisces

Blood Type: B

Height: 175 cm (5’9”)

Weight: 57.1 kg (125 lbs)

Position: Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer

Nationality: Korean

D-Crunch’s Hyunoh’s Fun Facts
  1. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh’s hometown is in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea
  2. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh’s family members are his grandmother, mother, and aunt
  3. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh became a trainee of All-S Company in January 2017
  4. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh was the 6th member to be revealed before debut on June 7th, 2018
  5. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh’s name means ‘The World Shines’
  6. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh can spend an entire day resting and taking pictures as his hobby
  7. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh said that he also likes to exercise during his off-schedule days
  8. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh’s favorite color is blue
  9. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh’s favorite song is “Kiss” by Melomance
  10. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh said that he is insecure about his hand because it’s very small
  11. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh said that his debut day with D-CRUNCH (August 6th) is his turning point in life and it became his second birthday
  12. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh’s favorite food these days is shrimp kimbab and chicken toast
  13. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh really wants to eat spicy tteokbokki during his diet period
  14. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh likes everything that he can eat, he hates what he can’t eat
  15. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh really adores BTS’s Jimin as his favorite idol
  16. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh’s happiest moment of the day is when he’s done with a full day and after bath, lying in bed and holding a pillow
  17. Before going to sleep, D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh tells other members, “You did a good job again”
  18. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh also loves to read letters and comments containing love and support from the fans
  19. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh’s favorite season is autumn because the weather is cool and everyone can dress beautifully during the season
  20. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh will avoid something rather than solve a problem while reading a book if he is suddenly stressed out
  21. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh’s habit before sleeping is stretching his body, and also before getting up in the morning too
  22. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh would have wanted to be a photographer or an athlete if he hadn’t debuted as an idol
  23. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh’s strength is a dance line that could make him move beautifully since he is always on a high tension while dancing
  24. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh would like to visit a spacious city and other beautiful places to take pictures if he has a chance to travel
  25. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh said that he will always like to be around people, play his favorite music, and be happy with the people around him, even 10 years later
  26. Five years ago, when he started learning about music, D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh would say to himself that it was very difficult, but keeping it until the end has made him very happy
  27. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh can speak English
  28. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh has braces
  29. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh’s charming points are his inner double eyelid, abs, and shoulders
  30. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh is really confident about his abs
  31. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh knows how to defend himself with self-defense techniques
  32. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh calls himself the sexy guy of the group
  33. D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh message to his fans, “We’ll see each other for a long time, right? There are a lot of things to show you a good performance from us! Thank you again today for always looking forward and supporting me. I love you!”

D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh’s Visual

D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh is seen as one of the members who has been seen wearing the blonde hairstyle the most since the beginning of the promotions of the group. There is no clear reason why he was chosen to be the member who wore a light hair color like that, but D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh looks handsome and has his own aura and charisma as a member with light hair color.

However, D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh has been seen with his cold expression and he rarely smiles when performing on stage. Not that there are few fans, but D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh also has individual fans who keep cheering him on at all times. Even in several eras like the photo below, D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh was seen wearing a slightly different hairstyle, namely, hair dyed black. Do you guys still recognize D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh’s visuals with this different hair color?

It turns out that all this time, D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh has not only tried 2 hair colors that make him look different. One of his appearances with brown hair gives a very simple and neat impression to be worn especially as an idol, appearance and looking good are the first and most important things to note in order to maximize their performance every time they have to go on stage and become a public spectacle.

Shoutout to D-CRUNCH’s make-up and style too! They can brilliantly make the appearance of each member of D-CRUNCH look flawless even with very simple and natural make-up. Not to forget, the make-up and style provide small details on the faces of the members so that they still look charming and good looking with the make-up they wear every time they appear on their schedule.

Well, those are some photos showing the visual of D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh. What do you think about the visual member who has a height of 175 cm? Does D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh look cuter or more handsome than his appearance?

D-Crunch’s Hyunoh & Chanyoung Moments

Have you ever heard about an otp (one true pairing) among the members of a boy group or a girl group? Yup, one of the otp-s that have been talked about a lot at D-CRUNCH is the so-called ChanOh otp where the closeness of the two members, Chanyoung and Hyunoh has drawn a lot of attention because they look like a couple. Well, are you curious about the closeness and relationship between Hyunoh and Chanyoung from D-CRUNCH? Just scroll below to see all the cute ChanOh moments below!

In one of the games, D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh and Chanyoung’s closeness can be seen. When Hyunoh was seen with a scared expression, he hugged Chanyoung who was sitting next to him. Even though the expressions of the two D-CRUNCH members were both stiff, Hyunoh’s hug looked very comfortable when he was beside Chanyoung at that time.

On another occasion, when D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh and Chanyoung were greeting fans on a V-Live broadcast, Hyunoh didn’t even hesitate to joke with Chanyoung and was so anxious with the behavior of one of the D-CRUNCH members, Hyunoh immediately hugged the member with the name Kim Chan-young who was born on November 20th, 2000.

When with other members, Hyunoh and Chanyoung do not hesitate to steal opportunities and give warm hugs to each other. This means that their closeness as fellow D-CRUNCH members is unquestionable and they show their bromance without any hesitation in front of the fans and other members as well.

One of the vlogs shared by D-CRUNCH also shows a scene where D-CRUNCH’s Hyunoh and Chanyoung are again exposed. This happened when the two members of D-CRUNCH wanted to go to the gym to exercise but just as they went out it started raining. When D-CRUNCH’s Chanyoung asked Hyunoh, “Why is there only one umbrella?” Hyunoh replied, “Because I want to have a date with you.”

You can check out more of their interactions in the compilation video of the ChanOh couple below to see how close they are as the otp in D-CRUNCH!


Due to the growing closeness of the boy group members, unfortunately, rumors have appeared that D-CRUNCH members are gay. In October 2019, news of D-CRUNCH had an unpleasant experience on one of their schedules in Kuwait due to the gay rumor that befell them. There were even some members who were seen crying because they heard the uncertain rumors.

D-CRUNCH, which debuted in August 2018, were scheduled to perform in Kuwait. However, they met with a sad situation before they even had the opportunity to greet their fans. This cancelation was due to the Kuwaiti Minister of Mass Media and Information canceling the concert just as it was about to start.

There is no official statement regarding the cancelation. But fans have speculated that the authorities received inaccurate rumors that the members of D-CRUNCH are gay.

A video of D-CRUNCH’s apology while announcing the cancellation circulated on the Internet and aroused the concern of fans. It could even be seen that one of the D-CRUNCH members was crying from being shocked by the situation they were in.