D-Crunch’s Minhyuk: Profile, Fun Facts, and Personality

d crunch minhyuk

Get to Know More about D-Crunch’s Rapper: Kim Min-hyuk’s Full Profile!

D-Crunch (Hangul: 디 크런치) is a boy group under AI Grand Korea that has an original line-up of 9 members. However, there was one member who decided to leave the group after the group decided to renew its contract with AI Grand Korea. Even so, the members are still excited about a career under D-Crunch and carry out activities and promotions together.

In this article, we will take a more detailed look at the information of one of D-Crunch’s members, Minhyuk, who is the rapper of the group. If you don’t know who D-Crunch’s Minhyuk is, you should read this article to find out his full profile, fun facts, visuals, personality, and career journey with the group. Without waiting, let’s scroll down in this article to get to know more about D-Crunch’s Minhyuk!

Full Profile of D-Crunch’s Minhyuk

d crunch minhyuk

Real Name : Kim Min-hyuk (Hangul: 김민혁)

Stage Name : Min-hyuk (Hangul: 민혁)

Birth : Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, November 6, 1999

Star Sign : Scorpio

Height : 178 cm (5’10”)

Weight : 61 kg (134 lbs)

Blood Type : O

Education : Hallym Entertainment Arts High School Entertainment Department (Graduation)

Position : Rapper

Family Member : Parents and a younger brother

Agency : Ai Grand Korea

Fun Facts about D-Crunch’s Minhyuk

d crunch minhyuk
  1. D-Crunch’s Minhyuk joined his previous agency All-S Company in May 2017
  2. D-Crunch’s Minhyuk was revealed as the 8th member of the group on June 8, 2018
  3. D-Crunch’s Minhyuk’s special talent includes serious acting
  4. D-Crunch’s Minhyuk said that he doesn’t have any charming points, and he is still looking for his charm
  5. D-Crunch’s Minhyuk has two different-sized feet
  6. D-Crunch’s Minhyuk’s right foot is 275 mm while the left foot is 270 mm according to Pops in Seoul
  7. D-Crunch’s Minhyuk is closest to D-Crunch’s Hyunho

D-CRUNCH’s Minhyuk’s Visual

d crunch minhyuk

K-pop idols, of course, must have good visuals because they work in the entertainment industry where all attention will be centered on them, especially when they have to perform in public and attract many people. Speaking of visuals, D-Crunch’s Minhyuk also has handsome visuals and is perfect for becoming a K-pop idol. Let’s take a look at more about D-Crunch’s Minhyuk’s visual below!

D-Crunch’s Minhyuk has the position of rapper of the group. If usually rappers look badass and fierce, D-Crunch’s Minhyuk seems to have friendly visuals and also has a very neat fashion like K-pop idols in general. D-Crunch’s Minhyuk also often uploads selcas like the photo above to interact with his fans. Besides that, D-Crunch’s Minhyuk also gives a sweet smile every time he meets his fans.

d crunch minhyuk

D-Crunch’s Minhyuk at a glance has an almost identical face to GOT7’s JB. As for his monolid eyes, they make his visuals even more charming, and, maybe, this has not been realized by him. D-Crunch’s Minhyuk really rarely gets the opportunity to change his hairstyle and is used to his black hair, but with an appearance like this, it also really matches his personality as well.

d crunch minhyuk

D-Crunch’s Minhyuk is also at a glance similar to one of his seniors in the K-pop industry, MBLAQ’s G.O. If you look at the pose he shows in the selca above, then you will definitely remember one of the K-pop idols who was famous for his song “Monalisa.” If fans think he will look fierce when on stage, actually, D-Crunch’s Minhyuk is more suitable to be seen with his cool charm.

d crunch minhyuk

When it comes to hairstyles, of course, fans want to see a preview of their newest idol with a different concept. Upon further exploration, D-Crunch’s Minhyuk once had blonde hair which made him look much different than before. Here, he looks younger and also very different from his appearance when he still had black hair. Of course, with this new appearance, D-Crunch’s Minhyuk looks fresher and is ready to please his fans with his latest hairstyle.

D-Crunch’s Minhyuk x Hyunho Moments

If you are familiar with the K-pop industry, then if you have a couple between members, you will definitely see it often. Because they often show their closeness like siblings or as a couple, fans call them OTP or One True Pairing. D-Crunch also turns out to have an OTP that has become a popular conversation among fans, which is D-Crunch’s Minhyuk and Hyunho.

