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Dcrunch profile

Nine Boys Who Shine Bright Like A Diamond

D-CRUNCH is a South Korean boy group that debuted on August 6th, 2018. The group members are divided into two subgroups: rapper and vocalist. The rappers from the group are Hyun-ho, O.V, Min-hyuk, Chan-young, Jung-seung, and Dylan. The vocalists of the group are Hyun-wook, Hyun-oh, and Hyun-woo. Starting from the dark and brave hip-hop concept, the group aims to be the next BTS and take over Billboard. Let’s get to know better the hip-hop group members that shine in their own way—D-CRUNCH.


Group Profile

d-crunch group profile

Group Name: D-CRUNCH (Diamond Crunch)

Total Members: Nine

Genre: Hip-hop

Debut Date: August 6th, 2018

Fandom Name: DIANA

Agency: All S-Company (2018–2020) | Ai Grand Korea (2020–Present)

Social Media: @d_crunch_official | @DIA_CRUNCH | D-CRUNCH | D-CRUNCH | D-CRUNCH



D-CRUNCH songs

D-CRUNCH debuted with a single album titled 0806 with the same date of their debut under All-S Company. The single album contains three songs including the title track, “Palace,” a powerful hip-hop track which was made by the contribution of the group members for the lyrics, composition, and choreography. Through this album, the group managed to secure a position in the top 50 on the Gaon Album Chart at rank 46 and shifted over 1,000 copies upon its release.

D-CRUNCH 0806 Tracklist
No Tracklist
1 Palace [Title Track] 
2 I Want
3 Palace [Instrumental]


D-CRUNCH released their first mini-album on November 12th, 2018, titled M1112 (4colors) under All-S Company. The album contains five songs including the title track “Stealer.” Through this album, the group managed to secure a place in the top 40 on the Gaon Album chart at rank 39 and shifted over 1,000 copies upon its release.

D-CRUNCH M1112 Tracklist
No Tracklist
1 I Miss You
2 Stealer [Title Track]
3 I’m OK
4 Now
5 Stealer [Instrumental]


D-CRUNCH released their second mini-album titled M0527 on May 27th, 2019, under All-S Company. The album contains five songs including the title track, “Are You Ready?” which was later released as a single for the Japan region as a Japanese version the following year. The group managed to secure a position among the top 50 on the Gaon Album Chart at rank 46.

D-CRUNCH Are You Ready? Tracklist
No Tracklist
1 Panorama
2 Are You Ready? [Title Track]
3 Love Race
4 Love Letter
5 Are You Ready? [Instrumental]


D-CUNCH made a comeback in 2020 with a single song “Pierrot.” The song was released on May 21st, 2020, and became the first song in their new agency, Ai Grand Korea.

D-CRUNCH released their third mini-album titled Across The Universe on October 20th, 2020, under the agency Ai Grand Korea. The album consists of five songs including the title track with the same name as the album, Across The Universe.

D-CRUNCH Across The Universe Tracklist
No Tracklist
1 Across The Universe [Title Track]
2 One Word
3 H.A.G.Y (Have A Good Young)
4 Flower Cup
5 Across The Universe [Instrumental]


D-CRUNCH participated in a project song titled “Crown for Korea.” The song is dedicated to everyone going through a hard time and also sends a thank you message to all medical staff who are fighting the Covid-19. 


Awards & Nominations

d-crunch award

D-CRUNCH had already gained a lot of attention even before their official debut. After the group’s official debut, the group’s popularity kept rising and made them win their first award in the year they just debuted. Here is the list of their award achievements until now.

Year Award Ceremony Award Title
2018 Asia Artist Awards Focus Award
2019 Asia Model Awards Rising Star Award
Korea Culture Entertainment Awards Rookie of the Year Award


Debut Era

d-crunch_debut schedule

D-CRUNCH launched their debut schedule in July 2018. The group started on July 23rd, 2018, to countdown their debut days. As the starter, D-CRUNCH released member individual teaser photo concepts, which made fans more eager about the group’s debut.

D-CRUNCH made their official debut through a showcase on August 6th, 2018. Their showcase was held at the Shinsegae Mesa Hall, Seoul. It also had a live stream on YouTube and gained a lot of overseas fans to watch the group’s performance.

D-CRUNCH actively promotes on music shows. Unlike other rookies, D-CRUNCH rarely appeared on TV shows and focused more on their performances on-and-off camera. They also did some busking in the Hongdae area in September.


Music Videos

Lyrics Meaning

d-crunch lyrics

“Palace” is a song with a dark and mischievous hip-hop concept. The song’s meaning is “breaking out of fear and thrill to take the first step into the world.”

Unlike the first debut single, the next album songs’ meanings are more varied. The song “I Miss You” expresses the message from D-CRUNCH to the fans. The song “Stealer” is a song about an “ambitious message to head to the top” with “thieves who steal everything” and dark concepts. “I’m OK” is a song that is suitable for autumn and winter seasons also related to “emotional healing” as it reminds the group of their trainee days, while the song “Now” has a “refined groove” vibe.

“Are You Ready?” is a brighter song than the previously released songs with a “delightful and comical charm” concept. The song is about gaining attention while having fun at the same time. 


Stage Debut

SBS MTV The Show

Mnet M Countdown

SBS Inkigayo

MBC Music Show Champion

KBS Music Bank


Arirang Simply K-Pop

Stage Performances

D-CRUNCH – Palace


D-CRUNCH – Stealer


D-CRUNCH – Are You Ready?



YouTube Channel

d-crunch youtube channel

D-CRUNCH released their official YouTube channel before their official debut, D-CRUNCH OFFICIAL, and posted their first YouTube video on June 25th, 2018. Before their official debut, they released their debut preparation video and the member vlog series, Crunch TV, which is still on-going until today.

After their official debut, D-CRUNCH made another vlog series titled D: DLIVE. Through the series, D-CRUNCH members are showcasing their individual skills such as dancing and singing self-made songs or covers to the fans.

D-CRUNCH made a group diary series titled Deality which stands for D-CRUNCH reality. The first Deality video was released on December 31st, 2018. The series of Deality will be on a different theme for every comeback or event.


Across The Universe

d-crunch 2020 comeback

D-CRUNCH recently made a comeback with an album titled Across The Universe. The album was officially released on October 20th, 2020. The group made a comeback on the same day in the SBS The Show.

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