Because of their closeness, there are many fans who make special compilations to show their moments together. Let’s check out D-Crunch’s Minhyuk and Hyunho’s moments in this session!

In the video above, you can see they are being close to each other. When they are standing and sitting, they must be positioned next to each other. D-Crunch’s Minhyuk and Hyunho also never hesitate to hug or hold each other’s hands. Hyunho also often looks jealous when Minhyuk’s attention is being diverted to other members, and it is not uncommon for them to be seen cheering each other on.

D-Crunch’s Minhyuk’s Focus Fancams

A focus fancam is usually a video that has been successfully recorded by fans and shows every movement of a certain K-pop member that is their ultimate bias. D-Crunch’s Minhyuk also turns out to have loyal fans, and there are also many focused recordings that fans have successfully uploaded to YouTube to show people the quality of D-Crunch’s Minhyuk as a K-pop idol.

On July 6, 2019, D-Crunch’s Minhyuk showed his aegyo while interacting with fans who were present at a fan meeting located at Ilji Art Hall. On this occasion, D-Crunch’s Minhyuk looked very happy while occasionally dancing to the accompaniment of the song that was heard there. He also shows his eye smile when interacting with fans. Different from the expectation of a rapper to look fierce and cool, D-Crunch’s Minhyuk actually looks very cheerful and cute when in the video.

On August 30, 2019, D-Crunch’s Minhyuk was on a schedule with his group to appear at the Samcheok World Beach Cheerleading Open Masters with two songs, “Love Letter” (Hangul: 행복 한데) and “Stealer.” With the tempo of the ballad song at the start of their performance, the members and Minhyuk deeply delved into the choreography which also had a slow tempo on the stage but still showed their respective charms. When the second song started, the members changed their auras to become even more energetic and performed amazingly.

2019 was a fairly active year for D-Crunch because there were many appearances and concerts that the group had to attend. On September 15, 2019, D-Crunch appeared at an event in Japan for their promotions to attract the attention of fans there. With 3 songs titled “Are You Ready” (Hangul: 작당 모의), “I’m OK,” and “I Miss You” (Hangul: 보고 싶게), the members looked very playful during the performance. D-Crunch’s Minhyuk with a blonde hairstyle for his latest comeback was seen standing out on stage while performing with his group.

On August 17, 2019, D-Crunch held a performance at the 2019 K-Pop Music Festival by performing one of their songs entitled “Panorama.” With a very upbeat tempo, the members delivered the performance with energetic choreography and were very synchronized with one another. Even though only wearing casual outfits such as t-shirts and shirts, D-Crunch was able to exude the charms of the respective members including Minhyuk who at that time also appeared with enthusiasm.

D-Crunch’s Minhyuk’s Latest News

d crunch minhyuk

On February 5, 2020, Ai Grand Korea’s agency revealed that they recently signed an exclusive contract with D-Crunch which consists of members Hyunuk, Hyunho, O.V, Minhyuk, Hyunwoo, Hyunoh, Chanyoung, Jungseung, and Dylan. Joining a new agency, D-Crunch released a song for their latest comeback in October 2020 called “Across the Universe.”

D-Crunch’s members are seen gathering in a secret area where they immediately formulate plans to embark on an adventure. The 8-member boy group also showed a few snippets of their complex and energetic-looking choreography while clad in white outfits to dark navy suits as they dance their dance moves.

After their series of comebacks at the end of 2020, there has been no further news regarding their activities or promotions in 2021. It’s just that the members are still practicing in their studio to provide content that can be uploaded. If you miss the activities of D-Crunch, you can visit their official sites on Instagram ( @d_crunch_official ), Twitter ( @DIA_CRUNCH ), YouTube ( D-CRUNCH ), V-Live ( D-CRUNCH ), and Daum Cafe ( D-CRUNCH ). Of course, through their social media, it is hoped that fans will continue to support D-Crunch by leaving positive responses or comments so that they can continue their careers in the future.

Well, that’s all the information that can be provided about D-Crunch’s rapper Minhyuk. The member who is famous for his OTP with Hyunho is not a rapper who has a fierce aura but is somewhat different from the others because he also often shows his aegyo skills and is not shy about showing off his charming side in front of fans. Let’s support D-Crunch as well as Minhyuk so they can have a comeback soon in 2021. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting article from Channel-Korea!